So Gabe always says I “bad mouth him on the internet” which I don’t believe it entirely true. I say nice things about him now and again on here, right? Anyways, to back track a bit:

A few weeks ago our landlords approached us and told us they were selling our building, and offered it to us at a great price. This “great price” was competitive within the area, wouldn’t involve realtor fees for them, but would require us to become landlords and rent out the other side of the building, which I might mention, has sat empty for 3 months even though it’s slightly nicer than ours’. We seriously considered it. We thought maybe we’d move into the other side and rent out this side. We did mortgage calculators and found out if we could borrow money for a down payment. (Like we have thousands of dollars sitting around!? Pheesh.) We told them we were definitely interested, but would more than likely use an FHA loan. They didn’t want to work with an FHA loan. So that was that, it was over.

Then a few days later they called back and said they’d talked to some people in the business and found out that FHA loans weren’t nearly the PITA they used to be, so they were open to it if we were still interested. At this point we’d kinda gotten used to the fact that the place wasn’t meant to be ours’, so we politely declined after getting everything together to get pre-approved. Yea, it was bittersweet.

The next day a sign was out in the front yard accompanying the FOR RENT sign, only this one said For Sale. People came in and out of the building (on the other side) for a few days and now they think they have a potential buyer who supposedly would like us to stay here and be tenants. He will be moving into the other side of the place (hope he likes teething babies!) and today at 4pm an inspector and our potential landlord will be rummaging through our house while we’re at work.

What does this mean?

Well it makes me uncomfortable because we’re not going to be here. It also meant that we had some cleaning to do since they’d likely be moving furniture to reveal electrical outlets and furnace grates. With wood floors we have three times the dust that carpeted places have so it meant a total overhaul of the floors, reorganization (God how I hate this) of the basement, and overall cleaning up everywhere.

Guess who did 90% of the work + about 4 loads of laundry in preparation for this inspection?


He went around the house and did the kind of sweeping/dusting/organizing that I would love to do, if I weren’t constantly distracted by this baby of ours’. (haha) He did an amazing job, and I can open the blinds, let the sunshine in, and be only moderately dismayed by the dust that’s RE-settled on everything. (There’s only so much dusting a person can do in a house as old as ours’. For the most part it never is completely dust-free.)

Gabe can rock. Most of the time he does. If I ever “bad mouth” him on here it’s always in jest, for fun. But honestly, I’m starting to think I should schedule an Inspector to come into our house once every month or so, so Gabe can show off his miraculous cleaning capabilities more often. Don’t get me wrong, he helps me out tremendously and I’m always thankful for how much work he does. He does a lot more than most husbands/boyfriends/roommates do. I recognize and appreciate that. However, this last cleaning spree has exceeded my expectations of him. I probably owe him something sweet now, huh.

my guy

A year ago this week…

Keeping a big secret on Christmas morning 2008

A year ago this week I found out I was pregnant. It was the strangest, scariest and most emotional Christmas ever for me- as I hadn’t told anyone yet as it was SUPER DUPER early at Christmas. I found out when I was just 5 weeks and 1 day along- and within those first two months I dropped 10 pounds from nausea and nerves- not knowing what to expect and being up all night wondering how my life would change.

When I look at Christmas pictures from last year, I can see how tired we both were. My parents thought something was “wrong” with me but couldn’t pinpoint it. I wasn’t drinking wine as much as I usually did. I wasn’t sneaking out for cigarettes as much as I previously did, and I was asleep much earlier than I normally would be at Christmas time. They had no idea I was pregnant- I think they thought it was cancer or something.

For the record, those pants fit again. Hooray!

Looking back at that Christmas, being so afraid and nervous about something so huge and life altering- and NOT sharing it immediately with my family, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve never felt so alone and scared before and when I finally did tell them all, it was as if a thousand pounds had been lifted off of my chest and I was able to breathe and handle the situation differently- which mainly meant bitch about how miserable I felt for nearly 10 months straight.

I remember looking around in our living room at all the people I love opening presents and trying to imagine a baby being there next (this) year.

Our Christmas spots.

Where would he or she sit? Where would we put all of his or her crap? How would a baby fit into this already full family?

