My evening, Thursday 7/16/09

  • Walk into (dark & locked) house at 9:34pm. Normally there is at least 1 light on and the door is unlocked. This is what Gabe does for me as a courtesy, even though he is ALWAYS in the basement when I come home, playing games.
  • Around 9:35pm, Gabe comes up from the basement, already in pajamas, obviously fighting the forces of evil in the basement. I am carrying bags from work. He helps me put them all down. He briefly shows me the cake his work gave him and talks about the potluck shower they had for him at work for about 6-7 minutes. Then he says, “I’m going to go finish something with Ryan downstairs.” I tell him, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Because I know he will be down there until after I am asleep. At this point I’m just irritated to all hell because the house was dark and locked, and Gabe’s been playing that GD game for 3 hours already.
  • I decide to go to bed. I take my laptop upstairs to watch the remaining 30 minutes of the movie I started the night before (by myself) called Saving Grace. It was cute. I’m all about British movies (really anything) right now because it reminds me of where I was 2 years ago. 2 years ago seems like a long time ago. I want to go back there. To that place AND that time.
  • So I watch the rest of my movie and then prop up my pillows to read the rest of yet another childbirth book, and go to sleep at around 10:45pm
  • First time I wake up- midnight, uncomfortable, go pee.
  • (I think Gabe came to bed somewhere around 1am. I wake up, but pretend not to because yes I am still pissed off at this video gaming BS.)
  • Third time I wake up- oh, that’s strange, I feel like I might throw up. Roll myself over and out of bed, waddle to bathroom, don’t puke. Pee again. Waddle downstairs to find antacids in purse. Waddle to kitchen and swallow them by drinking straight from the faucet in the kitchen. There are dirty dishes in the sink. I am awake now and consider just staying downstairs so I don’t have to climb the stairs again. I decide to just go back to bed anyways. Get to bed, lay down.
  • Now the baby is awake because of the cold water I just drank. Lay awake for 15 minutes while baby kicks ribs and has a little party in there. Contemplate the saying that everyone keeps telling me, “Oh it’s much easier when they’re in there, and not screaming on the outside..” It doesn’t seem as cute at 3am when you’re wide awake, nauseous, sore and exhausted.
  • Fourth time I wake up was at 6am, again nauseous, now I have no covers because Gabe has stolen ALL of them. I may kill him in his sleep. I contemplate throwing his computer into the street and running it over with my car.
  • By the time I get out of bed at 7:30am I feel like I haven’t slept at all. I tell myself to get used to it because this is the way it will feel once the baby gets here. I just wonder if I will still be as pissed off about it. I also wonder if Gabe will think it’s ok to play those games when the baby gets here. He says no—but I am REALLY interested to see how that all pans out.

In the meantime I’m up for planning some sort of war on Blizzard Entertainment. I can’t find the individual responsible for World of Warcraft so I may just have to take-down the entire company. Who’s with me?


Ode to Root-Beer Floats and musings from G

So, I’ve had a weird craving for Root-Beer Floats lately (what’s so weird about that I guess?) so last night I had one with Edy’s 1/2 the fat ice cream and this awesome root-beer I got at World Market while I was out running errands yesterday. It was DELICOUS. Then while I was eating it, G was making fun of me because I was using a long fondue spoon to get the frothy ice cream goodness out of the bottom of the glass. Jerk.

But root-beer floats remind me of my grandma, who also used to make me peaches and milk & cinnamon french toast. And she always let us eat Soft-Batch cookies and milk right before bed. She said she used to work in a drug store that sold root-beer floats and I remember (as a kid) thinking how silly it was that they sold ice cream floats at a drug store. Now I realize she was talking about those old-timey ice cream shops. Ah memories. Our county fair back home also has root-beer MILKSHAKES. To.Die.For.

So then TODAY I (ironically) came across this recipe for Root-beer Cake in my feed reader. Mmmmmm I may have to try it someday. I put it on the blog for posterity in case I ever decide to try it.

