2 weeks old today

Happy 2 week Birthday little man.
Happy 2 week Birthday little man.

Dear Thumbkin (now better known as Simon):

Well you’ve been on the outside of me for 2 weeks now and I feel like we’re getting to know each other better each day.¬† Your dad and I spend a lot of our days “baby gazing” at you- and my family likes to try to figure out who you look like the most, whether you have my mouth or Gabe’s brow- or Uncle Eric’s nose or if you look most like Uncle Brett…I think everyone wants a little piece of you and that’s why they search for themselves in your little face. I still love to just sit and smell your “new baby smell” which your dad says needs a bath. I’m afraid to wash the smell off of you.

Your tiny hands and feet really aren’t so tiny after all. We made hand and footprints with a stamp pad this week and put them in a little framed set that a friend got us from the library. Your feet are big enough that they barely fit into the bordered page. Your little tree-frog toes still clench around our fingers when we stroke the bottom of your feet but people have started to notice that you have larger-than-typical hands and feet for a newborn. You get that, and your long skinny arms and legs from your dad, that’s for sure.

Those skinny legs of yours’ are hilarious and constantly cracking me up. It’s as if you FINALLY get to stretch them out and you do so at the weirdest times- while you’re sleeping or when people are holding you. It looks like you’re a baby doll that only bends at the waist in pictures where you’re doing this. Your dad says it’s because you were way too cramped in my belly.

You have a temper- and you get super-red when you’re pissed off. It almost looks like your head might explode when you get angry. You mostly only complain when you wake up starving (because you sleep all the time) or when we change your diaper, or when I try to nurse you when you’re too hungry to think straight. Otherwise you’re pretty easy going.

If we don’t put a pacifier in your mouth you will DEVOUR your hands, and they’re constantly sticky with what I can only imagine is breastmilk and spit. Your little fingernails are getting long and I try to make sure you don’t scratch your face but it doesn’t always work.

Your dad is better off feeding you than I am, you just get angry when I try to give you a bottle, which makes for some long nights when you’re squallin’ and squirming around wanting to nurse/gulp a bottle/youdon’tknowwhattodobecauseyou’resodamnedhungry.

You have a bouncy chair that vibrates, and already we’re going to have to replace the battery soon. Everytime it stops you wake up from a seemingly deep sleep and start stirring/complaining until we hit the button again to get it started. You are also a big fan of Sleep Sheep– which, I’m thinking we may have to get another one of these as a backup in case this one would run out or get lost. You have had that thing next to you since you were first born, even in the little plastic bin/crib they gave you in the hospital. You really like the ocean sounds the best, and when we turn it on and put it in the bed with you it helps to put all three of us to sleep. Your dad and I love it too. ūüôā

Though the first week here was rough, and you spent most of it under tanning bed lights to get your skin color back to normal and less oompa-loompa-looking, the second week you got an eye infection and we’ve been slathering your little eyeballs with ointment for almost a week now, to get rid of the yellow goop that was oozing out of them. You don’t complain about it at all- and you have little greasy eyelids but you’re still super cute.

You lost your umbilical cord “stump” the other night. I noticed it in the morning when I was changing you that it had just fallen off, and I assumed your dad had somehow observed it happening. It had been hanging on by a thread and was grossing out our friend/your “uncle” Tim.¬† When I asked your dad, “Hey I saw his umbilical cord fell off…when did that happen?” he laughed and said he noticed the same thing and was going to ask me the same thing…meaning– we didn’t know where it went. Thankfully your dad found it on the carpet and threw it away. We were going to save it to gross out company someday but decided against it. We’re just glad someone besides us didn’t find it on the carpet.

You make the most adorable faces while you sleep, and even though you haven’t smiled as a direct response to either of us, I’m certain you are dreaming of food or us, because what else in this world could make you that happy?

You are covered with the sweetest blond peach fuzz all over your back and I keep telling your dad I hope it never goes away. It’s so sweet and you look like a little baby monkey or baby hamster or baby squirrel when you’re all shirtless and laying on my chest. I love to trace my fingers through it and I love the way it swirls around on your shoulders. I also know it will soon go away as you grow from being a newborn to a baby.

Since you’ve been born the weather finally turned to muggy hot summer in Ohio- the kind of summers we’re used to, but didn’t have this year until you graced us with your presence. We’ve had the air conditioning on in the house and we still get a little sweaty…you have yet to wear pants and most days we just have you naked in a diaper but wrapped in a light blanket. You haven’t complained…I just wonder if wearing pants is eventually going to be a pain since you’re not used to them. haha.

