in lieu of the letter…

I created this, which originally was going to include 12 pictures of Simon with his alien stuffed toy. Instead, we couldn’t get him to sit still with it this year…so this is what we get. Enjoy.


Technical Difficulties

So I threw together another slideshow. I’m not happy with it for a number of reasons- but the biggest reason is that the music didn’t come through because of blasted copyright. I seriously doubt Stevie Wonder would really care that I used his song as a background to my slideshow. But apparently Youtube won’t post the music due to copyright.

So here’s my suggestion. Open this video in a new window: Click play.

Then click on MY video here:

You’ll still have another minute of footage at the end of the show where you can sing  your own song. (Or you can have this video: at the ready for when Beautiful Boy runs out.) 🙂