So in other news, I am reading this book: Boys Adrift. I’m reading it to (hopefully) find out how I can deter my youngster from being like the last dozen guys I dated before I found G. Okay- not all of them were that bad, but here’s the summary that’s on the back of the book:

Something Scary is Happening with Boys Today: From kindergarten to college, they’re less resilient and less ambitious than they were a mere twenty years ago. In fact, a third of men ages 22–34 are still living at home with their parents—about a 100 percent increase in the past twenty years. Parents, teachers, and mental health professionals are worried about boys. But until now, no one has come up with good reasons for their decline—nor, more important, with workable solutions to reverse this troubling trend. “

The book then goes on to list several theories as to WHY they are acting this way. Some of the theories are: Video Games, over-prescription of ADHD meds/over diagnosing these behavior problems, our education system blows (duh) among some other things.

So all of this is listed on the back of this book. G reads the back of it and says,

“Hey, why are you reading this book about me?”

LOL I couldn’t stop laughing. He automatically thought I had gotten the book because I thought it was about him. Oh, hilarious.

So then a few days later, after I’ve gone to bed for the last week or so by myself because G’s in the basement “getting to level 40 with his Druid” until 1am…I rented the movie He’s Just Not that Into You which I knew wasn’t going to be very good but I loved the book and referred to it often when discussing relationship problems in the past with my friends– so I just wanted to see what the movie was like (the book is freaking hilarious). Anyways, G sees the movie and says, “I don’t want to watch that stupid movie- it’s for girls.” I say something like, “I know, I watch this kind of movie when I know you’re going to be in the basement all night.”

He then says, “You just think I’m a jerk. You think I’m a boy adrift who’s just not that into you. Well maybe I think you’re not that into me!”

LOL he’s a funny jerk though, I’ll give him that.

**This morning G told me he had a dream that the baby was here, and that the baby was smiling and we were playing with him. And then I took the baby and wouldn’t let G hold him, which made him feel bad. Then when G finally got to hold the baby, he said that the baby liked him way more than he liked me.**

Oh, and he hates the fact that I’m not calling him by his full name on this blog So, G’s name is Gabe. He doesn’t like that I was keeping his anonymity in case this blog ever got famous. So he’s Gabe with a capital G, or Trouble with a capital T.

Father’s Day Weekend

So this weekend was Father’s Day and I finally got to see my dad for the first time since March. Obviously I’ve grown since then. Mom and Dad came down to visit, and Brett (bro) came up to visit and we spent a nice Saturday having lunch up at Polaris, then milling around Grandview on a walk, then dinner at the new Third and Hollywood restaurant that’s opened up in the spot formerly known as E.J.’s Canyon Cafe. It was really nice to show Dad our new place, and also just have a day to talk and hang out with some of my family. 

On Saturday BEFORE their visit, I managed to get my “chores” done- including dropping off my laptop to a friend at work who is graciously helping me fix the DVD player in it. So I’ve been computer-less for two days and it’s been tough. I’ve convince G to let me “borrow” his WoW machine but he sees my need to check email and desire to update Facebook as “obsessive” which I find hilarious as I have to interrupt his Ickykaka character from WoW to stop “smelting ore” in order to check my email for a few minutes. G is destined to become one of those people that are on the far far end of technology advances. And I suppose that’s okay.

Mom got me some nursing tops. I never really understood the necessity of nursing tops until becoming pregnant and realizing just how often I will be feeding a mini-person with my breasts. The design of these clothes is just not particularly appealing in general. You’d think something that has openings for breasts to fall through might have some sort of sensual/attractive spin to them but nope…they are definitely just ho-hum clothes with slots for your boobs to fall through. Function will far outweigh the aesthetics of the outfits I’m sure.  She also got me a super cute new dress (mumu) and gave me a gift card for purchasing my own “cute jammies” for the hospital stay. Unfortunately they only had sizes Small and 2XL at the store we went to, and I am neither of those sizes.  So I get to go pajama shopping the next time they get a shipment into the maternity clothes store. Thanks mom!!

