Father’s Day Weekend

So this weekend was Father’s Day and I finally got to see my dad for the first time since March. Obviously I’ve grown since then. Mom and Dad came down to visit, and Brett (bro) came up to visit and we spent a nice Saturday having lunch up at Polaris, then milling around Grandview on a walk, then dinner at the new Third and Hollywood restaurant that’s opened up in the spot formerly known as E.J.’s Canyon Cafe. It was really nice to show Dad our new place, and also just have a day to talk and hang out with some of my family. 

On Saturday BEFORE their visit, I managed to get my “chores” done- including dropping off my laptop to a friend at work who is graciously helping me fix the DVD player in it. So I’ve been computer-less for two days and it’s been tough. I’ve convince G to let me “borrow” his WoW machine but he sees my need to check email and desire to update Facebook as “obsessive” which I find hilarious as I have to interrupt his Ickykaka character from WoW to stop “smelting ore” in order to check my email for a few minutes. G is destined to become one of those people that are on the far far end of technology advances. And I suppose that’s okay.

Mom got me some nursing tops. I never really understood the necessity of nursing tops until becoming pregnant and realizing just how often I will be feeding a mini-person with my breasts. The design of these clothes is just not particularly appealing in general. You’d think something that has openings for breasts to fall through might have some sort of sensual/attractive spin to them but nope…they are definitely just ho-hum clothes with slots for your boobs to fall through. Function will far outweigh the aesthetics of the outfits I’m sure.  She also got me a super cute new dress (mumu) and gave me a gift card for purchasing my own “cute jammies” for the hospital stay. Unfortunately they only had sizes Small and 2XL at the store we went to, and I am neither of those sizes.  So I get to go pajama shopping the next time they get a shipment into the maternity clothes store. Thanks mom!!

Yesterday (Sunday) my parents had to leave super early because my dad was on-call so we were up and at ’em with MORE than enough time to beat the church crowd to breakfast. After a nice breakfast we went and shopped around for a lighter bedspread (ours’ was UNBEARABLY too thick for summer) and I wanted a quilt of some sort. After three trips and one return I settled on a Down Blanket from Target that is thin and just tan. We have a multi-colored rug in our bedroom that just doesn’t match with many things that are out right now so I had to settle on one plain color. Someday I’ll get around to getting that beautiful lavender and green quilt I want. Someday.

I also got to give G his very first father’s day present which was the eleventh season of The Simpson’s on DVD (blech) which he wanted really badly. When he opened it he said, “Oh, wow I thought this was going to be a book on how to be a dad or something, but it’s this!!” And he was really excited. So I guess I picked the right thing.

Then I went to the grocery store and bought SO. MUCH. FRUIT.

mmmmm fruit
mmmmm fruit

I then made myself sick on it while I cut up the watermelon and washed the berries.  For every handful of blueberries I had a handful of peanut butter m&m’s and I totally ruined my dinner, which was to be hamburgers I bought from behind the meat counter at Giant Eagle. They make these special kinds that are SO GOOD! But of course I was too full of berries and chocolate.

G enjoyed his burgers though!

G enjoyed his burgers though!

The rest of the afternoon included a nap, finishing up the move Valkyrie and then an impromptu picnic down to Schiller Park for the Actor’s Theatre production of The Three Musketeers.

Schiller Park stage
Schiller Park stage

Knowing that I can’t really sit on the ground for too long, we knew we probably wouldn’t be there for too long. We managed to stay until Intermission.

But the most important part was that

 Sun setting behind the trees as the show starts
Sun setting behind the trees as the show starts

we got to lay on a blanket, eat great picnic food and enjoy the surroundings.

I heart picnics!
I heart picnics!

