Workweek. What do you mean work week? My work is a scatter of days in rows with tiny blurbs of time off in between long long hours of work. Or so it seems right now. Since August 9th I have had August 13th, 20th and 22nd off work. Granted, I had the second half of the first week of August off, followed by a weekend, so I shouldn’t complain. OR you can just IMAGINE the complaining that would be taking place had I NOT taken that time off. Take your pickMy next day off is this Friday August 27th and then the next day I have off after that is SEPTEMBER 4th and 5th AND 6th! OMG what will I do with all that time in a row to not work?!?!?!

Anyways, on the days that I work it can go many different ways at home. The first part of the week I work 12p-9p, then the second half of the week I work normal-people hours: 9a-6p. If I try to explain anything further re: my schedule, you will not listen or understand so I’m not going to bother. I barely understand it and it’s already been simplified since moving to a new library system. Basically, I work when everyone else doesn’t have to, and sometimes vice versa.

So our “schedule” (and I use that word LOOSELY) is something like this:

On 12-9 days:

  • Anywhere from 6:45-8am Simon wakes up (usually around 7am)
  • I get up, turn on coffee, make him a bottle, unroll cot, put in Baby Signing time, we sip our coffee and bottle together in blissful morning-ness.  (Simon is just now realizing the absence of clothing on Gabe and me at times, pointing at my legs if I don’t have pants on…so I try to put on pants.)
  • About 20-30 minutes after he wakes up, I feed him something for breakfast- usually yogurt and cereal or fruit.
  • Then we play until anywhere between 9:15-10:00, which is when I start suggesting NAP TIME PLEASE, because I need to clean up the house and get ready for work, shower, etc.
  • Depending on how napping attempts go, he usually sleeps until 11:00am and I get most stuff done while he sleeps.
  • Morning naps are typically much easier to get Simon to take than afternoon naps for some reason. LOVE THE MORNING NAP.
  • At 11:00 if he’s not up, I’m waking him quietly, opening the curtains and prodding his cute butt to wake up, change a diaper, put on clothes, bribing with cheesy goldfish as I put on his shoes, pack up his lunch, my stuff, the car, and drive to the sitter.
  • 11:20ish in the car to the sitter.
  • 11:24 arrive at sitters’ house, talk to her for a bit
  • 11:45 (at the latest) leave sitters’ house, go to work.
  • 12:00 arrive @ work.

You may have noticed that the first part of the morning goes nice and slow, hanging out, etc. until around 11:00 and then it’s kinda RUSH MODE. If anything happens to throw us off after 11:00am, it could most certainly make for a troubled beginning to a long, Long LONG day.

Yesterday, at 11:00am when I went to wake up my sweet beautiful baby boy, I noticed an odor. Then I noticed a stain, or two or three, and some brown stuff on the chubby boy’s sleeping legs. It was a poop catastrophe that could only be fixed with full immersion bath tub washing. Of course I’m all ready for work in a WHITE shirt and GREEN skirt, and I am trying to carrying him at arm’s length from the changing table, to the bathroom, all the while as he stares at me smiling and wondering, WTH is your problem, momma?!

I stood him next to the bathtub as I drew a bath: 11:10am. I scrubbed the backs of his legs and his cute little butt crack as I hear a tinkling sound of water hitting the floor. I momentarily glance to see if something’s leaking around the tub and something is….that something being my son taking a giant leak, standing up, soaking the bathroom rug that I’m sitting on, and leaving a nice puddle on the bathroom floor. “No no no no no no no no no!!!” I cry– and he just kind of smiles at me like, “Hey, this feels good, this whole peeing standing up thing, with no diaper on…”

After he’s finished I get him in the tub and scrubbed down. Out of the tub and dressed by 11:15 (TELL ME YOU ARE IMPRESSED. YOU ARE, AREN’T YOU?!). Downstairs for cheesey goldfish and packing up. Strip sheets and toss dirty poopy blankies in the wash. Send an SOS “Please change the laundry loads at lunchtime” text to Gabe and we’re out the door by 11:24 and I leave the sitter’s at my customary time and I glance down and realize there are wet spots on my skirt. I have no idea if it is pee or bathwater. Febreeze.

Moral of this story? Be prepared? Sure I guess.

But I was thinking more like: always carry Febreeze in your car, or “try to remember these crazy moments” or Laugh it off….