Yesterday (Sunday) my parents had to leave super early because my dad was on-call so we were up and at ’em with MORE than enough time to beat the church crowd to breakfast. After a nice breakfast we went and shopped around for a lighter bedspread (ours’ was UNBEARABLY too thick for summer) and I wanted a quilt of some sort. After three trips and one return I settled on a Down Blanket from Target that is thin and just tan. We have a multi-colored rug in our bedroom that just doesn’t match with many things that are out right now so I had to settle on one plain color. Someday I’ll get around to getting that beautiful lavender and green quilt I want. Someday.

I also got to give G his very first father’s day present which was the eleventh season of The Simpson’s on DVD (blech) which he wanted really badly. When he opened it he said, “Oh, wow I thought this was going to be a book on how to be a dad or something, but it’s this!!” And he was really excited. So I guess I picked the right thing.

Then I went to the grocery store and bought SO. MUCH. FRUIT.

mmmmm fruit
mmmmm fruit

I then made myself sick on it while I cut up the watermelon and washed the berries.  For every handful of blueberries I had a handful of peanut butter m&m’s and I totally ruined my dinner, which was to be hamburgers I bought from behind the meat counter at Giant Eagle. They make these special kinds that are SO GOOD! But of course I was too full of berries and chocolate.

G enjoyed his burgers though!

G enjoyed his burgers though!

The rest of the afternoon included a nap, finishing up the move Valkyrie and then an impromptu picnic down to Schiller Park for the Actor’s Theatre production of The Three Musketeers.

Schiller Park stage
Schiller Park stage

Knowing that I can’t really sit on the ground for too long, we knew we probably wouldn’t be there for too long. We managed to stay until Intermission.

But the most important part was that

 Sun setting behind the trees as the show starts
Sun setting behind the trees as the show starts

we got to lay on a blanket, eat great picnic food and enjoy the surroundings.

I heart picnics!
I heart picnics!

switching it up

Originally I created this blog in WordPress as opposed to Blogger because I was under the assumption that WordPress was more creative- allowed for more freedom regarding design and whatnot. This might be true– if you remember CSS from your HTML class you took in 2006…..which I do not. I hated the CSS portion of the class. Granted cascading style sheets were created to make life easier for people but for some reason- the gobbledy gook just stressed me out and I allowed that nonsense to go in one ear and out the other.

So for the time being, I switched the theme to a more GREEN one…which is hopefully easier on the eyes as well. I’ve also made an attempt to list the blog with BlogHer, which is a great way to find funny blogs to read by women all over.

This morning G was really sweet- knowing that I hate thunderstorms, upon hearing them mid-REM cycle this morning I try to turn towards him to snuggle closer. He knows that I get all jumpy when there’s thunder and lightning. However, being jumpy while being this pregnant is difficult. Switching comfortable positions is also difficult. He sweetly hoisted me towards him to hug for the last 20 or so minutes we had in bed. Of course, all of this back and forthing and movement woke up the little one in my belly, who was perfectly comfortable in my stomach before I’d switched positions. He kicked for a few minutes to let me know he wasn’t happy with the abrupt wake up/shake around and eventually settled down…right before my alarm went off.

Then after showering and eating a bowl of cereal while wearing the incredible shrinking bath towel on the living room couch (I need to invest in a summer bathrobe), I headed upstairs. It’s Friday which means “jeans day” where I work- which used to be a lot of fun and now just means…are we going to try to do jeans today? Or just give up and sport another mumu???

