Post Op Appointment

First off I waited for my dr today for about an hour. I knew what everyone on Facebook was doing, had read my blog subscriptions, three magazines suggesting I buy hideous clothes, and settled into a 9 minute YouTube video when he finally came in. He was thrilled with my physical “progress” (healing?) and told me to go ahead and get dressed and meet him in his office to answer any questions. And THAT is why it’s worth it to wait an hour. My doc says, get dressed, lets talk. And then he doesn’t rush, he asks the right questions, and asks for a hug when I’m sure I’m out of questions to ask.

He showed me pictures and basically told me he’s REALLY glad we opted for emergency surgery when we did. I was already bleeding internally and who knows what would’ve happened of they waited until Friday as we had planned. I left there feeling lucky and so glad to have the doctor that I do. And he seems to be hopeful about the future and fertility, so that made me feel good too. But he also said, “we will base any tests or worrying off of your emotions as how you feel about it all. If you’re concerned, I’m concerned.” To feel legitimized- that worth so much.

So onward. Feeling good about holidays and health and hope.

Here’s a picture of my kid attempting to illustrate throwing pizza dough.



9 month checkup

Today was Simon’s 9 month checkup, or “well baby visit” as they say. Gabe took the morning off so he could come too. I really like it that he does that- he’s gone with us to the doctor almost every time and has taken him there by himself, too. It just feels good to have him there.

The appointment was at 9:10, though it was 9:25 before we got to see the doctor. First the nurse came in and took his temperature and listened to his heart, and measured his head. They always measure his head twice, due to it’s weird shape. I think they’re never quite sure if the measurement is right or wrong because it a) looks big and b) because it’s still cone-shaped. At any rate, his head circumference is in the 75%ile, which seems big, until you compare it to the rest of him.

After that, we stripped him down for the weigh in and length measurement. He weighed 24 pounds and was 29 inches long. He’s stretching out! That said, he’s still in the 90%ile for weight, 75%ile for height. So at least his head is proportionate to the rest of him.

When the doctor came in (oh I love our doctor so much), she immediately laughed and asked what we were feeding him because he’s so big! I told her fruits and veggies and she said, “How do you get so big on fruits and veggies?!” haha. I mentioned how he likes broccoli and spinach and just about anything we give him and that he doesn’t have an OFF switch. She said we might have to just make sure we keep him on a schedule for eating (duh) since he seems to always want to eat whatever/whenever it’s in front of him. She also said to enjoy it now since it will not last forever. haha. It’s nice when your doctor has a kid of their own, so they will sometimes tell you that “Oh, my kid was like that…” I don’t know, it just makes you feel better.

I asked about starting him on any meats or dairy and she said both are fine. I find it weird for some reason- to give him meat. I’m not a vegetarian, and I definitely like meat, but for some reason it seems weird to mash up meat and give it to him. I’m sure he’ll eat it – but it just seems odd.

She was actually happy when I said he didn’t have any teeth. She said, “Good!” when I said we had NOTHING coming through. So that made me feel better. She also broke the news that we had to get his last Hepatitis B vaccination (boooo). I asked her (knowing the answer) how one would contract hepatitis B. She said (smiling), “Through a blood transfusion, dirty needles, or sexual contact.” I said, “I thought so, are you calling my kid a slut?” No- not really, but I did say something snarky and asked why they were being vaccinated for such things now. She said that they saw an increase in mothers who had Hep B back in the day (before they regularly vaccinated) who were passing it along to their children, so now they group it in with the other stuff. I’m not really ANTI vaccines, I wonder whether all of them are completely necessary (chicken pox?! I had that shit, it didn’t kill me, nor was it that bad). But anyways, at least I got my answer. I also mentioned Simon’s very obvious strabismic amblyopia (sigh- lazy eye) that he appears to have inherited from me in pictures. She said she’d hook us up with an ophthalmologist, and that nowadays sometimes they can correct “slight strabismus” with a patch. So I might have a baby pirate. Hooray! I had to have glasses very young so I don’t know if the patch thing will cut it, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

The doctor also prescribed us some steroid topical cream for Simon’s crazy fat roll excema that he keeps digging at in the creases of his thighs. So, after all of this, I handed Simon to Gabe and left the room while he got his shot.

