So this past weekend went off with mostly no “hitches”. It was the BBQ, or Baby-que. No, we didn’t barbeque babies. It was a sly way to invite people to a baby shower who would otherwise shudder at the thought of attending one. It’s okay — I shudder at the thought of attending most kinds of showers, too. So when my friend Kelly offered to throw me one for our friends, I told her: only if the boys can come and there is booze. (Yes I realized when I said this that I wouldn’t be drinking any of the booze.) As I may or may not have mentioned, I used to be a bit more of a party-er, boozer, etc. Now, notsomuch (or at all I should say). I’ve had one helluva time adjusting to a lifestyle without social happy hours and patio hours and whatnot. This BBQ was a way to con my drinking friends into hanging out with me for one-last-hurrah before all of my conversations revolve around the color of my son’s bowel movements and the other strange things that only new moms find interesting.  My friends from out of town all came in a various times- beginning with my best friend from high school (Dee) and her husband Wade (or Wayne) on Friday evening. We hung out on the porch and Kelly (TN friend) and Tim came over, and we all stayed up until well past midnight. I was shocked I lasted that long!

Saturday morning Dee and I went to get manicures and pedicures here in g-view, and it was awesome. We had plenty of time to get it done AND then have breakfast with the boys before we had to go back to the airport to pick up my friend Vanessa, who flew in from Chicago for the event. (I cannot stress enough how thrilled I was to have all of my out of town friends, IN town to see ME, all at once. I seriously can start weeping about it now if I think about it too much.)  As soon as we had Vanessa, we picked up Kelly and the four of us hit the grocery store to get BBQ food and also the liquor store to get party beverages.  At the grocery store I kept looking behind me to see three of my closest friends in the world all in-tow, all so different and met through different means. (Vanessa- grad school; Dee- high school; Kelly- neighbors) I imagine it’s how people getting married feel when they look down the line of friends in their bridal party. It’s a good feeling to be surrounded by those people. It just so happened that those people were surrounding me at Giant Eagle as we picked out meats for the grill. 🙂 Perfection.

I should tell you now that the drinking began around 2pm, and invitations said 6pm was the “start” of the party. If it’s sunny out, and there is patio furniture and booze on a weekend, most of my friends will just congregate wherever, even if it means getting dehydrated before the event actually starts. We all took turns prepping food and alcohol in the kitchen and eventually other people showed up and the party got “Started” with music and cornhole, drinking and eating. I had a hard time remembering to sit down and enjoy myself because typically (especially at parties I’m throwing) I’m preparing something or putting it away in the fridge, etc. I love being the hostess. I realized a few hours in that being the hostess while 30 weeks prego is very different from being the hostess while not prego at all. First off, when people say, “Sit down and take a break” and you’re pregnant, you’ll sit down and just….do nothing. No sipping on a beer or smoking a cigarette quickly before getting back to the hostessing. You just sit there for a minute. And patio furniture? Not the best solution for a sore lower back. Flip flops? Not the most supportive shoe for someone who’s belly is growing larger by the second. So parties are definitely better thrown when NOT pregnant- Noted.  

At this party we had bbq shrimp, mini burgers and wings. We had salad and watermelon and pasta salad and taco corn dip. There was also strawberry cool whip cake and guacamole and salsa. It was a nice spread.  People also brought their own beer, and we had a selection of: Cosmos, margaritas, martinis, brandy, and sangria available. G also had his drinking set of whiskey. Basically it was becoming what I would call a  $hit $how earlier in the evening than what I thought. Then another friend brings in a bottle of Mango Vodka- someone introduces a bottle of Malibu Rum and I note to myself that NEVER has there been that much liquor at a party I’ve thrown. Yea, we always have a few options or bottles but never THIS many. I had to laugh…and cry a little that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the leftovers for another 3 months if I wanted to.

Anywho- I got some awesome gifts and the party was still pumping at around 11:30 pm, as I started to fade. Then a friend comes inside (to the couch where I’d parked my big ass for a while) and says, “Um- Mandy there’s a police officer here.”