I opted for the jean capris. While I teetered into them without completely falling over, I said aloud to G in the other room (also getting dressed for work): “Um, I don’t like it when the tag on my pants says Grande”

G’s response: “At least it doesn’t say Grande Supreme”



I am at work and currently I am not enraged, sore (I’m not standing or moving) or completely irritable because it is quiet and I’m in the back room. I am not completely angry though I have been moderately annoyed for 2 days straight and I hope it goes away soon because last night I worried that G and I might explode at one another. As it turns out, he’s been irritated too.

We don’t really fight- ever. We’ve had one “fight” that happened a night that we both got drunk and I made fun of his jumper cables in his car. (They were ridiculous- plugged into the lighter in the console of his truck- hardly REAL jumper cables.) He thought I was attacking his manhood by insulting his jumper cables. I got mad and he got mad. I don’t remember much more than that, but we laugh about it from time to time. Other than this “fight” we haven’t had anything close to that in a long time.

Last night he got mad at the DVD player because it was in Progressive Scan Mode and refused to turn off of this mode. Mad is probably an understatement because I thought he was going to throw the machine through the wall. This particular DVD player also has a VCR in it, and it was a hand-me-down. I told him I was not upset or surprised that it didn’t work anymore. He was just furious that it would not come out of Progressive Scan Mode. This anger led to additional furious mumblings that sounded like this: “grumble grumble [expletive] air conditioning [expletive] life [expletive] grumble grumble” SLAM (dresser drawer) SLAM (closet door?) “grumble grumble” STOMP STOMP “[expletive] grumble”

And I went out on the porch to cry.

Like the good baby-daddy he is, when he eventually simmered down enough to come downstairs and notice I wasn’t on the couch watching the movie on the dvd player he’d just re-hooked up for me in the living room, he came outside and asked what was wrong. I told him nothing other than what was wrong before: I don’t feel good, I’m tired of not feeling good- physically and about myself, and I am done with this pregnancy nonsense.  After a few minutes, I asked him, “Is that just how you act when you get mad?” and he said (somewhat sheepishly) “Yea, I guess so.” I said (quietly), “Okay.” Then I cried a little more to myself as he said (sincerely): “I’m sorry.”

Then we both sat there for about an hour, rocking on the rocking chairs, saying nothing.

And that’s usually how they go, folks-the fights. Very little talking, lots of cussing at/to ourselves and the situation, stomping and perhaps slamming of things- and G asking what’s wrong and me saying nothing and eventually it all melts away as we just sit in the same room as one another in silence and try to seethe separately and let it go away.

Eventually we get over it. And I’m so glad that it works this way because I think if either of us tried to talk when we’re angry, we’d say things we’d eventually regret.

the honeymoon of pregnancy

Is over. If there was a pleasant time that they write about on the websites and in every pregnancy book out there- it’s the Second Trimester, where all is OK with the world and pregnancy is more tolerable than the first trimester and from what I’m gathering, the third is no picnic either. I am now approaching 32 weeks pregnant. I am 31 weeks and 3 days pregnant. According to some random website I read yesterday, right now my baby is the size of “four navel oranges” though G and I both are leaning more towards 5 oranges in this particular instance.

After yesterday’s initial searing back pain experience in the morning, the day was riddled with get up/sit down at work. Normally I like this fact- because I don’t sit on my A$$ all day- I am required to move which is good. But yesterday I did not want to stand or walk. I didn’t want to sit either. I don’t know what I wanted really other than to feel more comfortable. I believe my abdominal muscles are separating themselves with every breath I take and ripping away from whatever it is they’re attached to at the top of my belly.  I have indigestion when I haven’t eaten anything, and indigestion when I have. Basically I woke up yesterday feeling like crap and knowing that this is just the beginning of the crapiness that will ensue henceforth for the next two months.

Another pair of pants doesn’t fit and I”m certain that if someone sliced off my belly, AND sliced off my ass, they would be roughly about the same circumference and size, if you laid them both flat on a table.  And of course, I have the lovely sweet knock-knock-knockings of the baby in my belly to remind me that the stomach will eventually flatten somewhat. But my rear-end on the other hand…well I just try to avoid mirrors these days, because I’ve also noticed my double-chin’s come back out to play. God I hope the baby doesn’t inherit this chin.

