Better late than never…

Month three montage– October 2009 with Simon.



I used to wear workout clothes in public while running errands or going out to breakfast because it would inspire me to workout in some fashion that day.

Now I go out in public wearing workout clothes because they have elastic waistbands.

I’m just sayin’.

It’s Saturday and rainy here in Cbus, and I’m wondering if we’ll still have trick-or-treaters on this Halloween night. Simon’s party was a success- and the sitter took some adorable pictures of him in his pumpkin outfit….even though he’s sleeping in most of them.

When I dropped him off yesterday, Ella said, “The baby’s here!” very excitedly- speaking of Simon. She was wearing a pumpkin dress and was happy they were both dressed like pumpkins. As I turned to leave I looked down to see a toddling elephant- Logan. I couldn’t even see his face, but his outfit was so cute! I can’t wait to see all the pictures Cheryl took.

Last night was pretty uneventful. I was in bed by 10:30 and up at 2, 4 and 7:45. I think I’m permanently taking Gabe off the hook of getting up with Simon because it wastes a bottle of breast milk and he (Gabe) is less than thrilled when he has to get out of bed. I mean, I feel the same way, but I hide it better because I’m a woman. Plus I have the portable feedbags so it’s probably best I get up with him anyways.  Last night I didn’t swaddle Simon for the first time. He likes to sleep with his arms above his head I realized. He pretty much slept the same as he always does. This is a good thing because we were running out of blankets big enough to swaddle him.

Today I need to go to the grocery and get candy. Uncle Brett might come by (I hope he does!) and hang out. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and need to hang out with a good friend or sibling. I’m starting to realize the toll that working full time and parenting takes on a relationship. The other night Gabe made mention about how he can’t wait to get up in the middle of the night, then go to work, then come home and do it all over again. It is exhausting, I agree. I guess part of me just realizes that this will eventually change. He’ll eventually sleep through the night. Eventually I won’t have to plan my life around lactation. Maybe eventually I’ll have time to go to the gym and get my body back into a shape that makes me feel like I’m attractive or something. I feel all sorts of things too but the love I feel for Simon and the excitement I get for just hanging out with him at the end of a work day or on the days I have off- it masks all the other feelings for a while.

Until I put on workout clothes to run errands and realize I’ve never worn these particular Nike pants or Jacket to the gym….


12 weeks/3 months: the letter

Dear Simon,

Oh sweetheart you are 12 weeks old and I can’t believe how big you have gotten. I’ve started going through old pictures from August, when we first brought you home, and I have a hard time remembering how tiny you were. I was so nervous for you then- just nervous and anxious and worried allthetime and though I tried to make myself remember your tiny-ness in the moments, of course I’ve nearly forgotten. Now you are bigger. And it will continue to be so…on and on and on…

You are currently in love with your right hand. You put your thumb under your pointer finger in a fist, and hold it out in front of you and stare at it. Sometimes we can convince you to open and close your fingers around something. But most of the time you sit with it straight out in front of you- like you’re holding an imaginary microphone, or are practicing to be an orator of some sort. When you’re hungry and stick your tongue in and out of your mouth, it looks like you’re eating an imaginary ice cream cone. It is pretty adorable.

You aren’t sleeping through the night but you aren’t that bad – you just like to eat once—or twice, a night. Sometimes I’m convinced you just grunt for me to come down and rock you back to sleep. You never stay awake for long- you love your sleep still and still take long naps during the day when you’re home.

You started at the sitter’s and we now have two people who watch you each week while I’m at work. Cheryl is the sitter who watches you 1-2 days a week near the library where I work. She runs her “playschool” much like a preschool, and though her little students are all pretty young, she still does a special “curriculum” for the kids she watches, and she includes you, which makes me feel so good. I love that she doesn’t turn on the television as a baby sitter much and that she has a plan for each day. Sometimes I get to come feed you on my lunch hour and it makes my days go faster when I get to see you on my break. You are always very relaxed and happy when I pick you up from there. However, I don’t think you nap much when you’re not at home. You go to sleep pretty early when I pick you up because I imagine you don’t sleep as soundly with all the chaos going on around you. Our house is pretty quiet at home so I’m sure it’s a lot different than being at home with just me and Dad. Either way, I really like Cheryl and am so glad she is helping us out. This Friday there is a Halloween Party at your school and I’m to send you with a costume or dress you up in it. I think Cheryl’s going to take pictures so I’ll be anxious to see all the adorable outfits.

