Happy Mothers’ Day, continued

Today was my first Mothers’ Day with my “thumbkin” on the outside of me instead of the inside.

On my way out the door to work. Mother's Day 2010

Simon woke up around 7am, per usual. I convinced him to stay in our bed for MAYBE 15 minutes before finally dragging myself downstairs to get the coffee going. Sitting in front of Ol’ Faithful (coffee maker) was a pretty potted flower, two cards (one from Gabe, one from Simon) and a package of chocolate covered pretzels (my favorite). It was quite sweet.

Simon then had a bottle and his breakfast (Cheerios and bananas). And then Gabe made me pancakes and bacon (mmmmm bacon) before I headed off to work.

And I’m going to refrain from grumbling about having to work on Mothers’ Day because I imagine many many mothers in the world work on this pseudo holiday. It was cold out anyways, so I wouldn’t have done much of anything if I were working so blah, whatever.

I came home, we made a lasagna and garlic bread, and then Gabe went on a DQ run to get me a Snickers blizzard. Mmmmmm tasty treat. I’d been craving a blizzard for several days now. He also did the laundry. 🙂

But perhaps my favorite “present” of all this year were the pictures that my Aunt Vicki sent me from our most recent visit with my Pap.

Simon and Pap, 4/2010
Simon and Pap, 4/2010

Simon loved my grandpa’s mustache and was playing with it in these pictures.

It’s hard to say what being a mom feels like. Mostly I’d say that it’s not at all what I expected. Sometimes I don’t feel like “a mom” at all- but I know that I am, and I love my son more than life. But it’s strange. Sometimes I don’t feel “old enough” to be a mom. And other times I feel like I’m the same as I’ve always been- like I’m just a REALLY big sister. I don’t know how to explain it. All I know is that I used to say, “Being a mom will be the best thing I ever do…” and I meant that in the way that I would try the hardest at that job. I meant that I would work the hardest to be a good mom, a fun mom, and most importantly, the kind of mom that my own mom was in the way that I reassure my kid that I love them. My kids would always know I love them. And I think I’m doing that so far.

I do know that being a mom also means I am on the receiving end of the biggest “fits”, the crankiest hours, the loudest shrieks and the angriest baby looks. I don’t take offense, I know that boy “has my number” and works it accordingly. It’s his job to do that, to test that.  Being a mom is as hard, harder, and not as hard, as I thought it would be…all at once. What’s most surprising to me is how splendidly natural it all seems to come. I hope that means I’m doing alright. At least I know I’m doing my best- that’s all a person can do.

Here’s to all the wonderful moms and not-moms, and all people in this world who care enough about other people in their lives that it aches a little bit when you love them that hard. Happy happy day to us all.

And I’m ending mine with some wine. 🙂 Cheers!


Swear words

There are some serious swear words echoing throughout our apartment, and this time it’s NOT ME. G and I decided to do some smallish projects that we started this weekend. Very small, do-able projects like: taking the cabinet doors off of the vanity in the bathroom, sanding, staining and replacing the hardware on them because they previously were disgusting. By disgusting I mean, they were old, not sealed, kind of peeling in places, etc. G offered to do this project. “Great idea!” I exclaimed- because I had a friend coming in from out of town who also wanted to do some DIY stuff around the house. Awesome.

Around 9am on Saturday I think it was, I decided I wanted to paint one wall of the baby’s room blue. The bedding and pattern of the nursery set I have been given is tan and green. It is impossible to match the green. But as I mentioned in a previous post, the room made me nervous upon entering it. It felt cramped and it definitely needed something. Over the weekend I decided that “thing” was pastel blue paint to match the elephant in the nursery bedding. So we painted it blue. I’m happy with the blue wall. I may post pictures soon. Maybe.

But we keep running into smallish obstacles while doing projects. These are the things that make G cuss loudly: finding out that the wall we’re hammering into is made of three separate substances, such as sheet metal, plaster and brick. OR- you find out that the holes in the cabinets for the bathroom vanity are 2 inches apart instead of 3 inches apart, which is the standard size for all pulls one may want to replace.

All of this will lead to multiple trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s (often in the same day) for different kinds of screws, nails, hardware seeking attempts, and finally silver metal spray paint so we can just spruce up the old hardware and put it back on the damned vanity already because WE RENT, WHY ARE WE EVEN TRYING!?!?!?!?!?!

But anyways, I mentioned G got me the sweet flowers and card (that nearly made me cry) for Mother’s Day. And I had numerous well wishes and cards from family and friends, and more cds from my sister (you rock) and an awesome gift of ginger-scented body lotion and bath soaps from my friend Mandy. I felt special, but it’s hard to feel like a mom when your kid is swimming in your gut instead of sitting on your lap.

And this weekend said friend Mandy came from Chicago to visit me and we had an awesome weekend of food, visiting and shopping around- even though I didn’t buy much it was still just nice to have a friend to go do things with. She helped me paint the wall in the nursery, and cooked us both breakfast and dinner. Then my brother Brett came to visit on Sunday with his dog Gunner- and enjoyed the delicious meal that Mandy made (ribs in the crock pot with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and green beans, fresh strawberries and blackberries) and chatted for a while.

It was a good weekend and I was glad to enjoy it with such a great friend who’s known me forever. After all of that – the great meals she cooked, and the awesome Mother’s Day gift she gave me, today when I came home from work there was yet ANOTHER gift from Mandy in a package on my front porch: a house-warming gift. It is really really cool- a magnetic spice rack that hangs on the wall. G and I both love it! Now, Mandy- if you’re reading this STOP BUYING THINGS NOW! 🙂 I can’t keep up with the thank-you notes!

I hope everyone reading this had a good weekend as well and I hope for all of our sakes that there are more leisurely spring weekends ahead as the weather continues to get nicer in Ohio.

Incredibly cool hanging spice rack
Incredibly cool hanging spice rack
work in progress...
work in progress...
sleeping lambs
sleeping lambs

Happy Mother’s (?) Day…

To me??? Makes sense I guess, I could definitely like it– but it’s still too strange to really “get it”. Hopefully having a real baby that I made in front of me to see, feel, kiss and hug will help me grasp the concept a little better. Because right now it feels a little odd to hear this and realize “hey, they’re talking to me…”

But I do love presents cards and warm wishes– even from strangers. More to come.

from G
from G