So last night I had a mini-breakdown on the front porch and began reminiscing all of the things that made me ME before I was with-child. I started thinking about how much more time I have to be pregnantand how much bigger I’m going to get. I thought about how we don’t have anyone to watch the baby after he’s born and I have to go back to work. I thought about how I nearly punched G in Target earlier in the evening when he started complaining that I was taking too long picking out a new set of towels for the bathroom, and how I didn’t end up getting the ones I really wanted because I was being too rushed. I thought about the skinny pregnant lady who looked me up and down and wondered to herself “how far along is that large redhead”? She might as well have said it out loud.  I just started to think about all the things I”m excited to do when I’m not pregnant anymore- not the baby things that every mom thinks of- snuggling and cuddling and feeding and nuzzling…but the things I can’t wait to do when I’m no longer pregnant. And then I started crying harder as I realized I will probably not have time to do all of them. Here’s the beginning of that list.

Things I can’t wait to do

  • walk/run
  • not crave/eat carbs 6x per day 
  • get a normal Mandy haircut that is flattering to my face
  • sleep on my stomach
  • not collect crumbs on my stomach/boobs every time I eat
  • go dancing
  • have a glass of wine or a mixed drink.
  • have several and get a buzz
  • “piss like a racehorse”
  • situps (So. Many. Situps)
  • breathe
  • play volleyball
  • play tennis
  • have normal (responsible) adult relations with the man who got me into this situation
  • feel pretty or attractive for just a few hours or something
  • re-organize the basement (G did it himself and I disagree with his method)
  • not waddle (this will have to wait until my thighs thin down)
  • go camping and canoeing
  • go on a mini vacation (will have to wait forever before I can take more time off work i’m sure)
  • read a book that has nothing to do with pregnancy or babies
  • wear normal underpants again (if my bottom half thins down)
  • wear normal clothes again (ditto above)
  • get rid of these red blotches on my face neck and arms (either by laser or by magical-you’re-not-pregnant-anymore-so-they-disappear-means which is much cheaper)
  • take a bath where the bath water covers my stomach
  • go to an OSU football game

I realize they all sound selfish and they are selfish and that was the idea with that exercise. In addition to that list there is a long list of things I can’t wait to do with the baby but for right now I am entitled (yea I said entitled) to complain because I can literally FEEL The shift of hormones ramping up for the last leg of this pregnancy and they make me insane. That being said, the number one thing I can’t wait to have back is my regular HORMONE LEVELS so I am not an insane crying emotional  maniac all the time. I don’t know when this is going to happen but I can’t.wait.  I hate feeling so emotional wishy washy awful. I hate crying at every song on the radio. I realize that it will likely get worse and peak after the baby is born but at least there is an end in sight.  I think it freaks G out now that he’s seen me cry like a handful of times and most people who know me haven’t seen me cry that often in the many many years that they’ve known me.

Speaking of which, I could just sit on my front porch and spend the rest of the day crying and sleeping and be completely satisfied with that today, but I can’t take a mental-health-day off work because I have to save up for this maternity leave so I should go. I’m sorry to be such a Debbie Downer but I’m just not like some people who bask in the glory of pregnancy. I don’t understand those people.

Exercise, or lack thereof

As I was bending over in the shower to turn up the hot water, searing pain went down my back, butt and into the backs of my legs. Like– awful pain. I immediately stood back up. (Duh- make the hurting stop, don’t do that again.)

I went back into the bedroom after the shower and laid down with G. I said, “When I bend over I get this awful pain in my back.” To which he replied:

“Well if you’d have been doing your Knocked Up Yoga and stretching you probably wouldn’t have a sore back.”

Thanks G, thanks.