Things pregnant women don’t need

Apparently pregnant ladies don’t need pockets in their pants. Most of the maternity pants I’ve inherited from other kind, wonderful people who’ve donated them to my baby-carrying cause– they don’t have pockets. I’m a person that constantly carries around my cell phone. With no pockets, there’s nowhere to put a phone. Except I started shoving it between my pants-3 inch wide elastic belly band- and my actual skin. All I could think of while doing this, was how a friend of mine was an EMT and he told me that there was this fat lady who came into his ambulance and she had 3 remote controls lodged in various cavernous fat flaps of her body. As I would briefly skim my hand over my pants-band to assure myself that the phone was still there, I would think about this woman and wonder if people lose feeling in their skin as it stretches and grows. Why did I wonder this? Because my phone was on vibrate and it rang twice. I didn’t feel it. It was AGAINST MY SKIN. Am I going to lose things in my fat folds?!?!?!?!?!?

Another thing pregnant women don’t need: belts. I have lots of cute little belts that I used to wear- and I don’t need them anymore. Because along with no pockets, there are no belt-loops on pregnancy pants. And my cute little striped ribbon-belts may have seen their last preppy spring/summer last year. I highly doubt I’ll be purposefully accentuating my waistline EVER AGAIN….especially if I have old cell phones lodged in there somewhere…

Pic coming soon- I found the camera, now I just have to find the time to take a picture of my belly. It’s definitely gotten bigger, and Thumbkin has definitely started “thumping”. It’s weird. For some reason it mostly feels like he’s attempting to steam-roll me instead of kick me. Occassionally I will feel a “kick” and I KNOW it’s a kick because it’s completely unexpected and I think , “Hey- what was that for?!”. Thumbkin did not like the fact that I was working so hard this weekend (moving), and he did not like the vaccuum cleaner. I told him to suckitup (in a gentle and mothering way of course.) I put a picture of Thumbkin on the fridge. I couldn’t decide between the head shot and the money-shot so I went ahead and put both up there. I wish you all could see them. He’s pretty darned adorable already.

I’m still eating ice cream almost every day and yesterday G and I went to a barbeque place so I could fulfill my craving for: MEAT OF ANY KIND, BUT PREFERABLY STILL ON THE BONE. I also can never turn down Mexican, particularly chips and guacamole, because I’m not already retaining enough water- I need to fill up on as much sodium as humanly possible. Mmmmmmm.

Still in flux…about to move…

So I’m getting to the point where I come up with hilarious blog titles and other things to write about all day and in the evening, and then when I have the time to sit down and write—> they’re all gone. The musings, everything disappears.  Perhaps if I recap the last few days I’ll remember what I wanted to tell you all.

Well, still can’t find the camera. Though G had a good idea for attempting to electronically send out the ultrasound money-shot of Thumbkin: take a picture of the picture with my digital camera- in a room with good lighting and no flash. He’s pretty smart. Of course, I can’t find my camera so that’s something we’ll have to try another time.

This morning the Volunteers of America came and took a bunch of furniture and other stuff that I donated because I quite frankly NEED TO GET RID OF STUFF because between the baby and G, who is apparently a pack-rat, I will be forced to live in another small-apartment-filled-with-too-much-stuff if I do not purge purge purge everything I own. This means I am tossing old cds (who buys cds anymore?!) VHS tapes (even though I still own -and occasionally use a working VCR), clothing that was originally meant to go to Goodwill a year ago, an old stereo, an old wine rack, an old kitchen table, a sofa, chairs, random kitchen supplies I have multiples of, etc. What am I NOT purging you ask? Any clothing that I have worn in the last year. I have absolutely no idea what will fit me when this who pregnancy business is over with. I have moments when I pass by my closet filled with adorable pants and I think, “I should just toss them. I’ll never get them even halfway up my thighs again.” But no, I’m not going to do it. I’m going to hold onto those pants because SOMEday, I’m going to either fit back into them, or use them as motivational tools by duct taping my skinny jeans to the refrigerator.  But it does feel really silly to move all of these clothes that I feel like I haven’t worn in forever, and that I perhaps may never wear again. Le sigh.

