Month 4 Letter

Month 4

Dear Simon,

Today, you are four months old.  Time is flying. This morning when I went into your room because you were waking up, I could see you trying to squirm your way out of your swaddling blanket, and both of your little fists were scratching at your face. Thank goodness I had socks on your hands so you didn’t end up with more scratches on your head. For some strange reason as soon as you wake up you reach your hands to the sides of your head/face and rake your fingernails into the skin. Most of the time you look like you got into a fight with an alley cat. I try to keep smothering you with all kinds of creams and lotions and anti-itch salves…I think it helps a little bit.  Your dad says I am “constantly rubbing stuff” on you. But your skin feels so dry I can’t help it! I don’t want you to be itchy- my skin is dry too and I know how irritating that is!

You weigh 17 pounds and are so big! You’re starting to really love standing up with our help and you love your exersaucer. Anytime you’re in a bad mood I just try to change your position, or get you to see things from a different perspective. You seem to like that. You are now wearing 6 month old clothing- pretty early! And we’re pretty sure you’ve started teething. You chomp and chomp on your hands and fingers, which is giving you red chapped cheeks (something else for me to rub lotion on) from all the slobber.  A bunch of other weird things started happening in the past week or so which we are assuming go along with teething. You’ve had a low fever, have been incredibly fussy, not sleeping as much, and a diaper rash. I hate seeing you so uncomfortable, and it’s a bummer because you still haven’t mastered holding onto things very well, so teething rings don’t really work.  Today was the first day that you seem mostly back to normal. I guess your teeth move a bit before breaking through the skin so hopefully you’ll feel good for a few days at least.

Red Chapped Face

You still love your baths, and even though you manage to get pretty stinky (for a baby) I’m trying to not bathe you EVERY day now, since your skin is so dry. It’s hard though, knowing how much you enjoy the bathtime. I love coming home from work and doing our routine- bath, bottle and bed. Sometimes I throw a book or two in there too. You like to read the Peek-a-Book Baby Book, On the Day you Were Born, and The Bellybutton Book. I love laying on our bed with you and watching you look at the pages. Your dad also reads books with mostly Dr. Suess, which I think is his favorite.

Speaking of your father, he is obviously your favorite, as your face lights up EVERYtime you see him. You and he have smiling conversations that go on and on for quite a while. You’re a man’s-man so far…you also really respond to your uncles and Grandpa Lee. Watching you with your dad is hilarious though- you follow him with your eyes all around a room. He plays you Bob Marley and Pinback cds in your room, and tells me to turn off the radio when I’m singing country songs and slow dancing with you to the country music station.  

You love it when I sign the ABC’s to you, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Open them Shut Them…anytime I use my hands you watch with amazement.

I’ve watched you roll over from your stomach to back several times but you are still not a fan of tummy time. You would much rather stand up than do anything else. You’re not a very cuddly baby, which is okay because I suppose I wasn’t either. But at night, when I’m alone with you in your room, you snuggle in close to me and breathe your stinky milk breath into my face through your little o-shaped mouth and it just melts me.

I have never, in my life, ever loved anyone the way I love you and I can’t wait for all the other exciting things that are coming up in the next few months. I think about how last year at this time I didn’t even know you were about-to-be.  It’s amazing that now you’re here- and life’s still a party- just a different kind of party. 🙂 We’ll be starting you on food soon.. and then your first Christmas, and the New Year, and your dad and I are taking you swimming…so much to look forward to. You are the light of our lives and I am so thankful that you’re here.




Four Months Old

A peaceful moment

Today Simon is four months old. I have to write him his letter, but need to organize my thoughts first…which is hard to do when your brain feels like swiss cheese. I’m so tired!! So in the meantime, here is another video of Simon doing what he loves– kicking his legs like a crazy person and entertaining us in his crib. More to come.

So big.


Happy Friday!

So this past week we was a doozy.  We had our follow up New Parents Project visit from the OSU researchers, and we had the doctor’s appointment, or “two month well-visit” which happened a month and a half late.  (Between the endocrinologist appointment and blood drawn, and my doctor’s appointment, and going back to work- I just didn’t get to schedule his appt. in time for the official “two month” mark.) So we were late.