I guess it’s just funny to think of all the times I rushed off to work all frazzled and crazy…2-3 minutes late eating away at my stomach as I sped along the highway. It seems like the smallest things could set off my morning then and ruin a whole day.

But yesterday morning didn’t RUIN my day, it just made it “memorable” I’ll say, and it made me wish I didn’t have to rush Simon up from a nap and out the door. It made me laugh.


Come on, teeth!

So Simon still has just his two front bottom teeth, and they are still pretty crooked, but cute. I read a lot of mommy blogs, and this one has me excited for when Simon has teeth and I can start being a little more inventive with his packed lunches.

Right now a “typical” packed lunch will include some of the following, all cut up into tiny tiny itty bitty pieces:

  • All beef, no nitrate super expensive hot dog
  • canned no salt added organic green beans
  • unsweetened applesauce


  • Jenni-O turkey hot dogs (also expensive)
  • canned no salt added organic carrots
  • Dora the Explora “Half the Sugar!” yogurt
  • cut up grapes


  • Cut up lunch meat of some sort
  • cut up “natural” milk cheese cubes (these are gross and soft and nasty but he loves them)
  • spinach and cheese raviolis – expensive “Toddler graduate” crap
  • blueberries


  • half a veggie burger
  • cheese cubes


  • Easy mac and broccoli

OR (on particularly lazy days)

  • container of some “natural” “no preservatives added” (how is that possible?) babyfood
  • cheesy preservative crap filled goldfish

There are all of these blogs and websites dedicated to feeding your kid all natural stuff and man, it is so appealing. Hormones in milk and dairy products, nitrates in hotdogs, BPA in canned veggies- it all kind of freaks me out. Then I think about how many hot dogs I ate as a kid, and how many packages of macaroni and cheese we went through and assume it’s all fine and dandy. For the first 4 months that Simon was eating food, I made all of it. My hands hurt just thinking about the apples I peeled, cooked and made into apple sauce before realizing they sold unsweetened applesauce at the store (duh) for like $2.00 (same as a bag of organic apples). But all of this takes so much TIME. And I like to think that if I stayed home with him all day, he would be eating all natural fresh everything, hell maybe even still be nursing, and we’d be all crunchy granola and whatnot.

But instead, I work, Gabe works, and we do what’s convenient and I try not to beat myself up too much over all the processed food he eats. After all, most nights while he’s eating his healthy and well balanced meal of semi-natural fruits veggies and meats….

I eat a handful of marshmallows, trailmix and maybe some toast and that’s my dinner. So I guess he’s better off than I am. I suppose I should probably take a vitamin. I swore them off after I stopped nursing because– well vitamins suck and are expensive. Plus the idea of taking a prenatal vitamin when not attempting to be “natal” kind of scares me (illogically, I realize). But I know as long as there are hot dogs in the fridge, we’re good to go. Gabe is happy, Simon’s happy, and I don’t have to worry about either of them going hungry.

But I secretly can’t wait to make pretend healthy sushi and other fun things that the Cooking with my Kid blog dreams up for lunches. I hope I have enough energy, time and imagination when Simon’s teeth come in and he can finally chew big boy foods.

Random thoughts

My computer is now located in the bedroom, which means I’ve been watching  a movie for the last three nights. I say A movie because I can’t ever manage to get very far into it because…oh the sheets, the pillows, the waves and seagulls sounds floating from our tinny sound machine…I last about 30 minutes before passing out. But anyways. While I slowly tiptoe around trying to get ready for work today, I thought I would jot down a few things before my long 12-9 day starts.

First off, the weather is cooling off into September, and I always always wonder where August went, as the beginning of fall is upon us as evidenced by a few dead leaves I’ve had to swish away from my windshield wipers. This means several things. We can do a glass half full approach, or a glass nearly empty approach. I teeter between both depending on the day and my mood.

Fall means winter is coming. I can’t even begin to explain how nervous I am about winter with a toddlers. I put pants on him last night instead of shorts (he doesn’t wear much other than a diaper most days) and you would have thought I removed his kneecaps. Very confused. Then I noticed, that the Size 18 month old pants are about 3 inches too long, and very baggy around the waist. This is confusing because all of the pants I have for him are 18 months…as are all of his rompers and shirts. The shirts and rompers in size 18 months are busting at the seams. So I’ve concluded that my adorable boy has the upper body of a nearly 2-year old, and the lower body of….a 9 month old. I really hope he doesn’t inherit my legs. Or if he does, at least we know he’ll be a good football player.