The other sitter we have is in Grandview and she watches only two other little girls part time. You’re the only baby she’ll have so it makes me feel good to know there will be plenty of attention coming your way and lots of cuddles. Your dad picks you up from there and today so far she said you’ve been great. She said you took two short naps and loved to stare at her ceiling fan. I’m still getting the hang of the working-mom thing. I’m packing us up the night before and trying to remember everything. So far, so good.

But I miss you a lot when I’m at work. I hope that working will make me a better mom because I so look forward to spending time with you when I’m home. We’ve started reading more books and every day I’m finding more and more books that I can’t wait to bring home and read with you…once this flu season is over with. Until then we’ll just read the books we have at home.

You still love your bath time and I’m a little jealous that two nights a week your dad gets to have that time with you. We like to sing Five Little Ducks and Row Row Row your Boat and all the Beatles songs in the bathtub. You smile and kick-kick-kick in the bathtub. I let you stay in there until my hands get prune-like. I’m pretty sure you’d stay in it until the water got cold if I let you. We still have to separate your chin folds to clean out the milk that gets stuck in there. Your neck is really so tiny once we lift up all the skin from your cheeks and chin. I honestly think you’re the cutest baby ever.

Twelve weeks has gone by incredibly fast- especially when I compare it to how slow 12 weeks seemed to be when I was pregnant with you. It’s amazing how fast you grow, and I love watching it happen. I can’t wait to see you when I get home tonight and rub my nose in your neck and give you a hundred kisses, read you a book and then rock you to sleep. I love being your mom.

XO Mom

Things I like lately

The boy is officially 12 weeks and 1 day old- and he is still very adorable, large and in charge, as noted by previous pictures and entries. I have a letter to write to him, I know- but right now I have about 5 minutes and I wanted to write down the things that I’m really enjoying lately:

The drive to work or home from work- when I can turn the music up in my car loud.

V8 Fusion Light specifically the Strawberry Banana kind. Has a whole serving of vegetables in it- which is good for me seeing as I’m breastfeeding and all the nutrition I seem to get these days comes from the extras on a SubWay sub and my prenatal vitamins.  Because the only other thing I really eat is….

Oatmeal and Pumpkin Scones from Starbucks. OHMYGOD I just found the recipe for them online. Maybe I’ll make some of my own! (Doubtful since there are a ton of things I would like to bake or cook but haven’t been able to lately…) At least I know the recipe exists out there on the interwebs.

The idea of purchasing an iPod or IPhone. I have been contemplating this for about 3-4 months now. I still haven’t decided what I”m going to do. I’m leaning towards iPhone, only because of the camera in it and that my cell phone contract is up. And I pay just as much with Sprint as I would with an AT&T contract. I don’t know.  Typing all of that just stressed me out so I don’t know that I”ll ever actually purchase anything. I’ll probably just him and haw over the decision making process and by the time I really decide both forms of technology will be obsolete.

The idea of working out.

Sleep. Flannel Sheets. Pajamas.


Revisiting with old friends. My friend Mandy was in town over the weekend from Chicago- as well as my friend Mikey from Akron. Seeing both of them reminded me how much I really enjoy reconnecting with people who’ve known me for a long long time. It feels so relaxing to have a conversation without worrying about what-they-think. It really made me wish they lived closer. I would love to be able to get some wisdom from Mike and his wife about parenting- and hanging with Mandy makes me wish for days where there isn’t a plan- just the idea of maybe some shopping, definitely some eating, and perhaps some finding-new-things.


Doing librarian things at work… Last night I had to help a kid read a map of the southwestern US and find the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada among other things. It was harder than it should be. I think that means I’m not thinking often enough. I need to work on creating some challenges for myself at work. I know it will make the day pass faster too because the last two hours of my day are extremelySLLLLOOOOOWWWWWW, regardless of the workload at this point. I seriously glance at the clock every 5 minutes for the last two hours of work. I just get so excited to pick up the baby. It’s crazy.