Now- I’m no stranger to having the cops called on a party of mine. Honestly, if the cops aren’t called it probably wasn’t very much fun to begin with in my experience. So I waddle out to the front porch, where a (very short) police officer explains that he was called due to “a few noise complaints” and also “a gentleman wearing plaid shorts was urinating in the front yard.”


I tell the police officer that we’re “toning it down” and that it was “a baby shower that was obviously getting out of hand” and I apologized.

I went inside and around to the back to let everyone know that the cops had come and perhaps it was a good idea to calm it down. Another friend then helped me strongly suggest that it was time to move to the bars. (It was time for me to put my feet up and go to sleep.)

Now- how many people can say that the cops were called to their baby shower?!?!?!?!? That’s right. Not many. I can’t wait to pass that story onto our son when he’s old enough to know how to party.

Here are some shots of the actual event:

Kelly & Tim
Kelly & Tim
card from Ryan
card from Ryan
whiskey and dee.
whiskey and dee.
me- exhausted at the end of the night and beautiful carie.
me- exhausted at the end of the night and beautiful carie.


Also- I got a ton of amazing gifts- including a beautiful quilt,

book quilt: each picture is a page from a fabric book
book quilt: each picture is a page from a fabric book

our bassinett/pack-n-play thing,

now located next to my side of the bed. See the hippos?!
now located next to my side of the bed. See the hippos?!


and a t-shirt predicting our baby’s future (Mafia Accountant).

Super cool fortune-telling t-shirt
Super cool fortune-telling t-shirt


So that was the party. Thanks to all that came, put it together, and helped me clean it up. Now to catch up on sleep. 🙂


delayed panic

So if given sufficient time in front of the computer, I can spin myself into a flurry of research on a number of genetic or spectrum disorders- that I fear the baby will have…or I may just start researching cancer and thinking about how I will probably get diagnosed with cancer right after I have the baby- or a real reason to stick around on the planet- or right as I decide to pick up smoking again just for fun on the weekends. Basically, I shouldn’t be given access to information right now- my fleeting thoughts get me in big big trouble as I try to figure out everything that’s changing/wrong with me right now, and as I attempt to single-handedly “cure” those diseases and disorders that have no cure now. I start to string together my own diagnoses like Gregory House. It’s quite ridiculous.

So instead of doing that for another 30 minutes- I decided I’m going to share with you all what I did this weekend, via links to cool websites of the places we went and things we saw in Cbus.

Friday night Mandy requested we hit up Jeni’s Ice Cream, which has a convenient location in Gview.  I had a “trio” which means three mini scoops of ice cream. This time I picked Buttermilk Strawberry, Belgian Milk chocolate, and Pistachio and Honey. Take that, doctor man.

Saturday morning we went to some garage sales in my neighborhood after going to this AWESOME breakfast place I’d never been to before: Banana Bean Cafe.  I had Bananas Foster french toast that was drizled with a Grand Marnier syrup and fresh strawberries. It was insanely good. Even though we were both stuffed, we then  trekked down to the North Market, and picked up some bacon for Sunday morning’s breakfast. Saturday evening we went to Cap City where I saw Gordon Gee leaving as we walked in. That man looks the same as he did 10 years ago. So strange…same bow tie and everything.

Sunday we had an awesome breakfast by Mandy and then Dinner by Mandy…and then we watched this movie: The Business of Being Born, which was probably not a good idea. Basically it has me terrified that I”m going about this whole having-a-baby-thing wrong, and wondering about the link  between Pitocin and developmental disabilities….blah. I would say it’s a bunch of propoganda but I was already reading a book called Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born, and the author of this nonfiction book also spoke on the movie about the lack of midwives in America and how your dr. just wants you in and out of the hospital (though I can’t really blame him I don’t want to be there either..)…

I don’t know. I’m glad I watched it but now I’m all freaked out too. Blah.

Anyways, I almost successfully took my mind off of worrying myself to death. I better find some work to do and hopefully distract myself some more.

