Post Op Appointment

First off I waited for my dr today for about an hour. I knew what everyone on Facebook was doing, had read my blog subscriptions, three magazines suggesting I buy hideous clothes, and settled into a 9 minute YouTube video when he finally came in. He was thrilled with my physical “progress” (healing?) and told me to go ahead and get dressed and meet him in his office to answer any questions. And THAT is why it’s worth it to wait an hour. My doc says, get dressed, lets talk. And then he doesn’t rush, he asks the right questions, and asks for a hug when I’m sure I’m out of questions to ask.

He showed me pictures and basically told me he’s REALLY glad we opted for emergency surgery when we did. I was already bleeding internally and who knows what would’ve happened of they waited until Friday as we had planned. I left there feeling lucky and so glad to have the doctor that I do. And he seems to be hopeful about the future and fertility, so that made me feel good too. But he also said, “we will base any tests or worrying off of your emotions as how you feel about it all. If you’re concerned, I’m concerned.” To feel legitimized- that worth so much.

So onward. Feeling good about holidays and health and hope.

Here’s a picture of my kid attempting to illustrate throwing pizza dough.



9 month checkup

Today was Simon’s 9 month checkup, or “well baby visit” as they say. Gabe took the morning off so he could come too. I really like it that he does that- he’s gone with us to the doctor almost every time and has taken him there by himself, too. It just feels good to have him there.

The appointment was at 9:10, though it was 9:25 before we got to see the doctor. First the nurse came in and took his temperature and listened to his heart, and measured his head. They always measure his head twice, due to it’s weird shape. I think they’re never quite sure if the measurement is right or wrong because it a) looks big and b) because it’s still cone-shaped. At any rate, his head circumference is in the 75%ile, which seems big, until you compare it to the rest of him.

After that, we stripped him down for the weigh in and length measurement. He weighed 24 pounds and was 29 inches long. He’s stretching out! That said, he’s still in the 90%ile for weight, 75%ile for height. So at least his head is proportionate to the rest of him.

When the doctor came in (oh I love our doctor so much), she immediately laughed and asked what we were feeding him because he’s so big! I told her fruits and veggies and she said, “How do you get so big on fruits and veggies?!” haha. I mentioned how he likes broccoli and spinach and just about anything we give him and that he doesn’t have an OFF switch. She said we might have to just make sure we keep him on a schedule for eating (duh) since he seems to always want to eat whatever/whenever it’s in front of him. She also said to enjoy it now since it will not last forever. haha. It’s nice when your doctor has a kid of their own, so they will sometimes tell you that “Oh, my kid was like that…” I don’t know, it just makes you feel better.

I asked about starting him on any meats or dairy and she said both are fine. I find it weird for some reason- to give him meat. I’m not a vegetarian, and I definitely like meat, but for some reason it seems weird to mash up meat and give it to him. I’m sure he’ll eat it – but it just seems odd.

She was actually happy when I said he didn’t have any teeth. She said, “Good!” when I said we had NOTHING coming through. So that made me feel better. She also broke the news that we had to get his last Hepatitis B vaccination (boooo). I asked her (knowing the answer) how one would contract hepatitis B. She said (smiling), “Through a blood transfusion, dirty needles, or sexual contact.” I said, “I thought so, are you calling my kid a slut?” No- not really, but I did say something snarky and asked why they were being vaccinated for such things now. She said that they saw an increase in mothers who had Hep B back in the day (before they regularly vaccinated) who were passing it along to their children, so now they group it in with the other stuff. I’m not really ANTI vaccines, I wonder whether all of them are completely necessary (chicken pox?! I had that shit, it didn’t kill me, nor was it that bad). But anyways, at least I got my answer. I also mentioned Simon’s very obvious strabismic amblyopia (sigh- lazy eye) that he appears to have inherited from me in pictures. She said she’d hook us up with an ophthalmologist, and that nowadays sometimes they can correct “slight strabismus” with a patch. So I might have a baby pirate. Hooray! I had to have glasses very young so I don’t know if the patch thing will cut it, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

The doctor also prescribed us some steroid topical cream for Simon’s crazy fat roll excema that he keeps digging at in the creases of his thighs. So, after all of this, I handed Simon to Gabe and left the room while he got his shot.

Then at the end I got to hold him, go home, give him a bottle and rock him, and put him to bed. Gabe went into work and I spent the rest of the day blissfully relaxing and taking care of the boy. I even squeezed in a nap with him in the afternoon. Granted, I haven’t showered yet today, and I didn’t get much of the “things to do” I wanted to get done- but it was still very nice. It didn’t rain and we got to spend some time outside in our front yard just watching the world pass by. It’s amazing how just being “outside” can intrigue Simon for a long long time. So much to look at, I suppose.

30 week appt

Well, we had our 30 week appointment today- with an ultrasound to make sure that the placenta had moved up and wasn’t covering my cervix. Joy of joys, it is not- so I WILL be able to push this alarmingly large headed being out of my girly parts. I know, c-sections are bad and hard to recoup from and blah blah blah. I just have always liked my girl parts the way they are/were… I don’t understand why all this stretching out of my body/skin/etc. has to happen in order to procreate. I’m not a damned rubber band. I’m 30 years old and smoked for over 10 years. I’m pretty sure the elasticity of my skin is nearly gone. 

But yes the placenta is in the right place and the child is even in the right place- head down already. He’s advanced for his age probably- readytogo. This was surprising to me though, because I keep getting what I thought could only be kicks on my lower left hand side. They were so strong I just figured they were his legs. Nope- they are hard and strong upper cuts apparently. Even G said to the doctor, “Really?! He must be really strong I mean, they SEEM really strong to be punches. Maybe they’re elbows.” (But they have to be punches…because his little body is upside down and the part that I’m always patting on the right side, that’s his little back and butt.)  So I’m surprised I haven’t felt a lot of rib-kicks but I’m sure it will come soon.  Just in the past week or so I’ve been getting back aches and now my whole abdominal area just hurts…kind of like a pain you get in your side when you run, only all over. Yea that sucks. I don’t know what that’s all about but it tends to only happen at work. Once I’m in my car it’s like my whole body just relaxes.

Anyways- all looked good. I even only gained 4 additional pounds since the last appointment. And I’ve been eating ice cream whenever I want thankyouverymuch. There just isn’t much room in my stomach anymore I don’t think. haha.  Now we start going to appointments every two weeks instead of every 5, so basically it’s crunch time.

Alright now I’m REALLY going to go relax.