And now I’m pretty sure that “the baby” is part of the reason everyone is so excited for Christmas. They want to see baby Simon- Gabe and I are just the “handlers”. The newest little Simon fits so nicely that everyone crowds around waiting for their chance to hold him, or watch to see what he does next. It’s quite hilarious. I also believe that this first little grandbaby has evoked a sense of “we’d like more please” from my parents. It’s like babies just ooze joy and become the glue that makes families stick closer and generations stay tighter.

Last year at this time I was the most scared I’ve ever been- worried about my life, how much I”d loved it before, how it would change and I didn’t know how I could adapt.

And I love my NEW life even more- in a completely different way. I’m so glad I waited this long to start a family- I’m proud of everything that’s happened in my life so far, and I love my new mini-family with Gabe and Simon so much. It’s all very very good here in the Simon Geig household, World of Warcraft, not nearly enough closet space and all.

I am so very thankful for all that I have. This baby has become my love-magnifier, making everything in my life that I previously loved even more exciting and lovable than it was before. Whether it’s watching my family gush over how beautiful he is, or watching the many videos that Gabe takes while he and Simon are home alone together playing, or the music in our lives that we cannot wait to share with the boy, the dancing, the food, the playing, all of the things in life worth sharing with others become so much more fun knowing we get to experience them with a brand new person all over again- like watching your favorite movie with someone who’s never seen it before.

I love this little life we’ve built and I can’t wait for every Christmas and stressful holiday that follows. I appreciate each moment and will remind myself to do so often.

My Bundle of Joy


Having a baby with someone creates a new sense of closeness in one’s relationship. Gabe lovingly went out and purchased stool softeners and tucks wipes for me right after having the baby. Since then, all bets are off when it comes to disgusting habits and whatnot. I guess since he saw me at the most vulnerable and “open” he’s felt it okay to reciprocate with some unappealing physical issues of his own.

Yesterday he had clipped his toenails/fingernails into a grocery bag that sat by the couch for a while as a trash bag. I had left the room and walked back in at some point to see him scratching at the inside of his nose, and then flicked it into the grocery bag. I said, “What are you doing?” He said, “I had a booger.” I said, “We have tissues.” He said: “I’m going green. You don’t $hit in a bag then throw it in the toilet. I’m cutting out the middle man.” Then later, when I decided to take the grocery bag and throw it away (I mean, GROSS!) he said, “Hey- where are you going with my booger bag?”

What am I going to do when Simon grows up and starts mimicking this disgusting behavior!?

I just realized

That I totally skipped over a blog posting about the baby shower that my work peeps threw for me on Friday July 17th.

It was so nice- with fancy cupcakes from Pink Moon Cupcakes OMG THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!  And my boss made the rootbeer float cake I spoke of earlier– and so many people made so many delicious foods!

And Gabe came to this one so he got to sit with my co-workers, watch me, all red-faced and embarrassed opening all of my gifts. I had to laugh though because when we got home he said he didn’t get enough to eat because the plates were small and he was trying to ‘be polite’. LOL! Couldn’t have big-boy servings.

Back to the shower: We got adorable things- and a very very generous gift card to Target which is AWESOME because Target is so close and has DIAPERS and other such things we need to get. We already spent a teensy bit of it on a clock radio/cd player for the baby’s room- so he can listen to the cds I make him, and his aunties make him, so he can become incredibly cool and a very good dancer.

In other news we’ve been directed to start doing the-deed to help things “move along.” You know, the “deed” that got us into this situation in the first place. Not that I’ve ever had to be directed to do this before- but once you have gained 40-45 pounds (who knows at this point?!) and are popping up zits all over your body and feeling just exhausted all the time….sex isn’t exactly the first thing you’re thinking about.  Plus, the child is trying to make more room for himself in there. So for those of you who haven’t been pregnant before, try to imagine yourself heavier, exhausted, greasy, acne ridden, and then find a somewhat tight sweatshirt and a medium sized raccoon. Put on that sweatshirt and shove the raccoon inside of it. Now HAVE AT IT with your significant other.If you find it to be anything other than a completely weird experience- well you win, my friend. Because that is how I feel when I’m trying to get in “the mood”.


words cannot describe how much I look forward to real adult sans-baby-in-tummy relations in six months or whenever. I’m already making plans for our first getaway. Isn’t that terrible????