Days when Gabe does the chores.

The leaves on the trees.

Thinking about a vacation someday.

Thinking about the holidays at home and seeing Gabe’s family.

Okay he’s starting to stir…more later.

Not the most flattering picture but the leaves are pretty.


Things I should remember

It occurred to me the other day that I need to work on Simon’s baby book. Although some of the things on this blog could probably go in a baby book, I do keep another one- one that has our wristbands from the hospital and his little eye goggles he had to wear..along with the details of my extended family and whatnot. While I was thinking about the baby book, I thought I should probably update on here some things I want to remember that somehow get lost in the midst of a week when remembering things that DON’T matter (like laundry and grocery lists) cloud my head…

(wow that was a long sentence)

Books we’ve read:

Guess how much I love you

On the Day you were Born

Sandra Boynton’s books: Pajama Time and The Going to Bed Book and The Belly Button book


ABC An Amazing Alphabet Book!

I have to admit that I am terrified that Simon will not like books. It would figure, since Gabe and I both collect them and love them- that our son would naturally not like them. So far I’ve gotten him to listen to me read only a few- the ones listed above. But someday- I want to read Peter Pan with him and maybe the Harry Potter books- and definitely Toby Tyler (or Ten Weeks with the Circus). So I’m trying with all my librarian might to embed the early literacy skills in the boy. I wish I didn’t have to work during  the Read to your Baby Festival or else I would go to that, too!

Yesterday when I picked Simon up from the sitter’s she showed me how he really can sit up in the exer-saucer. It’s crazy how strong this child is. He seems to really want to get-up-and-go. When I let him stand up on my lap it’s almost like he gets frustrated that he can’t run. It’s nuts. So we brought up the exer-saucer from the basement and I let him try it out last night. He only lasts 5-15 minutes in it but at almost 12 weeks, I think that’s pretty good! Plus he hates tummy time so this is a good way for him to exercise his muscles without having to be on this tummy.

"Hm, this is cool."
"Hm, this is cool."

I have kept each note from the sitter every day that he’s been with one. It’s funny. They list how much he ate and when and when he was changed and anything else that he did that was moderately worth writing down. On my late nights this week I called Gabe after he had picked him up to find out about his day and see how he was doing (Simon, of course- not Gabe). Gabe says, “He’s fine- you worry too much!” But I’m not worrying I tell him. I’m interested. Two totally different things. If the sitter wrote down the consistency of the boys’ $hits I would be excited for the details. I want to know what he’s doing. Did he seem easy going? Fussy? Funny? Did he do anything cool? I just wonder, that’s all.

I have no idea how much the boy weighs but he seems remarkably larger than other babies his age.  I wouldn’t say he’s gigantic, but then again, when I see him next to other infants I think- maybe he is. I love this fact, and I swear he’s already grown longer and most of the chubs is in his face- when he stretches out people mention how long he is. I think you can get a good idea in this picture:

Gabe's 6'3" or 6'4" or something
Gabe's 6'3" or 6'4" or something

And that was from a few weeks ago.

He still loves his swing, but doesn’t need to be in it to nap. He falls asleep without a Nuk, his giraffe OR being swaddled at the sitter’s- which I think is really interesting. I like seeing how other people take care of him so I’m aware of what he’s capable of doing. Like last night, I laid him in bed (swaddled with his giraffe) awake. I said, “Good night, I love you,” and went downstairs. He slept until 2am. Pretty good right? Most of the week he slept until 3 or 4 but on days I don’t have to work the next day- he can get up at 2, I don’t care. I’m just impressed he can make himself fall asleep in his own crib. But as I was crawling into bed later on, I did tell Gabe- “I kind of miss cuddling with Simon in the mornings like I used to…” And he said, “Yea- but it probably wasn’t a good idea to keep doing that…”

So I guess our terrible horrible flu that forced us to put the baby in his own room earlier than I had planned, probably was a blessing in disguise.

Well I’m going to try to get some things done before he wakes up from his nap and Gabe gets home. We’re going to try to go to the pub and watch the game (yes- with the baby) after Gabe gets off work. Cut us some slack- it’s a restaurant too! 🙂