On the upside..

Lately I’ve been having these uncharacteristically mushy thoughts and feelings about G. I haven’t told him this, but several of times I thought about putting a montage of photos of him together and putting it on this blog. I don’t think I have very many sweet pictures of him though- most of them are with him sticking his tongue-ring out or doing some sort of Rock-n-Roll gesture. These are just some of the reasons I love him, but I have a feeling those kinds of pictures may take away from the sweetness a boyfriend-montage would have.

Last night my friend Kelly was finally in town again (she’s the one who got married and abandoned her friends and husband and moved to TN) so we went out to Grandview Cafe. I had two Shirley Temples and lots of food and the best part about last night was laughing. don’t think I’d laughed that hard in a long long time. And I think it pissed Thumbkin off, being jolted around like that over and over and over. But what can a person do when one of their best friends is having a heightened commentary on Texas, “The biggest group of turncoats in the world“? I mean, I listened to what sounded like contemporary political commentary on Fox News (or any other crazy news network) only it was about the secession of Texas from the Union. This conversation went on for at least 30 minutes. It was hysterical. I hope someday you all get to meet my nerdy friends and listen to them chat about the insanity that was Sam Houston. Hilarious.

Then this awful band came on and I started laughing even harder when one of my friends starts yelling “Cheeseburger!!!” and singing Margaritaville over the chords of the band. I seriously spat my ice cream out of my mouth I was laughing so hard. After that shenanigans, we all ended up at our apartment chatting while everyone drank and I just kept laughing at them all- particularly the stories that Kelly’s husband was telling about Kelly’s family and their insane soda-drinking habits at restaurants.

It was a good night. We went to bed around 1am and I knew it was going to be a long night. Ran out of Pepcid and had awful indigestion. I tried to keep myself propped up on pillows to sleep but it was impossible. Now I’m at work with only about an hour or so sleep and I’m TIRED. Thumbkin also woke up at 1am and decided to swim around and kick and play for a while as I was trying to sleep.

Today it’s supposed to be more of the same- hanging out with my good friend while she’s in town, even though I work all weekend. Blah. I have Monday off though- THANK GOODNESS. I’m going to make G hang out with me and maybe I’ll stop having all these mushy-gushy-goshIloveyou feelings about him. Or maybe not.

Some good weather

Well, we have had some BEAUTIFUL weather here in central Ohio for the past three days and I have to say that we DESERVE IT. It’s been a long cold and miserable winter and I think that we can finally start looking forward to Spring/Summer…  It can’t snow in May, can it??? (I don’t know why I even tempted fate by saying that.)

Anyways, it was a nice weekend off. I spent time with friends and even went to a bar- it felt SO GOOD to be out and about with people..and laugh. I even ordered a brownie sundae at Brazenhead (an Irish Pub in my neighborhood).  Saturday was the Spring Game and I was so excited to just hear a football game on in the background as I cleaned up the house. Also Terrell Pryor was impressive…the Spring Game always gets me excited for Buckeye Football season. I hope the time between now and the first OSU game flies as fast as it usually seems to…because I should DEFINITELY have this baby by September 5th, our first game against Navy, which we should win.

We also got the rest of our furniture- including the baby crib and dresser this weekend. G’s parents and sister have kindly donated their furniture to our needy cause. Now our house is definitely “full”. We cannot buy anymore furniture, period. We just have so much stuff now. It all looks great and I love it but I already feel like it’s a lot. I don’t have pictures because we’re still trying to find places for stuff to go.

But, we do have a LOVELY lilac bush in our yard that smells delicious…

And in closing, I would like to say that I don’t think finishing off a jar of peanut butter is anything to brag about– EVEN when you do it by dipping baby carrots into it. I think the PB negates the carrots’ nourishment…your thoughts?



Currently seeking two positions:

1st position, a babysitter who is willing to watch our infant child starting in October 2009 on the following days/times of each week:
Tuesday: 8:30am-6:30pm
Wednesday 11am/12pm- 7:00pm
Thursday 11am/12pm- 7:00pm
SOME Fridays (usually 2 per month) 8:30am-6:30pm

I forgot to mention that we can barely pay you. We’ll pay- but not much.