Which leads me to my next discovery: being pregnant prepares you for doing massive amounts of laundry for the rest of your life because eventually you’re going to get to the bottom of your Maternity Hand-Me-Down clothes at 7:30am on a work-day morning and realize that your last fitting CLEAN work-outfit is something you would make fun of another person wearing. I look ridiculous today. I looked in the mirror once I had it on and just decided that pregnancy is a big healthy dose of  realizing how vain and awful you are. 

The other night I told G that he’s officially schtupping a fat girl- how does that feel? I think he’s just glad I have an aversion to keeping the lights on.

On the baby front: I think I feel Thumbkin moving around in there more. It doesn’t feel so much like kicking as it does rolling around. I can’t decide if this is because I’m so concerned that he’s smushed in there or if it’s really a feeling. In the ultrasound I couldnt’ get over how cramped up he was. Prior to that ultrasound it appeared as though he had plenty of room to swim around like a little fish. And often, when I thought I felt something move in there, I would imagine it was like little air bubbles floating through my “fish tank-like” uterus with my little goldfish happily swimming from side to side.  Now I realize he’s just smushed in there looking uncomfortable. And how HOT it must get in there?!?!

So we’ve got the house mostly packed up and we get the keys tomorrow night. And then we’re going to measure rooms (for rugs) and windows (for curtains). And I’m going to check out the bathroom and closets (for storage areas) to see what I should start shopping for in regards to adorable storage containers. Yea– I’m excited for the house-stuff-buying. G, not so much. He thinks I’m going to make everything “all girly” which isn’t true at all. I think he thinks we get to turn the new place into a total dude-house because we’re having a boy. NOT SO, my friend.

And the old landlords (of my current apartment) just called to tell me they’ll be “showing” my apartment to potential tenants on Saturday at 10am, just as we start moving. Hahahahaha. That should be fun. 

Anyways, that’s what’s going on so far. Again, I have not a clue if any of this is stuff I wanted to share with you all before, but at least I’m blogging right?

More later, and I will keep looking for my camera…

more clothing and starting to pack up

Well between now and March 25th I really have no business, and I mean NO BUSINESS doing anything other than working on this presentation I have next week. But the weather is just now starting to change- my attitude in general is improving (about everything except for my largeness) and we’re moving- so I need to be packing, too.

I believe my belly has officially “popped” which means — my pre-prego pants really don’t fit me. And at least I look less like a fat-ass and more like a pregnant person now. Maybe. I think it still depends on what I’m wearing. Yesterday I wore these maternity pants that come all the way up to your boobs. I never understood why or how this worked. But, I have a better understanding now, and was quite comfortable all day wearing pants that look like this. I have another pair that I might put on today. My mom took me shopping so I have some options to choose from in the clothing arena, so I don’t feel like a hideous cow everytime I leave the house. G still disagrees with my shoe choice with EVERY outfit (tennis shoes) but I don’t care. My main concern is not looking like a doofus and comfort. He’s stuck with me, we can worry about putting this train wreck back together once the baby’s out of me.

Packing. Ah. Really we haven’t done much of that, but I did manage to throw away a BUNCH of stuff I have been meaning to throw away for over a year. Seriously- weird stuff like old throw pillows, old rugs that match nothing I own, roller blades, 3D Disney princess castle puzzles (I know), that kind of thing. We filled up the back of G’s truck and dumped it off at the Salvation Army. G said, “Even homeless people will scoff at this donation: shakespeare house slippers?!” Haha. I said “If they’re homeless they’ll just want the slippers and not care who’s on them.”

The spare bedroom (which was at one point Lisa’s room) is now my maternity clothing and Thumbkin-stuff hoarding room.  There are clothing donations from friends and family who will “no longer be needing the clothes” and some even told me they NEVER WANT TO SEE THEM AGAIN with great ferocity. So have piles of clothes-to-return, clothes-to-donate, and clothes-to-wear-as-you-continue-to-expand. You might think this is fun or nice to have the extra options for clothing. It’s definitely better than the alternative (which is trying to squeeze into what I own and fashioning the belly band to work with it– would. not. happen.) but having piles of fat clothes laying around for the next time (probably in a few weeks) you roll out of bed and can’t fit into your normal pants again….it’s depressing.