My evening, Thursday 7/16/09

  • Walk into (dark & locked) house at 9:34pm. Normally there is at least 1 light on and the door is unlocked. This is what Gabe does for me as a courtesy, even though he is ALWAYS in the basement when I come home, playing games.
  • Around 9:35pm, Gabe comes up from the basement, already in pajamas, obviously fighting the forces of evil in the basement. I am carrying bags from work. He helps me put them all down. He briefly shows me the cake his work gave him and talks about the potluck shower they had for him at work for about 6-7 minutes. Then he says, “I’m going to go finish something with Ryan downstairs.” I tell him, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Because I know he will be down there until after I am asleep. At this point I’m just irritated to all hell because the house was dark and locked, and Gabe’s been playing that GD game for 3 hours already.
  • I decide to go to bed. I take my laptop upstairs to watch the remaining 30 minutes of the movie I started the night before (by myself) called Saving Grace. It was cute. I’m all about British movies (really anything) right now because it reminds me of where I was 2 years ago. 2 years ago seems like a long time ago. I want to go back there. To that place AND that time.
  • So I watch the rest of my movie and then prop up my pillows to read the rest of yet another childbirth book, and go to sleep at around 10:45pm
  • First time I wake up- midnight, uncomfortable, go pee.
  • (I think Gabe came to bed somewhere around 1am. I wake up, but pretend not to because yes I am still pissed off at this video gaming BS.)
  • Third time I wake up- oh, that’s strange, I feel like I might throw up. Roll myself over and out of bed, waddle to bathroom, don’t puke. Pee again. Waddle downstairs to find antacids in purse. Waddle to kitchen and swallow them by drinking straight from the faucet in the kitchen. There are dirty dishes in the sink. I am awake now and consider just staying downstairs so I don’t have to climb the stairs again. I decide to just go back to bed anyways. Get to bed, lay down.
  • Now the baby is awake because of the cold water I just drank. Lay awake for 15 minutes while baby kicks ribs and has a little party in there. Contemplate the saying that everyone keeps telling me, “Oh it’s much easier when they’re in there, and not screaming on the outside..” It doesn’t seem as cute at 3am when you’re wide awake, nauseous, sore and exhausted.
  • Fourth time I wake up was at 6am, again nauseous, now I have no covers because Gabe has stolen ALL of them. I may kill him in his sleep. I contemplate throwing his computer into the street and running it over with my car.
  • By the time I get out of bed at 7:30am I feel like I haven’t slept at all. I tell myself to get used to it because this is the way it will feel once the baby gets here. I just wonder if I will still be as pissed off about it. I also wonder if Gabe will think it’s ok to play those games when the baby gets here. He says no—but I am REALLY interested to see how that all pans out.

In the meantime I’m up for planning some sort of war on Blizzard Entertainment. I can’t find the individual responsible for World of Warcraft so I may just have to take-down the entire company. Who’s with me?

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad

July 3, 1976- right?
July 3, 1976- right?

They met at Ohio State- and were set up on a “blind date” by their roommates- who were dating each other. They talk about being in college together- and how my mom ate pickles at the bar instead of drinking beer…to avoid unwanted calories.  My dad went on to Med School at OSU, and mom was going to move back home to get a teaching job. But at some point she asked my dad, “Aren’t you ever going to ask me to marry you?”

And (thankfully) he did.

They got married on July 3rd and honeymooned in Florida at Disney World. I’m sure they had no idea that their family would grow to include 4 kids…a couple of cats and a beautiful home. I think they always knew how lucky they were to have found each other.


As their kid, I have to say that the best part of their relationship was always knowing that they loved each other first- and we came after that. We were a result of their love and their relationship, which they continue to nurture now- years and years later. It’s so nice to know that your parents are best friends, that they make each other laugh so hard that tears form in their eyes..

surprise’s a reassuring thing to know how much your parents love each other and how much fun they have together. It makes you believe in it and hold out for that kind of love with someone in your own life.


So they are in Hilton Head right now- their favorite place to be…and I hope the weather is fabulous and they get lots of time to play tennis, walk, run, bike, eat, drink wine, and do all the things that they love to do with each other.  They deserve it.

I love you mom and dad- Happy Anniversary.

Here's to the happy couple!
Here's to the happy couple!