2nd position, Friends.
Enjoy patios and adult beverages after work hours.

Also may enjoy emotional venting of being underpaid; working in public service; and/or lamenting the massive amount of debt one accrues while achieving higher education. Is not embarrassed of being out with big fat pregnant lady who’s covered in red splotches.

Liberal-minded a plus, but not required.

Enjoys live music, volleyball, cookouts, camping, cabrewing, among others as required.
May require slight modification of lifestyle to allow one mascot infant to join on outings on occasion.

Additional preferred qualifications: love of independent musicians/music, finding new music and sharing it, particularly the kind of music that damns-the-man; meat-eaters; Ohioans who hate snow; likes to joke about very inappropriate things (i.e. tea-bagging and blumpkins); internet junkies (though not WOW addicts); those who believe the Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about; Anglophiles; the independently wealthy (and generous)

Open-minded individuals with intelligence and wit need only apply. Close-minded and judgmental people need not apply. Absolutely no racists, sexists or homophobes.

* Single Pregnant White Female in search of


Well I was just telling G yesterday, “I can’t wait for the baby to come- just so I have someone to hang out with.”

I have great friends it’s just that their either inconveniently located (geographically speaking), or right now don’t really have much in common with me.  I miss being around people- Happy Hours and going out to bars and stuff. I think people don’t ask me to do that because either: A) I suck and am incredibly boring to talk to now that I’m pregnant or B) they don’t want to be the person walking into the bar with the pregnant person. I don’t know. I miss going out so much. I know it would be hard for me to do anyways because nothing really fits me or looks right (clothing-wise) but I would love to just sit and talk to people like I used to.

Giving up alcohol wasn’t that bad- it’s not tempting at all for me to be around it. I’ve sipped G’s beer and it doesn’t taste good- just like I gave up coffee- I see absolutely no point in indulging in either kind of beverage if you’re not going to smoke a cigarette with it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to figure something out after the baby’s born and enjoy at least wine and liquor again but I have a feeling I may never truly enjoy a real cup of coffee or a good beer in my lifetime if it’s not coupled with a smoke. Maybe I’m wrong but whatever…I’ve been off the nicotine for about four months now- I can handle being around other people who do it- I WANT To be around other people who are still living their lives the same way.

I guess what I’m saying is that there are some really shitty emotional things to deal with while going through this pregnancy.  I miss my friends- particularly the ones that I will soon have nearly nothing in common with anymore. It’s hard knowing that it’s only going to get worse, not better. I try to think of ways to lure them over to my house (food and even beer). Once a baby’s here it’s going to be even harder to find time and things to talk about with my friends.

I realize that I’m not ever going to be bored again, for the rest of my life, once Thumbkin is born. I’m okay with that and I’m trying to spin the boredom/loneliness I’m experiencing into a whole: “Oh-appreciate-the-quiet-time” mantra, but it’s just not working. I’ve cleaned the house, I’m maxed out on fridge space, I’ve treated myself to pedicures, I’ve watched the movies I have and don’t care to give Blockbuster anymore money, I have window shopped even though I don’t have any money to spend; I’ve gone on a walk. I’ve made a cake. I’m trying to be creative and keep myself busy but not much takes the place of relaxing and talking with a friend or five. I used to do it all the time.

I don’t know. I guess I’m saying I need to put together some sort of personal ad for friends- not for new friends to replace the old, but for friends that have a thing or two in common with me. I’ll think about how that would go and maybe post it later. Or I might just go sit and wistfully look out the window eating peanut butter m&ms. We’ll see.

blog vomit & house tour.

