Furnace Grate

Oh how he loves the furnace grate…


Weekend in Salem

Well this weekend we headed up to Salem to visit Pap, my parents, and my brothers. It was a great time. Friday night we got up there late, then had all day Saturday to visit Pap, get ice cream, visit our local Ice Cream Parlor (yes ice cream twice in one day) and then play a hilarious fun game with my family in the evening after Simon went to bed.

Pap, Simon and me 4/2010

Today we stopped at Eric’s farm on the way home to Columbus and got some great pictures of Simon being introduced to all the animals. He’s going to love playing there when he gets bigger!


We have had an onslaught of visitors from last Saturday through today…which is only part of my reasoning behind the sparse blog posting. The other reasons are…oh, life and how it just tends to get busy and filled with things to do.

At any rate, we had a visit from grad school buddy Vanessa, who drove all the way from Chicago to meet Simon for the first time last weekend. She brought him a GREAT book (that we didn’t have) Today I Will Fly! by Mo Willems. We had a lovely weekend of casual adult beverages, snuggling Simon and encouraging his new favorite pasttime- attempting to crawl.

Ayers and Vanessa

Then on Monday morning she left, and I worked Monday and Tuesday evenings, and then my mom and dad arrived Wednesday for the day. The four of us headed up to Easton and had a nice lunch at Brio and my mom bought me a new pair of sensible summer shoes to wear at work. Then my mom watched Simon while Gabe and I got a mini-date night at Jimmy V’s. (Mmmmmmm. Greek food.)

Then Thursday evening my best friend from high school Dee came to town and we had a great time playing with Simon and good ol’ Lisa Ayers who came over both nights to laugh with us and reminisce. Dee just left this morning (after getting to go to breakfast with Lisa, Gabe and Simon– while I headed to work).


And this week proves to be a doozy as well. I have a work week riddled with meetings and my comp day for working Sunday (tomorrow) isn’t until Thursday…one of the days that I have the expensive sitter, so we’re out fifty bucks (boo!) because I pay her even when he’s not there.

But some new and funny things Simon’s been doing:

  • When we bring him into our bed or try to lay down with him he grabs at your hair and face as if to say, “Open your eyes!!!! Wake up!!!”
  • He imitates a fake laugh, “Hahahaha” and “Hohohoho” it’s pretty funny.
  • He will annihilate an orange in one of those weird mesh-sack things we have. Most people/books, etc. say to avoid citrus fruits until they’re older, but he LOVES to suck the juice out of the orange in those things. He grunts with pure joy when I give it to him.
  • He is most definitely mobile- and is easily side-tracked by cords. He loves cords. This could be a problem. We have one cable cord that goes through our floor and he likes to pull it out bit by bit….to chew on it of course.

What? These are mine!

Ha! Got it off the couch, suckas!
  • In his spare time, he enjoys licking the dirty metal furnace grates on the floor

Simon licking the furnace grate.
  • He can get MAD- shrieking mad, if you do not feed him fast enough. If he’s even remotely hungry (instead of me anticipating that he MIGHT get hungry soon and preemptively feeding him) he will demand the bottle first (before the food) because we can literally dump it into him faster than we can shovel food into his pie-hole.

Feed me!
  • We have witnessed his trick: going from belly to sitting up and it is amazing. It is also terrifying to see him sitting up in his crib. We’re lowering the mattress to the lowest rung today, because I’m convinced he’s going to pull himself up soon.
what up homes?
Sad chubby baby.

Happy Baby (20 seconds later)
Incredible posture and balance.

Twice this morning

I put Simon down on his belly on the floor to practice his “modified army crawl”. Twice I turned my back for just a second and came back to him sitting up. I have no idea how he’s doing this. I’ve walked out of the room and peeked my head around the corner to see if I could get him to do it so I could watch….to no avail. He’s so tricky! I can’t wait to see him do it!!

“And now for something COMPLETELY different…”

Sorry about that last post. It was stockpiled vomit from reading constant complaints about our President on Facebook. I can’t just defriend all my R friends, so this is my space, I chose to vent here- where people rarely make backhanded comments. hehehe. So I thought I”d put another posting up to shove that last negative blog down one. I’m not going to get all riled up over some idiot. It’s not my problem that  he wants to incite riots with the hillbillies of America.

This morning there was a GIANT BUMBLE BEE in our basement. I yelped when I saw it climbing on the pile of laundry to be done (funny, he/she was on my floral quilt, I wonder if it thought those were real flowers). I said, “There’s a huge SOMETHING down here- a gigantic spider or something!” to Gabe upstairs. He said, “You’re such a baby about bugs…” and then came downstairs and said, “Oh shit that is a giant bumblebee, how’d it get down here. It might be the QUEEN!” Gabe then captured Queen Bee in an empty butter container and let her go outside. If I had the guts, I wouldn’t have been so nice. That Squishing up my Baby Bumble Bee song would’ve been playing in my head as I did the damage. Yuck. Mean nasty bugs.

Queen Bee, please stay away from my basement…or my house entirely for that matter.

The bees outside like our front porch and I hate it. They like the front porch furniture (Gabe says) because they take the (chipped) paint and (cheap) wood back to their hives to help build the hives. This is not cool on several levels. I don’t like bees.

In other news, the boy doesn’t like to take his “morning nap” until 10:30 now, which is screwing up my late days at work. Now I have to wake him up to leave on time, and it sucks. I hate waking him up from his pleasant nap. I do so quietly with a tiny bottle to hold him over til lunch, but still- I hate having to wake him at all. It’s making my long days harder to be motivated to go to work. Also, I’m starting to get bummed about him being asleep when I come home these nights. Le sigh. Can’t win. Good thing I like my job.

This morning Simon and I spent some time dancing and singing to his new cd that Grandma and Grandpa brought home from Disney World. We both particularly enjoyed The Library song by Ludwig Von Drake. It’s hilarious! I can’t find it online anywhere or else I would post a link. I’ll keep looking! We danced and danced and laughed and laughed and now my hamstrings hurt from bouncing up and down with the boy. So fun.

This weekend my friend from grad school is coming to visit and meet Simon for the first time and I’m SO EXCITED! Adult conversation! Adult discussion about libraries and fun things like Chicago and stuff. Hooray! Perhaps we’ll even go out to the bar and sing crappy renditions of “Patience” by GNR.