Then at the end I got to hold him, go home, give him a bottle and rock him, and put him to bed. Gabe went into work and I spent the rest of the day blissfully relaxing and taking care of the boy. I even squeezed in a nap with him in the afternoon. Granted, I haven’t showered yet today, and I didn’t get much of the “things to do” I wanted to get done- but it was still very nice. It didn’t rain and we got to spend some time outside in our front yard just watching the world pass by. It’s amazing how just being “outside” can intrigue Simon for a long long time. So much to look at, I suppose.

This week

This week has been a doozy…week two of the “new job” and Simon’s dr. appointment today, and a big staff meeting at the buttcrackofdawn tomorrow morning.

Today was Simon’s “four month” appointment. We’re a little behind since Simon’s five and a half months old. It’s kind of nice though- I don’t know how I feel about vaccines completely, but I like the idea that he’s a month and a half older each time he gets a dose of the medicines. In my mind hes a bit bigger and stronger being just a little over the four month mark when they inject him with dead viruses. Sigh. Oh well. I can handle a fever and fussiness, I probably wouldn’t handle potential paralysis and/or death of my infant son very well. Regardless, it’s so hard to see him get pricked. Actually- I’ve not seen it happen yet. Gabe went with me the last time and was the bad guy “holding him down” while he got his shots. And today, I could feel the blood rushing from my head and giving me that pit-of-my-stomach nausea feeling as soon as we walked in the door, so I had to ask a nurse to please let me stand outside and I’d rush in to be the savior when it was over. I’m not always so good with needles.

Today Simon weighed 19.6 pounds and was 26 a 3/4 inches long! He’s in the 90th percentile for weight (again) and the 75th percentile for height. His head size jumped from 50th percentile to 75th, but I think that’s because of his head shape- and the last nurse who measured it (at the two month appointment) didn’t seem to measure right in my opinion. Regardless, his head is the right size for his body- even if it’s a little misshapen (you can thank your dad’s genes for that, Simon).

The doctor said we’re good to go if we want to start giving him food, so that’ll be the next thing on the list. I’m excited to see how he reacts to that. I think he’ll like it since he’s taking an obvious interest in anything we’re putting in our mouths- and has even followed the trail of my spoon with his mouth open like a baby bird while I was eating ice cream. I’ll be sure to post pictures of his first impression of food. He sucks down the Rotovirus vaccine like it’s candy- and anything else for that matter. He likes food. I’m excited to break out my babyfood maker and start whipping up some good veggies and fruits for him. I think it will be good for us too, since I’ll likely make it out of the food that I also make for us.

The doctor was also impressed by Simon’s ability to pull things to his mouth (namely his pacifier) and how he can sit up halfway unattended. She said that his swaying side to side motion (while sitting up) was a 7 month old skill so I was all proud of my “advanced” child. I suppose it’s good he can move that body since it’s so big! When he was laying down and started his typical running-man moves she said, “He’s a mover!” I have to agree. I’m terrified of when he starts becoming more mobile because he seems to have two gears- Park (or sleep) and SUPER FAST.

And when he got his shots he barely cried this time, and even was smiley at the nurse afterwards. Now last time he got the shots he was sleepy the first day and extremely crabby the next- so I’m prepared for the fussiness tomorrow. Right now he’s sleeping so I haven’t seen him since I got home from work since his bedtimes are creeping up to the 8-8:30 range, which is kind of a bummer. But I’m glad he’s getting sleep. And I’m still glad I get those sweet moments in the early morning with him in our bed. I know, I’m creating a bad habit by bringing him in our bed at 5 or 6am but he’s awake, and smiling and making noise….when I bring him into our bed he goes right back to sleep. And I love sleep. So much. So so much.

So I should go to bed soon because tomorrow will come quick I’m sure. There’s a big big meeting and I would hate to be late to it. And I just pray that Simon behaves during the whole thing! Maybe he’ll sleep through it???? Ha! Doubtful!

My second cousin goes to KU!

So big.


Happy Friday!

