Easter Morning

I think I have too many pictures and lots to say so I may have to break this into two posts. First, Simon went to bed early last night and slept late (isn’t that always what happens?). This was a nice way to ease into Sunday morning. When he woke up, a note from the Easter Bunny told him that 13 small eggs, 1 large blue egg, and 1 easter basket were hidden in the house. So the hunt began.

Finding an egg.
Assessing his baskets of goodies.

We spent the morning playing with a balloon race car, and table tennis, which was fun. I made blueberry pancakes and bacon and sausage, alongside fresh berries. It was a good breakfast. We also made some goo out of food coloring, water and cornstarch. I brought these books home from the library from the I’m a Scientist series and they really have some great experiments (“spearamints”) in them. Good times.

Science experiments making Goo.
Gabe vs. Simon at ping pong.

Since we didn’t have anything planned, we spent the morning eating and lounging around in our pajamas. Gabe and I exchanged our anniversary gifts. He really put thought into it and went to my favorite paper store and got me the neatest notecards, blank books and notepads. He also got me some sticky labels for things in the kitchen or to give away as gifts. It was a really sweet gift. I gave him some fancy beers, cheese, crackers, snack mix, and the yummy chocolate treats Simon and I picked out the other day at the chocolate cafe. He was happy too, I think.

We discussed going to the art museum, but Simon wanted to go paint AT the museum. So we had to talk him out of that because he was demanding he take his art smock and paint there. It was hard trying to explain that there are paintINGS at the museum but they don’t allow painting there. Hmmm…though our art museum has other very cool interactive things, we thought it best to avoid the argument entirely and talked about going to Clay Cafe….to paint pottery. But, it was closed. So another thing Simon mentioned was dinosaur bones at the “booseum” and I started looking around online at the Ohio Historical Society. I hadn’t been there in years, but vaguely remembered bones at one point. So I called and they were open. We hopped in the car and headed out to explore the museum for the day.


Happy Easter

Crashing the Easter Egg Hunt

Today was a great day- started off with bacon, sausage and cinnamon rolls. After Simon’s first LONG nap (of TWO LONG NAPS) we packed up some sandwiches and walked to one of our many parks-within-walking-distance for a mini picnic.  When we found just the perfect spot to get out and take some good pictures, we noticed some rogue Easter eggs laying around. Knowing that the Grandview Easter Egg Hunt was yesterday, we picked some up and I was about to place them around Simon for the perfect Easter Sunday picture. Gabe shook one of the eggs, hearing candy in it, and opened it. We were laughing and saying, “Those dumb kids yesterday left all these eggs filled with candy in them! Suckers!” and Gabe popped a piece into his mouth saying, “Mmmmmm pink starburst, my favorite.” I was laughing and gathering up eggs when we heard a whistle come from a pavilion behind us…Yup- there was ANOTHER Easter Egg Hunt today, that was starting about 30 minutes from that moment, and we were stealing the eggs. I had to laugh. I walked up to the guy who whistled at us and invited us to join, and told us there was even an area for babies…he was really sweet. He was a firefighter and didn’t even yell at us for having Gunner at the park. At any rate, we kept one egg (which didn’t have any good candy in it) since Simon took a fondness to it, and packed up and went on our way. Maybe next year we’ll make it to the Easter Egg Hunt instead of showing up on the day and crashing it 30 minutes before it starts. Haha!

We did manage to walk up the road a bit to another park and get some pictures and have our sandwiches. It was a sweet relaxing first Easter for Simon.

want some cheese?


Well, this weekend was Easter weekend.  Since I couldn’t get home my mom came down on Friday and we spent some time looking around stores up at Polaris and then made lasagna at home and I got some grocery shopping and errands run to Target and whatnot. It was nice to have mom come to my place and stay. I’m so glad we ended up getting a three bedroom apartment instead of a two- it is so much nicer to have guests- even if our extra bed isn’t that comfy and the hardwood floors hurt your feet. I love coming home to this apartment so much more than the one I’ve lived in for the last 3 years. 

I think a lot of that comfort and loving-our-new-home stems from having G there too- his stuff intertwined with mine (even though he gets all crabby about how most of his stuff ISN”T) – mostly his books and bookshelves and artwork (the art that isn’t offensive- and if I think it’s offensive then YES it’s OFFENSIVE).  It’s strange that all of the sudden he and I are having a relationship adjustment period- to living together, even though we had pretty much been living together for the last year or so. Now it’s official, on a lease and whatnot- and we’ve definitely had some grumpy periods where I wanted to scream at him or when he thought I was being ridiculous. But I think it’s ok.

When mom was in town she got me this awesome print from Pottery Barn Kids. I am actually quite jealous that the baby owns something new from Pottery Barn and he’s not even born yet- while I have been waiting my entire adult life to be able to afford something from Pottery Barn and I have yet to be able to purchase anything from there. It doesn’t appear to me that anyone NEEDS anything from Pottery Barn. They’re always extra things that aren’t necessary. But this piece of artwork is adorable- little lambs embroidered onto a canvas. They’re sleeping and it’s a peaceful piece of art. G and I are both hoping it influences the child to sleep as well.

In other news I decided I was going to make a playlist for Thumbkin, a cd or three for him from me. I had started a little list of songs and my sister (the almighty omniscient music-finder)  has helped by providing me with two cds from which I’ll also be pulling songs that I never would’ve remembered I liked. The cd mixes she makes are awesome and the two she just sent me in the mail are the perfect new spring selection of indie music I’d like to introduce Thumbkin to, now that his little ears can likely hear what’s going on out here in world.

This week is another doozy though work-wise. I have a presentation again (SO over these things) and also two days at a conference that starts at 8:30 each day. I was almost pressured into another outside-of-work-hours-event but I’m not doing it. I’ll use pregnancy and lack of sleep as my excuse I don’t care.

Because I didn’t sleep well last night at all and I’m wondering if this is the start of something that will continue on and/or get worse.

I woke up choking and not being able to breathe because apparently whatever I ate for dinner didn’t want to stay in my stomach last night. Not gross flu puking type of thing but more like, I need gravity’s help to keep my food down sort of thing. After I took a Pepcid and propped myself UP to go back to sleep, I then had to get up two more times to pee because the bugger has rested himself on my bladder.  And it is a long cold hallway to waddle down at 3am and 4:30am in underpants and a tanktop. Thankfully the hallway isn’t a wide one so I can hold the walls as I waddle side to side all the way to the bathroom.

So that’s what’s going on here. Oh, that and today I’m on a sugar binge that I’ve never experienced before. There are homemade cookies, cakes and pie here at work and I’ve decided to just pop a prenatal vitamin and have at it. I’m going to snack-all-day instead of eating big meals and see if that helps with the whole keeping-food-in-my-stomach thing.  We’ll see!