Though I do remember what life was like without you in it- I can tell you that I’m not nearly as interested in that time as I am in the time that’s ahead- finding out what you’ll be like and how you’ll change even in the next 2 weeks is exciting. I can’t wait for you to meet your extended family and for us to use this time off of work to get ourselves used to our new family unit. Your arrival has changed everything and I can’t wait to see what else happens in the coming months and years.

I love you so much.




32 week appointment

Today was my 32 week appointment. We go every other week now- (“we” meaning me and Thumbkin) until July 22nd.¬†¬†Then we go every week until…until he’s here.


Anyways, the appointment was pretty uneventful- peed in the cup (getting really good at that), blood pressure was the best it’s been…well…ever (guess that’s what happens when you quit smoking), and weighed in at….3 lbs heavier than last time. 3lbs in 2 weeks isn’t too bad.¬† Also heard the little bugger’s heartbeat which is going strong…and the doctor said, “Isn’t that cool?!” like he does every time.¬† And I said, “Yup-sounds good,” like I do every time.

The doctor said things like, “Drink a lot of water,” “Start paying attention to contractions,” “Don’t get too hot,” “You look great,” “You’re measuring right on the money,” “Probably 7-8 pounds,” “Good genetics are key,” and that sort of thing.¬† So all in all it made me feel ok.

Next “thing” on the list is: I have to pick a pediatrician, one that has “rights” at Riverside since that’s where we’re delivering. What stinks about that is there’s a peditrician across the street from our apartment that’s affiliated with Mt. Carmel, and then my GP is affiliated with OSU, but there’s also a pediatrician in that office too- and it’s in Grandview as well. So I have to call those offices and hope that one of them will be able to go to Riverside. We’ll see.

But all in all I’m right on track with what-I’m-supposed-to-be-doing/feeling I guess.

Oh, and I’m 8 months pregnant. 32 weeks divided by 4 weeks per month = 8 months. Holy lord. Scary.

switching it up

Originally I created this blog in WordPress as opposed to Blogger because I was under the assumption that WordPress was more creative- allowed for more freedom regarding design and whatnot. This might be true– if you remember CSS from your HTML¬†class you took in 2006…..which I do not. I hated the CSS portion of the class. Granted cascading style sheets were created to make life easier for people but for some reason- the gobbledy gook just stressed me out and I allowed that nonsense to go in one ear and out the other.

So for the time being, I switched the theme to a more GREEN one…which is hopefully easier on the eyes as well. I’ve also made an attempt to list the blog with BlogHer, which is a great way to find funny blogs to read by women all over.

This morning G was really sweet- knowing that I hate thunderstorms, upon hearing them mid-REM cycle this morning I try to turn towards him to snuggle closer. He knows that I get all jumpy when there’s thunder and lightning. However, being jumpy while being this pregnant is difficult. Switching comfortable positions is also difficult. He sweetly hoisted me towards him to hug for the last 20 or so minutes we had in bed. Of course, all of this back and forthing and movement woke up the little one in my belly, who was perfectly comfortable in my stomach before I’d switched positions. He kicked for a few minutes to let me know he wasn’t happy with the abrupt wake up/shake around and eventually settled down…right before my alarm went off.

Then after showering and eating a bowl of cereal while wearing the incredible shrinking bath towel on the living room couch (I need to invest in a summer bathrobe), I headed upstairs. It’s Friday which means “jeans day” where I work- which used to be a lot of fun and now just means…are we going to try to do jeans today? Or just give up and sport another mumu???

I opted for the jean capris. While I teetered into them without completely falling over, I said aloud to G in the other room (also getting dressed for work): “Um, I don’t like it when the tag on my pants says Grande”

G’s response: “At least it doesn’t say Grande Supreme”


30 week appt

Well, we had our 30 week appointment today- with an ultrasound to make sure that the placenta had moved up and wasn’t covering my cervix. Joy of joys, it is not- so I WILL be able to push this alarmingly large headed being out of my girly parts. I know, c-sections are bad and hard to recoup from and blah blah blah. I just have always liked my girl parts the way they are/were… I don’t understand why all this stretching out of my body/skin/etc. has to happen in order to procreate. I’m not a damned rubber band. I’m 30 years old and smoked for over 10 years. I’m pretty sure the elasticity of my skin is nearly gone.¬†

But yes the placenta is in the right place and the child is even in the right place- head down already. He’s advanced for his age probably- readytogo. This was surprising to me though, because I keep getting what I thought could only be kicks on my lower left hand side. They were so strong I just figured they were his legs. Nope- they are hard and strong upper cuts apparently. Even G said to the doctor, “Really?! He must be really strong I mean, they SEEM really strong to be punches. Maybe they’re elbows.” (But they have to be punches…because his little body is upside down and the part that I’m always patting on the right side, that’s his little back and butt.)¬† So I’m surprised I haven’t felt a lot of rib-kicks but I’m sure it will come soon.¬† Just in the past week or so I’ve been getting back aches and now my whole abdominal area just hurts…kind of like a pain you get in your side when you run, only all over.¬†Yea that sucks. I¬†don’t know what that’s all about but it tends to only happen at work.¬†Once I’m in my car it’s like my whole body just¬†relaxes.