But once again, Simon was a charmer at the dr.’s office. I took a fuzzy blanket to lay him on and stripped him down as soon as we got there. From that point on he was all smiles, kicking and swinging his arms about- smiling for us and not minding the cold and sterile room a bit. Gabe and I were both there, and I was mentally reminding myself of all the questions I had to ask the Dr. I was also dreading the worst part of the “well visit”—-> the shots. I hate needles, I hate it when Simon has to get pricked, I am definitely NOT the strong one when it comes to that stuff. So I was nervous.

The doctor poked her head in to tell us she’d be right there- and said, “Whoa I’ll be back to see the giant baby in just a few minutes.” He was such a far cry from the tiny floppy yellow baby we brought in when he was 2 days old. Before she got to the room, we had him measured and weighed.

At 3 and a half months old, Simon weighs 16.8 pounds and is 25.5 inches long! 90th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height.


When the doctor came back in to the room, she answered all of my questions including:

Q: Is that little nodule in the nape of his neck a cyst, is it normal?

A: It is normal, but it’s a lymph node, not a cyst.

Q: Is his dry and red/itchy skin on his face and head eczema?

A: No, cradle cap and his face breaking out is a reaction to cradle cap, and he just has sensitive skin.

Q: Are his toenails normal looking- they look like they could get ingrown easily?

A: Baby toenails are so soft that they don’t/can’t really get ingrown.

Q: Does his lumpy head look normal?

A: Yes, it’s flat on two sides in the back, from where he likes to lay and look to the right all the time, making the rest of his head look lumpy. It should get better the more he starts moving his head around from side to side.

So once all my questions were answered, and she looked in his eyes and ears and mouth, and remarked at how smiley and friendly he was,  she left and the mean terrible nurse came in to make him eat the Rotavirus liquid and give him two shots. He gulped the Rotavirus vaccine down like it was some sort of tasty treat. Then Gabe held him down while the mean old nurse stuck him. He screamed and it broke my heart. Then immediately he went limp and his eyes closed, which frankly scared the everlivingshit out of me. He then slept for most of the day. I had to go to work that afternoon and hated leaving him. I would have much preferred snuggling and napping alongside him.

Then Thursday happened and Simon woke up MAD. I think the shots really made him fussy and sore, as he wouldn’t nurse that morning, didn’t want anything but to be bounced up and down while I walked around the house. No laying down, no rocking, no napping, no eating…wouldn’t have any of it. Later on in the day his sitter told me he eventually ate some and pooped, and was a smiley happy baby again. I was really relieved. I hated seeing him so uncomfortable. He still wasn’t nursing like normal, but then last night and this morning and afternoon he was back to normal mostly. He’s getting much more distract-able while he’s nursing (makes sense now that he’s bigger and starting to notice other stuff going on around him) which makes me sad and I hope we can continue breastfeeding at LEAST until he’s 6 months old. It took us so long to get the hang of it I really want it to work as long as possible.

In other news Simon is mastering the roll-over from tummy to back. I laid him down on his tummy in his crib while I went into the other room to iron something yesterday morning. I heard him start to cry and I came in to find him on his back! I think he scared himself by rolling over. Then this morning, when I went down to get him up, he was clear down at the foot of his crib. So he’s starting to scoot and roll. It’s only a matter of time before he’ll be off to the races I’m sure.  That is terrifying.

So it’s been quite a whirlwind week. Go Buckeyes! Beat Michigan!


Look who’s talking.

So lately Simon has been testing out his voice. It’s more of a yell than a cry now- and he perks up his ears after making noises like he’s listening to himself. A lot of times he seems like he’s doing whatever we do- trying to say hi, or trying to sing. They say babies start “cooing” at this point in their development. I imagine cooing being a soothing adorable sound. Though Simon’s adorable to me- his yells with his mouth wide open are not quite soothing, definitely not “cooing”. But he’s pretty hilarious. Gabe and I often wonder what he’s saying. He talks the most in the morning. In the video below, I brought him back to bed with us and got him to sleep for another hour. I love love love mornings in bed with all three of us. He’s so snuggly when he’s sleepy. After we laid in bed for a while and Simon started yelling, we brought him down to his room to get ready for the day.  You’ll notice that he has a scaly scabbed up/scratched face. His dry skin is itchy and he keeps scratching himself raw. So I put socks on his hands. It’s pretty hilarious. In the middle of the night (while sleeping)  he was trying to scratch his face with his sock hands and couldn’t do it.

Obviously this video is better with sound. 🙂 We don’t know what he’s trying to say here- anyone got a guess? Let’s hope he’s not criticizing our music choices. haha!