Winter with a toddler also means, no more park visits. It means no more “wearing him out” outside on a walk, and it certainly means terrible driving. I’m so glad I won’t have to brave the highways with him in the car anymore now that I’ve taken a job and babysitter closer to home…but still. The scraping ice off the windshield, warming up the car, ugh it makes vomit come up into my mouth. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS AT ALL.

Fall also means that football season is upon us. This is exciting, and depressing because I work EVERY SINGLE HOME GAME except 2. And the most frustrating thing about this is that in the world of libraries, very few people care about OSU football, or any sport for that matter. So when you tromp into work wearing scarlet and grey, refreshing the ESPN ScoreBoard 13 times a minute, you get little sympathy. And that’s just wrong. At least I have Michigan off. I suppose I should just be happy about that.

Fall means new clothes….because I’m getting a little tired of these summer things. But I’m NOT tired of skirts and I won’t wear skirts in the winter, so that blows. And I cringe to think of the shoe shopping that must be done between now and fall. I browsed around the mall for a minute the other day looking for a pair of sensible and comfortable librarian loafers and found nothing. Nothing. I LOATHE SHOE SHOPPING. And yet, it must be done.

Fall means our annual trip to SC, wherein aside from the racism and crazy politics of the south, I long to live there. We are driving to Sumter the week of Gabe’s birthday and spending some time in Hilton Head just the two of us, while Nonni and Papa watch Simon. I am excited and terrified because he’s becoming such a daredevil. I can’t imagine what kinds of trouble he’ll get into with his older cousins. Scary stuff.

But anywho, I should continue getting ready for work. I will leave you with Simon’s first taste of chocolate pudding. He loved it.

Letter to Simon, postponed


I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten your birthday letter done yet. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about and composing this letter in my head for 3 months now. I guess I just need a little more time. It’s August 8th now, so last year at this time we were in the hospital with you, sleeping on the furniture in your room at Nationwide. I can easily get choked up when I think about those days we waited on you to get better. So I am postponing it for now. I promise not to let it go much longer. Heck, maybe even later tonight I’ll write it start-to-finish. But for now, I need to clean up your messes and think a little more. I love you so much, I’m sure you understand.



Simon’s Birthday Partay

So on Saturday we had a mini-soiree to celebrate Simon’s first birthday. I didn’t want to get too extravagant so we just invited close friends and family and had a mini-potluck/picnic at the park around the corner from our house. The weather was perfect! Sunny and about 81 degrees with a nice breeze. Simon took a long morning nap so by the time Grandma and Nonni showed up he was ready to go! My sister and I went down to the pavilion at the park to decorate while my mom took Simon on a walk and the rest of the family helped gather food and things up in Gabe’s truck to haul down there.

Since Simon is officially walking and scooting around like a wild man, he didn’t last in his stroller for long, and he wasn’t clean for long either. His favorite thing- climbing up and down the pavement drop off around the pavilion where all the mud and dirt were. Anyone who held or touched him got filthy. We even had to take off his pants because he spilled a Diet Coke all over him. That’s how it goes I suppose. I just wish we would’ve had one clean photo before the dirt happened.

So many people came and celebrated with us! Simon’s cousins Celeste and Pierce, Uncle Greg, Nonni and Papa came into town. My mom, sister and Uncle Brett and Aunt Kristen and Gunner also came. We had watermelon, blueberries, strawberries (all Simon’s favorites) as well as lunchmeat sandwiches, pasta salad, coleslaw salad, homemade salsa, and the best part: ICE CREAM CAKE! We thought we’d opt for this since the first cupcake Simon tried wasn’t a big hit. He really liked the ice cream cake though.

After cake, Celeste and Pierce helped Simon open all of his presents. He got SOOO many toys!  He loves his musical table, fridge farm magnets, and cars. He LOVES anything he can push around on the carpet. He also got a jack in the box which is really neat too. And ALL of the Baby Signing Time DVD’s!!! Simon’s such a lucky kid. So many people were so generous. Now we just have to find a place for all of it!! Everyone was great and helped us clean up the mess and I got Simon home, wiped down, and down for a nap. While he napped we all visited for a bit and put together some of his new toys. Then when he woke up we all played with the new things and had a nice time visiting.