So this past week we was a doozy.  We had our follow up New Parents Project visit from the OSU researchers, and we had the doctor’s appointment, or “two month well-visit” which happened a month and a half late.  (Between the endocrinologist appointment and blood drawn, and my doctor’s appointment, and going back to work- I just didn’t get to schedule his appt. in time for the official “two month” mark.) So we were late.

But once again, Simon was a charmer at the dr.’s office. I took a fuzzy blanket to lay him on and stripped him down as soon as we got there. From that point on he was all smiles, kicking and swinging his arms about- smiling for us and not minding the cold and sterile room a bit. Gabe and I were both there, and I was mentally reminding myself of all the questions I had to ask the Dr. I was also dreading the worst part of the “well visit”—-> the shots. I hate needles, I hate it when Simon has to get pricked, I am definitely NOT the strong one when it comes to that stuff. So I was nervous.

The doctor poked her head in to tell us she’d be right there- and said, “Whoa I’ll be back to see the giant baby in just a few minutes.” He was such a far cry from the tiny floppy yellow baby we brought in when he was 2 days old. Before she got to the room, we had him measured and weighed.

At 3 and a half months old, Simon weighs 16.8 pounds and is 25.5 inches long! 90th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height.


When the doctor came back in to the room, she answered all of my questions including:

Q: Is that little nodule in the nape of his neck a cyst, is it normal?

A: It is normal, but it’s a lymph node, not a cyst.

Q: Is his dry and red/itchy skin on his face and head eczema?

A: No, cradle cap and his face breaking out is a reaction to cradle cap, and he just has sensitive skin.

Q: Are his toenails normal looking- they look like they could get ingrown easily?

A: Baby toenails are so soft that they don’t/can’t really get ingrown.

Q: Does his lumpy head look normal?

A: Yes, it’s flat on two sides in the back, from where he likes to lay and look to the right all the time, making the rest of his head look lumpy. It should get better the more he starts moving his head around from side to side.

So once all my questions were answered, and she looked in his eyes and ears and mouth, and remarked at how smiley and friendly he was,  she left and the mean terrible nurse came in to make him eat the Rotavirus liquid and give him two shots. He gulped the Rotavirus vaccine down like it was some sort of tasty treat. Then Gabe held him down while the mean old nurse stuck him. He screamed and it broke my heart. Then immediately he went limp and his eyes closed, which frankly scared the everlivingshit out of me. He then slept for most of the day. I had to go to work that afternoon and hated leaving him. I would have much preferred snuggling and napping alongside him.

Then Thursday happened and Simon woke up MAD. I think the shots really made him fussy and sore, as he wouldn’t nurse that morning, didn’t want anything but to be bounced up and down while I walked around the house. No laying down, no rocking, no napping, no eating…wouldn’t have any of it. Later on in the day his sitter told me he eventually ate some and pooped, and was a smiley happy baby again. I was really relieved. I hated seeing him so uncomfortable. He still wasn’t nursing like normal, but then last night and this morning and afternoon he was back to normal mostly. He’s getting much more distract-able while he’s nursing (makes sense now that he’s bigger and starting to notice other stuff going on around him) which makes me sad and I hope we can continue breastfeeding at LEAST until he’s 6 months old. It took us so long to get the hang of it I really want it to work as long as possible.

In other news Simon is mastering the roll-over from tummy to back. I laid him down on his tummy in his crib while I went into the other room to iron something yesterday morning. I heard him start to cry and I came in to find him on his back! I think he scared himself by rolling over. Then this morning, when I went down to get him up, he was clear down at the foot of his crib. So he’s starting to scoot and roll. It’s only a matter of time before he’ll be off to the races I’m sure.  That is terrifying.

So it’s been quite a whirlwind week. Go Buckeyes! Beat Michigan!


If you can’t say something nice…

Don’t say anything at all.

That’s where I’m at, folks. The internet didn’t do anything to deserve the wrath I would lay upon it today. So I’ll just tell you this:

  • I’ve gained 2 pounds in a week, probably 1 pound per cankle. Because I’ve misplaced my ankle bones. They’ve been REplaced with the likes of diabetic women-in-congestive-heart-failure-feet. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.
  • I’m a centimeter dilated but that doesn’t matter. People apparently walk around with baby heads between their legs dilated at 5 cm or something before anyone takes notice.
  • The doctor asked if I could find a place to lay down at work 2-3 times a day. I laughed.

