Dear George.

Georgie. Last night you took your first real steps. You’ve been standing up and taking half-steps for about a week now, but last night you deliberately walked 8 steps. Eight! I counted them! It was amazing.

Did we capture these moments on camera? No.
Did we capture them on video? No.
In the year 2014 does everyone have a phone with camera and video capabilities in their pockets? Yes.
Why do I not have these moments documented for posterity?
Because I was watching you and willing you to do it so hard with my brain, I didn’t want to move to get my phone. AND because I’m pretty sure I have so many other photos of you taking up space on my phone, that there is no room to add more at this time.

So instead, I had to memorize the moment in my head. And it was a pretty awesome moment, kid. Pretty awesome.

I love you, sweet barfy boy.



Because I just can’t get enough…

Change that is. I’m switching jobs- this time to a new library system and I’m super excited about it. It’s been mentally exhausting to think about all the changes that are about to happen in our lives. I mean, balancing work and home is hard enough- add in a new opportunity which means a different commute, different hours, different sitters…it’s so much more to think about than it would’ve been just a year ago.

But my professional life aside, we’ve got major changes going on in our house. Simon is starting to talk even more- blabbering on and he does NOT like it when you copy what he’s trying to say. He’s also into everything. EVERYTHING. We’re going to have to move everything I think- or maybe just cover him in bubblewrap? I don’t know. But the biggest change that’s happened- this evening in fact, was that Simon pulled himself up to stand next to the couch. He did it in attempts to get at his dad’s cell phone. We’ve discovered that our cell phones are the ONE THING he wants more than anything. (Obviously, he’s not allowed to have them.) I’m convinced that they’re made out of toxins and cancer-causing plastics, so I keep them as far from him as possible most of the time. But the other morning I was able to snuggle with the boy for a while (so long as he had my iPhone to play with) and tonight he reached a major milestone with the goal of getting a cell phone. I can only imagine what this means. Does he know how long I had to wait before I got to play with or OWN an iPhone?!?! I mean COME ON KID!

Of course, he has absolutely zero balance, and STILL hasn’t realized that when he throws a fit, arches his back and neck all the way backwards like a crazy person- that his head will eventually hit whatever surface is behind him. It could be the changing table, the bed, or more likely the floor or something else hard- he just hasn’t figure that out yet. I’m wondering how hard he’ll have to hit his head before he’ll realize that it hurts to do that.

We’ll see.

However- he still loves being read to, as illustrated here:

Twice this morning

I put Simon down on his belly on the floor to practice his “modified army crawl”. Twice I turned my back for just a second and came back to him sitting up. I have no idea how he’s doing this. I’ve walked out of the room and peeked my head around the corner to see if I could get him to do it so I could watch….to no avail. He’s so tricky! I can’t wait to see him do it!!