Anyways- all looked good. I even only gained 4 additional pounds since the last appointment. And I’ve been eating ice cream whenever I¬†want thankyouverymuch. There just isn’t much room in my stomach anymore I don’t think. haha.¬† Now we start going to appointments every two weeks instead of every 5, so basically it’s crunch time.

Alright now I’m REALLY going to go relax.

An update

So, for three days in a row this week,¬†we (meaning G and I) have gone on night-time walks around our neighborhood. I think this is a good habit to get into, seeing as I was ‚Äúwarned‚ÄĚ about my dessert problem by my doctor last time I saw him. Basically he suggested I have dessert only once per week instead of once a day. (I found this suggestion ridiculous- as I had/have a hard time limiting dessert to once a DAY.)

Over the past week or so my appetite is less all-consuming (ba-dum-dum-dum). Plus the indigestion I get after eating ANYTHING is hardly worth the big meals so I‚Äôve been eating smaller bits throughout the day and increasing my fruit and healthy food intake. Adding walking to the mix I thought would help the whole pregnancy schtick even more. But I‚Äôve been getting whacked by the fatigue thing again. I had a few days where I felt like I could sleep FOR DAYS. And getting out of bed in the morning is tough.¬† So I guess this is normal as my second trimester winds down and my body gets bigger and harder to haul around each day.¬† I’m also waking up in the morning with the almost-having-leg-cramps-feeling. Isn’t that bizarre? Why is it that sometimes you get that warning feeling that your calves are about to cramp up, and then other times, you don’t? I don’t understand it. I’ve been eating bananas and taking vitamins and YES drinking water (though I probably could drink more) so hopefully that will help with the near-cramping. I HATE leg cramps!

Only half of my belly button has popped out, and I wonder if mine is defective due to its depth. It looks more like a Precious Moments nose than a popped out belly button.  (Do people still buy those? I was all hopped up on Precious Moments back in 5th grade or so.)

Yesterday I finally broke down and purchased cloud wall decals to put up in the baby room (Similar to these). I got them on Etsy- my first Etsy purchase ever, though I frequent the website a lot and often LOVE the things I see- I hope this first purchase leads to more and more additional purchases from the site in the future, as I love handmade things and it seems quite affordable.   I’m also thinking about making a mobile type thing to hang from the hideous light fixture in his room- out of a wooden embroidery hoop and other things. We’ll see if I get around to that.

Thumbkin has days where he seems to want to do the running-man for 10 hours straight, and then he has days when I just feel him toss and turn and try to get comfortable. It’s interesting. Mostly I can tell that when I lay down to watch a show on DVD or something (or right at bed time) he’ll start the kind of kicking that is visible on my skin and startles me enough to jump or make a remark out loud.

Oh I updated some links in the sidebar to the right. I added all of the “mommyblogs” I read religiously as well as the the mommyblogs of the people I know IN REAL LIFE! They’re interesting, adorable people who don’t cuss like I do (in public).

I spent about 2 hours yesterday morning on Youtube watching labor and delivery videos and also looking at pictures of other people that are as pregnant as me. I like to compare and see where I stand. Where DO I stand? No idea really. I have some sort of crazy body dysmorphia so I can’t really properly guess. But it gave me something to do yesterday. Today I”m going to try to walk before work- which would make it FOUR days this week I’ve gone on a walk. Then tomorrow I”m off work and I am dog-sitting my lovable nephew Gunner for the weekend, so we’ll be doing EVEN MORE WALKING together throughout the weekend. And…that’s all she has planned, folks. Originally we were thinking about going up to Salem but my mom’s headed down to Hilton Head again and Brett and Kristen won’t be around and Eric will probably have to work and Kim will probably be in Pennsylvania and Dad will probably be busy– so I’m just staying home. Gabe might still head up to help his parents clean out their house WHICH THEY SOLD (can you believe it?! in this economy!?) so I plan on having a date-day/night with the dog.

If anyone stays in town, call me!

