I don’t really have the time to be posting, and I’m flustered- moreso than normal. I feel like my blood pressure is raging and my brain is about to burst with thinking about just too much at once. Today was my Monday, only worse because it’s Tuesday- Tuesdays are the worst days of the week where I work, and it was even worse for me this week because I only had one full day off this weekend…hardly enough to recover from that many consecutive hours of librarying and librarianing.

Anyways, the short of it is:

  • I cry just about every time I leave the library where I used to work. I practically cry when I pull in the parking lot. I almost wish I never had to go there, ever and remind myself how much I love that place and all the people there. Ignorance is bliss I think.
  • I am down another pair of maternity pants, leaving me with four that fit, and about 10 that do not. This is because my ass and legs are widening. This does not make for a good morning or start to the week. 
  • We’ve put out hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes at work for the disinfecting of people’s hands and public workstations- in the hopes of getting rid of any potential “flus” that are out there. WHY THIS HASN”T BEEN GOING ON FOREVER IS BEYOND ME. However, today- I’ve noticed more people wiping their snotty noses and then using our computers/self-checks/pens/staplers/tape/etc. Than ever before.  I’m not afraid of the swine flu as much as the common cold or whatever other cooties these snot-nosed kids have.
  • It occurred to me today that I need to have a discussion with G about use of the words “gay” and “retard” because I’m concerned that our child may pick up on the hate speech and repeat him someday. I’m not looking forward to this conversation with G.
  • It’s taco night- but mostly because we can only afford the $2.49 taco kit and I have frozen turkey meat available…thank goodness we both like tacoes. I hate the second week of the pay period.
  • I feel like my belly has been getting harder or stretched out more or something. It’s probably true. I suppose there’s no way to stop it at this point.
  • I still crave a cigarette every. single. day.
  • I am looking forward to date-nights with Thumbkin once he is born. Meaning, I’ll be taking my son out on dates. What of it?
  • I saw two people today who were pregnant within the last year and both of them look fantastic- maybe even thinner than pre-pregnancy. I also heard a story of a size 6/8 girl who is now a size 14 and she’s just “living with it.” I am terrified that I will end up like that.

I am now officially off. Maybe I’ll be more coherent in a bit.


Mark. My. Words.

Unless I lose the use of my arms or am pushing some sort of stroller or something, my child- the one who has yet to be born will NEVER press the handicapped button next to doors of public buildings. It is probably one of my biggest pet peeves in the world- kids pushing that damned button. The child inside of me will NOT be allowed to do that. Punishment will be severe.