I need to see the baby again. Seeing or hearing the baby makes me remember that I am not getting fat for no reason. It also makes me all gooey and mushy and “Oh I can’t wait to snuggle you-like”.

Last night I had a dream that we got a golden retriever and we named her Lucky. I woke up and told G this. He is staunchly against having pets, and last night told his mother so on the phone. I heard, “No, and we’re not interested.” (Apparently she’d asked if we’d like to adopt the stray puppy they found…awwww….) When I told G my dream this morning, this is how it went:

Me: I had a dream we got an adorable golden retriever and we named her Lucky

G: Nope, not happening.

Me: It was just a dream, gosh.

G: Nope.

Me: I think Thumbkin will melt your heart and make you a softy and you’ll want to get a puppy for Thumbkin.

G: Nope, I don’t care how much the kid complains and whines, we’re not getting a dog.

Me: Someday maybe.

G: Probably not.

Me: Well it will be two-against-one, we win.

G: Ha! No.

I’m still not convinced. I think we’ll soften him up. I”ve already softened him up a ton, and he freely admits it. I don’t want a dog yet, but I don’t want to rule it out FOREVER> jeesh.

Alright I’m going to go do something. Probably eat, but maybe go on a walk or pack. We’ll see.

And I’m going to try to include a baby bump picture here so you all don’t think I’m lying. I think this would be circa 17/18 weeks? So yea. And I know I don’t look that big from the side but from the front I feel like a trailer.  I always swore I wouldn’t put these pictures on the internet, but since my face isn’t in it, and this isn’t my facebook or myspace page, I figure it’s alright. Plus I haven’t shared this address with a ton of people. So here’s my gut.

17 weeks or so?
17 weeks or so?

Today marks the day

that I will no longer attempt to try on my skinny jeans. They are not “skinny jeans” in that those terrible hipster tapered leg jeans that are cool right now, but my regular old jeans that I bought when I got skinny- last summer. Le sigh. They no longer come even close to buttoning, even when I’m sucking in.  Today also marks the day that I bought my first maternity shirt- at Target, for a mere $4.63 As Is. As it is, I think it looks fine and can’t see anything wrong with it. At least in maternity clothes I am an extra small. XS feels good on the day you can’t fit into your favority jeans.

On the other hand- my sister lent me a bunch of pants and jeans that still fit, even though she is apparently hella taller than I am because I have to wear heels to have the bottoms of the pant legs not drag on the ground. This, combined with new weight on my front and being clumsy in general– well I’m noticing I’m not-so-graceful these days. In fact, I swear my gait is widening into a sort of waddle. I think I may be crab-walking or bear crawling by the time I’m 9 months pregnant. I just feel so weird. And it’s like as soon as you get used to the way you’re feeling—> BLAMMO it changes and you’ve got something else to get used to. It’s so bizarre.

Today is also the first day that I started packing in the basement. And it’s also the day that I bought Thumbkin his/her first decoration for his/her room. It’s a neato wind-chimey thing made in India that I got at World Market. I read in a book that it’s good to have wind chimes in a baby’s room. Has something to do with Feng Shui and whatnot. I didn’t really give it much thought but this little wind chime thing I found is adorable and was the first thing that I saw and was like, “Oh, this is perfect for Thumbkin!”…which is a relief because up until now I was worried the child would never have anything from me. I kept looking for something to jump out at me and say, “Buy me!” but nothing did. It’s all cute and adorable and soft and fuzzy but in order for me to buy it, it has to be perfect.

These wind chimey things are. I’ll take a picture. Later. Now I’m off to happy hour….my first time going anywhere with friends and attempting to look decent. It’s interesting. I feel- weird. I feel like I should be wearing pajama pants. And I can’t wait for G to join us after he gets off of work because I will certainly feel better with him there.