Productive Monday

We got the crib put together- and mostly assembled Thumbkin’s room- though I’m still not satisfied with it so I’m not posting pics on here quite yet.¬† I have to admit that I only had fleeting moments where I imagined what-the-nursery-will-look-like…and those quickly passed. Mostly I stopped thinking about it because: all of that shit is insanely expensive; I don’t really want to have to re-paint the walls when we leave here; I would much prefer hand-me-down stuff to decorate a nursery and perhaps get myself a new bedspread down the road. Don’t look at me like that, the baby will not remember his nursery. AND- I lucked out and got a ton of adorable hand-me-down stuff. So it all is put together and cute and whatnot. It’s just a little…shall we say….cramped.

We put Thumbkin in the tiniest room because, in all fairness, he will be the tiniest person in the house. We made the second room into a guest room. We are both hoping that we can keep Thumbkin in that room for as long as possible- because neither of us are quite sure if we’ll ever be able to afford a house or anything bigger than this place. So- there you have it: I have a tiny little room with a lot of furniture and cute safari/jungle themed-bedding and stuff. I don’t have the walls painted and I’m not going to. And I don’t think I’m going to put his name in letters on the wall behind the crib because we’re still not settled completely on what his name will be and that’s that.

Anyways. I just keep walking into this room and I try to think of what would make it more calming/peaceful/etc. I’m not sure yet. Picture placement perhaps? I don’t know. Once I get it figured out I’ll take a picture or two and post it on here. Just don’t go thinking that I”m some sort of crazy design freak who gets all into this kind of thing. My son will have a cute looking, completely livable space to nap in and whatnot for the next few years. It just probably won’t look any fancier than my bedroom.

Once we were finished with the crib, I had G put up the tie-backs for our curtains in the living room- or what we affectionately now call the “parlor”. When people come over we end up sitting in this room for some reason and I love it. I told G to pose for me- because I think these chairs in front of the bookcase and fireplace are reminiscent of Masterpiece Theatre. I asked him to grab a book and he picked one from his own collection: The End of the World News by Anthony Burgess.



Letter to the child.

Dear Thumbkin,

You are now almost 24 weeks new, still inside my ever expanding belly.
Things have started to change ever so slightly, since the last time I wrote- so I’m going¬† to try to remember what I can and get it all out here. (This is harder than it sounds, because pregnancy makes your brain swell and memory loss is common.)

As I mentioned before, I am growing. This is because YOU are growing, and I can’t seem to stop eating pancakes and ice cream. You are going to be a sweet child- possibly made out of sugar, for all the sweets I’ve been eating nonstop. People are starting to ask¬† me questions about when-I’m-due, and strangers are talking to me about very private things like breastfeeding, and it makes me a little uncomfortable. In fact, it’s taken some time to get used to people asking, “When are you due?” I don’t know why, but I want to tell them it’s none of their business… There are a lot of people in this world with big bellies who are NOT pregnant- and someday I’ll explain to you why THAT is a good reason to not ask people pregnancy-related questions.

Though I’ve felt you move slightly every so often for several weeks now, it was always tough to decide what was real and what was my imagination. In the past few days, you have made your presence QUITE clear. I am very aware that you tend to like the right side of my belly, and there’s a special little part that fits right in the palm of my hand. I imagine it’s your little back-end, or maybe it’s your ginormous skull- I don’t know. But either way, I love the way it feels to cup that part of my belly with my palm and feel you move.

Your Aunt Kim made us some great music cds- and I sing some of the sweeter slower songs to you in the car. And the other day while making¬† dinner and you started fussing around in there, I started singing to you then, too.¬† I can’t decide if you kick because you like something or because you hate it- but hear me now child, you will learn to love the song September by Earth Wind and Fire…trust me, you will. And my voice isn’t that terrible..get used to it.

Your bedroom is still…a room with your stuff AND my stuff in it, ¬†because each week I am getting bigger and more clothing won’t fit me. So I’ve taken over your room with my stuff and I apologize in advance for that. I want to tell you that it won’t be forever but I’m not making any promises, because your father took over the spare bedroom closet with his indie rock t-shirts and BMV polos so we’re pretty limited on space. I’ll consider your own need for space as motivation to fit into my regular clothes after you’re born- and hopefully I’ll be able to get my maternity clothes out of your room by then.

We’ve gotten you a few new things recently. Your Grandma got you a beautiful picture of lambs sleeping that I hope will inspire you to do the same. It’s a very swanky thing to own, honey- something from Pottery Barn Kids. And I am going to try my best not to be jealous that you got something from that store before I did.

Well I am at work now, and have no business typing you a letter. This isn’t really setting a good example for you as far as work ethic goes, huh.

I will talk to you later, or sooner, rather.  But I specifically look forward to feeling your little rump (or head) in the palm of my head tonight when I get home from work and sit on the couch to eat ice cream.