Okay- so I feel like I have a lot to say, but lately every time I post I spend the next two days thinking, “Why didn’t you read over that?” or “What’s wrong with you???”…my “voice” doesn’t sound right. It’s because my voice has become overwrought with hormones and the constant feeling of someone swimming inside my belly. I can’t really think of much else to be honest. If I show up in the right place at the right time for work or anything else, I consider that success. The rest of life I’m just floating through, hoping I don’t overdraw my checking account and making sure I take the time to appreciate the quiet that comes with a day off and nothing really pressing to do. Because I know that eventually that will end. The quiet part. And the not-having-anything-to-do part.

So what did I do today on my day off? Well I had lunch with a good friend who I don’t get to see much anymore. Since leaving the other library branch I worked at I have sorely missed the people there.  I wish I got to see them all more- but more often I wish I got to WORK with them more.  There was something about the Chi in that place that I love. Anyways. I had a good lunch. And it was a GORGEOUS day. 73 degrees even! Sunshine- all of it. I had taken a good long look at my checkbook and decided to splurge on a pedicure. I went to one of those cheap asian places because a) I’m cheap and b) I’m pretty sure the fumes won’t hurt Thumbkin anymore than the cigarettes did the first few weeks I was prego. So that was nice. I now have springy pretty toenails and (whoops) nicely manicured fingernails. (I fell for the inadvertent upsell to include the fingernails in the package.) I’m glad I did though.

Then I went to the grocery store and bought stuff to grill out tonight since it’s so nice out. I love grilling out. I just prepare it, and G cooks it. It’s awesome. And I got STEAKS. mmmmm. More meat off the bone, my favorite.

Then I attempted to take some pictures of myself.  And I’m wearing a very cute dress I got at a consignment shop really cheap. But I look huge in these pictures. Here they are. I am coming up on 23 weeks here.  The laptop no longer sits properly on my stomach and G thinks it’s going to radiate the baby. 

WHOA! 23 weeks.

23 weeks

 So I think I look bigger here. I definitely look bigger in this next one.

WHOA! 23 weeks.   I dearly hope it’s the angle at which I”m forced to take these pictures of myself but something tells me it’s not. And I need to start lifting weights with my “home gym” (as G calls it). That means, lifting the 5 and 10 pound dumb bells that sit and collect dust next to the television set. I hate arm fat.

Okay enough self deprecation for one post let’s move on:

As I mentioned before, we moved. Here are some additional pictures of our new place.  We are nowhere near “finished” but it’s a start and it feels more and more like home each day. We love it.

Living Room, one of them
Living Room, one of them
Sitting on the couch
Sitting on the couch
Empty Front Room/Front door
Empty Front Room/Front door
Empty Front Room/more bookshelves
Empty Front Room/more bookshelves
Guest bedroom
Guest bedroom
Our bedroom
Our bedroom

And yes, you’re right it does look like most of my stuff is hand me downs and YES it does look somewhat minimalistic without much stuff on the walls…including paint. But we rent. We are having a baby that we think may develop normally with only 1-2 framed-at-home posters of cheap art instead of actual nice stuff. So there.  Speaking of which, you may be wondering, “Where will Thumbkin sleep?” If you take a good look at the picture of our room, there’s lots of room for a basinett (sp?) next to my side of the bed (woo hoo for 2 hour naps instead of full nights of sleep). And eventually, when I grow out of my fat clothes, the baby will have his own room here:

Baby Room/Maternity Clothes closet/Mandy's Dressing Room
Baby Room/Maternity Clothes closet/Mandy's Dressing Room

It’s almost as big as my parents’ clothes closet and you’re looking at the only piece of furniture we’ve acquired thus far. We have other furniture coming from GRACIOUS family members who are donating it. Otherwise I was all about having Thumbkin sleep in an empty dresser drawer that we could line with nice throw blankets or something. I mean SHIT that stuff is expensive?!  But if you look closely at this picture, you can see the “theme” is animals. We’re fond of monkeys and sheep. I know they don’t really coexist in any habitat that we’re aware of but they’re cute as hell, right?

And when he arrives, and he finally gets to sleep in his own room, we’ll be putting him in this:

"Chillin' in my crib" -- the coolest shirt ever.