That’s it for today folks, because I can’t do it without for-real-uncensored cussing. It’s just where I’m at these days.

36 weeks, 3 days, doctor appointment


Here we are. There is a carseat base in the back of my car. There’s a working swing put together in the basement. The blankets, sheets, and newborn outfits are all washed and folded. There’s enough diapers that I don’t want to buy more until we use some up to make room for more. All that’s left to do is clean. And really- there’s not much of that left to do either.

I had a doctor’s appointment today in which the doctor looked at me in a surprised manner and said, “Why, his head’s RIGHT THERE.”

Well I HOPE SO. (Where else would it be?!)

He then said, “Are you feeling a lot of pressure?”

I refrained from saying, “Um it feels like I’ve got 10 lb. barbells chained from  my vulva,” and instead I said, “Why yes. Pressure, yes.” (BTW I love the word vulva. It reminds me of cars and plant parts.)

He asks me (again- he asks every time) how big I was as a baby. Again, I told him (like a broken record), “I was 8.8 but my brothers and sister were 9 and 10.5 pounds each…”

FINALLY I think he heard me. He said, “Let’s try to have an 8 pound baby.” I said I’d do my best…and then he said, “Let’s try to have this baby in the next two weeks.”


I’m not getting my hopes up. But this comment alone makes me realize that soon, SOON I will not be pregnant anymore. I will instead have a baby. My baby, our baby, our boy to hold and kiss and sniff his head….(insert more loving adorable mom thoughts)

…and I will not be pregnant anymore. I will probably also be covered in vomit and poop and exhausted. My nipples will be bleeding and sore and I will have hormonal nightmares to deal with afterwards. But I will not be pregnant.  I will have fatigue-induced dementia but I will not be pregnant. Woo hoo!

My birthday is August 3rd….I wouldn’t mind sharing it. As I understand it once you have kids you don’t really get to celebrate holidays for yourself anymore anyways. Why not get a baby for your birthday!? I don’t know if it will happen like that but at least I have a STRONG indication that the doctor will not let me go past my due date. And that makes me so happy.

*EDIT* Other suitable days for baby to be born:

August 1st, my friend Ruthie’s birthday

August 4th, my “friends” Lisa Ayers and Barack Obama’s birthdays! Finally a real reason to make his middle name Hussein aside from just to piss off our parents!

August 11th, Gabe’s Grandmother’s birthday (I think)

32 week appointment

Today was my 32 week appointment. We go every other week now- (“we” meaning me and Thumbkin) until July 22nd.  Then we go every week until…until he’s here.


Anyways, the appointment was pretty uneventful- peed in the cup (getting really good at that), blood pressure was the best it’s been…well…ever (guess that’s what happens when you quit smoking), and weighed in at….3 lbs heavier than last time. 3lbs in 2 weeks isn’t too bad.  Also heard the little bugger’s heartbeat which is going strong…and the doctor said, “Isn’t that cool?!” like he does every time.  And I said, “Yup-sounds good,” like I do every time.

The doctor said things like, “Drink a lot of water,” “Start paying attention to contractions,” “Don’t get too hot,” “You look great,” “You’re measuring right on the money,” “Probably 7-8 pounds,” “Good genetics are key,” and that sort of thing.  So all in all it made me feel ok.

Next “thing” on the list is: I have to pick a pediatrician, one that has “rights” at Riverside since that’s where we’re delivering. What stinks about that is there’s a peditrician across the street from our apartment that’s affiliated with Mt. Carmel, and then my GP is affiliated with OSU, but there’s also a pediatrician in that office too- and it’s in Grandview as well. So I have to call those offices and hope that one of them will be able to go to Riverside. We’ll see.

But all in all I’m right on track with what-I’m-supposed-to-be-doing/feeling I guess.

Oh, and I’m 8 months pregnant. 32 weeks divided by 4 weeks per month = 8 months. Holy lord. Scary.