Trick or Treat 2011

This Halloween Gabe and I both took the evening off work and rushed home to get ready for Trick or Treat. 
The weather wasn't looking great- spitting rain and cold. Luckily Simon's costume was a raincoat. 
We bundled him up and I had prepared his wagon to be a Firetruck (also glad I used duct tape for most of it-- waterproof).

As kids began to wander up and down our street, Simon was amazed to see so many people out and dressed up.
We'd prepped him to say trick or treat, but he was mostly very shy when approaching houses. 
He had to walk all the way up onto each porch though, and was sweet about saying Thank you.
Since Simon isn't really aware of what candy is exactly (we may call Vitamins candy at our house)-- 
he was excited to get it but not in a huge hurry to eat any of it.
Until we got home.
Then he was all about sitting next to our bowl of candy to hand out to kids, 
and we let him have one tiny piece of a Hershey bar, which he sucked on for 20 minutes.

All in all it was a much better outing than last year, and I had a lot of fun putting together bits of his
costume. I managed to make his fireman pants out of pants we already had (+ duct tape). 
His boots are his regular rain boots and his coat was a gift from Grandma. 
Pee Paw gave him his hat, which has an awesome SIREN NOISE that goes on and on and never stops, 
if the hat is turned on. It also has a flashing light.

His wagon was made out of painted cardboard, duct tape, packaging tape and love. I love crafting with duct tape.

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet! 2010

Thankfully I had the weekend off, so that was a nice little break to get things done. It’s funny now, people ask “what are you doing this weekend?” and my favorite reply is….”Nothing.”

I shouldn’t say “nothing” because yesterday included a big trip up to Dublin (Sawmill Rd.) Sam’s Club to stock up on diapers, wipes and an astronomical amount of trail mix and Chex mix (don’t go to Sam’s club hungry). After that we headed to a Halloween costume shop to see if we could find a hat for Simon and maybe a costume for Gabe, but all they had there were overpriced slut uniforms and weirdos. Those weird Halloween shops give me the creeps. Plus, you get a lot of odd looks when you’re wheeling a stroller through one of those stores and your kid won’t take off his Spiderman sunglasses. Haha.

We then headed over to Chili’s, and I had to laugh. We could SEE Chili’s from the Halloween storefront, so I told gabe I would just walk Simon over there in the stroller and he could take the car. And I realized soon after, that stripmalls are not meant for walking, even though many stripmalls placed alongside one another….well you would THINK there would be some way to get from Point A to Point B without having to get back in your car. I was sprinting across the road with Simon in the stroller in order to not get hit by all of the weekend shoppers and it just made me glad that we live somewhere where we can walk to go out to eat, to get coffee, heck we could even walk to the grocery and drug store.

Chili’s was good- Simon had grilled cheese (he’s a fan) and afterwards we headed up to Northwest Library to pop in for a minute and let Simon blow off some steam. I do NOT know what it is with that library, but he thinks he can just walk wherever he wants and do whatever he wants there. It’s so weird because he’s not like that at any other library we’ve been to. After a quick visit there, we packed up and headed home.

Sunday night was our Beggar’s Night in Grandview, and to prepare I went grocery shopping and to Target since our trip to the Halloween Store was a bust. I managed to find a shirt for Gabe and a hat for Simon at Target that I could fashion into props for our little costume ensemble.

Trick or Treat started at 6pm, and it was cold. Our friends Lisa and Jeremy and their baby Jack all came over to eat sloppy joes and cheesey potatoes for dinner before the festivities. And by 6, Simon was getting CRABBY. Between getting shots on Friday and also his top teeth coming in, he was a whiny mess. But I managed to get some decent pictures I think (considering):

Officer Simon.

Mr. Crankypants and his blankie- Not looking fierce or cop-like.
We've captured the thief and we're keeping him on lockdown, forever.

We only walked to our neighbors on either side of our house – so we only got two pieces of candy. Next year we hope for better luck. Maybe he’ll have more teeth by then and won’t be so cranky. 🙂


I used to wear workout clothes in public while running errands or going out to breakfast because it would inspire me to workout in some fashion that day.

Now I go out in public wearing workout clothes because they have elastic waistbands.

I’m just sayin’.

It’s Saturday and rainy here in Cbus, and I’m wondering if we’ll still have trick-or-treaters on this Halloween night. Simon’s party was a success- and the sitter took some adorable pictures of him in his pumpkin outfit….even though he’s sleeping in most of them.

When I dropped him off yesterday, Ella said, “The baby’s here!” very excitedly- speaking of Simon. She was wearing a pumpkin dress and was happy they were both dressed like pumpkins. As I turned to leave I looked down to see a toddling elephant- Logan. I couldn’t even see his face, but his outfit was so cute! I can’t wait to see all the pictures Cheryl took.

Last night was pretty uneventful. I was in bed by 10:30 and up at 2, 4 and 7:45. I think I’m permanently taking Gabe off the hook of getting up with Simon because it wastes a bottle of breast milk and he (Gabe) is less than thrilled when he has to get out of bed. I mean, I feel the same way, but I hide it better because I’m a woman. Plus I have the portable feedbags so it’s probably best I get up with him anyways.  Last night I didn’t swaddle Simon for the first time. He likes to sleep with his arms above his head I realized. He pretty much slept the same as he always does. This is a good thing because we were running out of blankets big enough to swaddle him.

Today I need to go to the grocery and get candy. Uncle Brett might come by (I hope he does!) and hang out. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and need to hang out with a good friend or sibling. I’m starting to realize the toll that working full time and parenting takes on a relationship. The other night Gabe made mention about how he can’t wait to get up in the middle of the night, then go to work, then come home and do it all over again. It is exhausting, I agree. I guess part of me just realizes that this will eventually change. He’ll eventually sleep through the night. Eventually I won’t have to plan my life around lactation. Maybe eventually I’ll have time to go to the gym and get my body back into a shape that makes me feel like I’m attractive or something. I feel all sorts of things too but the love I feel for Simon and the excitement I get for just hanging out with him at the end of a work day or on the days I have off- it masks all the other feelings for a while.

Until I put on workout clothes to run errands and realize I’ve never worn these particular Nike pants or Jacket to the gym….