It was a great day. After Simon went to bed, we had some more adult porch-hanging out time which was great. I miss my family and it seems like I miss them even more when I’m visiting them. It’s wishful thinking that we’d all live in the same close area sometime soon- but I do wish that alot. It’s so sweet to watch how much they love my baby boy– who’s quickly turning into a toddler. I felt so lucky and blessed during this day and the whole week in fact. It was a great time!

Simon’s First Birthday

For Simon’s birthday (and my birthday) my sister Kimberly came and stayed a WHOLE WEEK with us! I took off Wednesday through Friday (and had the weekend off) and we had such a great time. Kim got to play with and watch Simon on Monday and Tuesday while Gabe and I were at work. Since she lives in Boston right now (booooooo) she hadn’t seen Simon since he was 5 months old so she had a lot of catching up to do. I think they bonded pretty well. She quickly learned how fast he is, how stubborn he is, and how sweet he is.

Tuesday was my birthday, but I worked so not much to report there. Gabe got me some sweet presents though: a laptop fan cooling thingamabob, a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond, a book “What to Expect in the Toddler Years”, and he had a bunch of photos printed of us and Simon. And he framed three of them in a pretty frame that says “Family…all because two people fell in love.” It was really sweet.

Then Wednesday was THE. BIG. DAY. Simon turned one. ONE. 1! How is that possible?! I watch him toddle around and obviously it’s very possible and it has happened. Yet, I sometimes don’t feel quite “qualified” to be his parent still. Isn’t that weird? I mean, obviously we’re doing alright- and I’m loving every minute- but it’s just gone by so fast.

So Wednesday we woke up and opened some presents,

Fun Presents first thing in the morning!

then went to First Watch for pancakes. Yum! Then home to have Simon take a nap, while we all got ready for the day and for COSI. Within the first 3 minutes of us being through the doors at COSI, I lost my camera and found it at the Lost and Found. Then we walked around some of the exhibits for a while with Simon in the stroller. He just watched everything with wide eyes. There were A LOT of people there because the weather was so hot. (We originally were going to go to the zoo but 95 degree heat and a 50% chance of thunderstorms changed that plan.) Simon just stared at all the kids, and really liked the ocean room with all the water. After we got our fill of walking around (and we knew Simon wouldn’t last in the stroller much longer) we headed up to KidSpace, which is an awesome baby-friendly area with tons of stuff to crawl on (and drool on, barf on, poop on, peep on…I’m sure). We let him loose in there and OH MY GOODNESS he didn’t know where to start and stop. He just went full throttle towards EVERYTHING. Particularly he enjoyed climbing FAST up these cushion-y step things that led up to a jungle gym type area that was baby/toddler safe. He laughed and laughed as he crawled as fast as he could up these, and then at the top would turn around and attempt to crawl just as fast DOWN the steps. He still hasn’t figured out the whole gravity thing. We’re working on it.

There was also another little boy there who was also celebrating his first birthday. Simon pretty much ran circles around him.

He also just loved this water table. Each time we go to COSI it gets more and more fun. It also gets more and more nerve wracking but I think that’s just the way things are going to go anymore…right? While we were in COSI a HUGE thunderstorm hit and cleared up by the time we walked out. And the temperature dropped to 78 degrees, which was SO NICE after having the most humid morning/early afternoon ever. So we got in the car and drove to a local bakery to pick up some cupcakes for Simon’s birthday night after dinner.

When we got home, Simon’s birthday gift to ME was not taking an afternoon nap. Nope, not having it. It’s possible that he was overly tired or just too wound-up from COSI, I’m not sure. So we had dinner kind of early and opened more presents.

And after dinner of course….CUPCAKES and birthday singing. He really liked us singing Happy Birthday to him.

Simon was a happy kid all hopped up on sugar. He definitely liked the icing more than the cake. Gabe ate the leftover pieces since it was a pretty expensive fancy cupcake. Ha. (Gabe always says “it’s a sin to waste food”.)

After all of that excitement, there were still MORE gifts to open. And balloons to play with…

And then finally the day was over and it was bedtime for Simon AND me. (After having a few adult beverages with my sista on the front porch.) He didn’t even make it until his “true” birthday, which was 8:25pm. But without an afternoon nap, and all that excitement, I can’t say that I blame him. We had a great day and it was just the beginning of a great week visiting with friends, family and celebrating our birthdays.