Simon meeting George

So let’s see, where were we?

Right. Hospital. Spat out baby. Family came to visit. And Simon came to meet his little brother.

My mom and dad making introductions.
Proud Big Brother.
Being reassured I am not “sick”

We had a present “from George” to Simon, so he opened that and played in the room for a while. My parents stuck around for a few hours before leaving with Simon on an adventure to find Uncle Bert and do other fun things.

We were able to get discharged Saturday night, which was a little shorter of a stay than what most people do, but I was ready to get home and have a night in our house with just the baby before Simon came home. Our house is incredibly small and I was worried about the crying/noise waking Simon up at night.

George and George.

Everything was pretty uneventful and then Sunday mid morning my parents brought Simon back home. Immediately he ran up to his room and was gathering up stuffed animals to “give” to George.

Then my brother and sister in law came by and gifted Simon and George some pretty awesome Batman pajamas, so we had to put those on, of course.

Proud big bro

And everything else went pretty well. Simon periodically asks to hold his brother. He loves him, he also loves snuggling with me and him in bed in the mornings. He’s sighed and wished aloud that he AND Gabe had “breasts with milk in them” so that either a) Gabe could feed the baby so I could assist Simon with something, or b) so Simon could feed the baby because he REALLY wants to feed him.

Simon had his Christmas program just two days after we’d gotten home from the hospital. I crammed my swollen body into my maternity jeans again and we went to the church to hear the preschoolers sing Christmas Carols. The program only lasted 15 minutes, but I wept. I cried because my hormones were a mess, and because they sang songs that were so incredibly sweet, and the kids all had tinsel halos on…and jingle bell necklaces, and I just cried like a baby. We got there late and had to sit in the very back, but I did manage to squeeze myself in amongst the parents taking pictures up front and captured this gem, right as he said, “There’s my mommy!” and again– there were tears (my tears, not his).

Preschool Christmas Program, 2013

So I started this post over a week ago and am only now finishing it. Clearly, I am having a difficult time managing my time


This morning I was out of bed at 7am while everyone (even the baby) slept. I made breakfast for Simon and packed his lunch, woke him up and managed to get everything ready, for the first time since we brought the baby home. The only thing that DIDN’T get ready for the day was me. It was very encouraging to get things accomplished this morning. It felt like at SOME point, I’ll be able to get us all ready and out the door to work, school and sitter.

But most of the time we’re just flailing around here trying to fulfill the immediate desires of our offspring, drinking Crystal Light Lemonade and wearing pajamas even after we take showers.

I will try really hard to get more updates on here- including Christmas, New Years’ and a list of things keeping us afloat. πŸ™‚



Christmas decorations

We read Elf on the Shelf tonight after I hauled all the Christmas stuff out and found a bajillion books in with decorations.

I asked Simon, “Do you know what a secret is?”

And he put his finger to his lips and whispered, “yes, it is a clubhouse where grandpa gives me candy.”

Busted, grandpa.

Christmas/New Year roundup: PS I’m engaged.

We had a whirlwind tour of Ohio over Christmas weekend. The weather was great so we didn’t have to deal with snow, and the three of us headed up to Salem on Christmas Eve morning, a Saturday. Simon was excited to see Grandma when we told him where we were going, it was nice to be able to explain to him that we had a destination and eventually we would be there. First time for that. It was a long ride, but Simon was great and when we got to my parents house he was just thrilled to be there.

Christmas Eve, my family always has our big family get together, and it was lovely. Great food, and it was so fun to be able to see everyone and hold my niece, talk about new babies coming in May and July (not mine! but still exciting!) and just be with everyone. Simon just loves his cousin Landry, and constantly asks to hold her.

Simon’s brief commentary on holding Landry.

My brother Brett got a new camera for Christmas, and he snapped some great pictures of the family enjoying themselves.

Simon got SO many cool toys and he just loved everyone opening presents. Christmas Day was spent around the house and then on Christmas evening we drove (with our NEW CAR!) to Gabe’s family’s condo near Akron. There we relaxed, put Simon to bed, and hung out with Gabe’s family. Day-After-Christmas, we opened gifts with Gabe’s family and Simon (again) got lots and lots of really cool stuff. His favorite was probably the giant dump truck and “loader”- which he loaded up with Hershey Kisses over and over again, and dumped on the ground. That evening was a little overwhelming for Simon. A small place with lots of unfamiliar faces that he sees only once a year. But he was a great sport. We headed home that night so we could do our own mini-family Christmas morning on Tuesday.

The drive back to Columbus was pretty long with extra traffic, but once we were home we were so glad we headed back when we did. It was nice to just be in our house, in pajamas, and enjoy each other’s company. We had such a great Christmas seeing everyone and always wish that time would last longer- but you know, being home is good too.

That night, after Simon was in bed, we managed to put all the new toys away and laid out the presents Santa left for us to give Simon the next morning. Gabe and I were also going to exchange gifts.

Tuesday morning, Simon was SO excited about the presents Santa left him in his stocking (new makeup brushes, soap, a dinosaur, socks, mittens, etc.) and then new books, a helmet, some roads for his trucks and a guitar! He was a happy kid. Gabe was happy with the gifts I got for him, and when I looked around, there weren’t any gifts left to open, and there wasn’t anything for me….

Hm. No big deal.

Then Gabe handed me my stocking and inside of it was a ring. πŸ™‚ And he asked me if I would still marry him. I said “Of course.” And you know what? I’m pretty damned happy right now. We went out for a pancake breakfast and gathered up supplies to make panini’s on our new panini maker.

I pretty much spent the rest of the week in a daze enjoying the prospect of planning a super small wedding and calling Gabe my husband.

My mom came into town to watch Simon for me on Thursday morning while I worked, so we went out to a nice dinner on Wednesday night together and drank wine and talked. It was a nice visit, too.

During this time, we also bought a flat screen television and Apple TV, so we now have all our online content available at our disposal on the television set. I don’t think we necessarily watch MORE tv since having it, than we did before, but it’s definitely nice to not be tethered to the laptop if we’re wanting to watch something on Hulu or Netflix together. Oh, and Simon thinks it’s a touch screen like the iPad, so that’s kind of a pain too.

New Year’s Eve we just hung out at home but had some friends over, and it was lovely. New Years’ Day it was unseasonably warm and we got to go to the park and play/burn off energy for a little bit, which was great. Simon loved being able to ride his bike.

I finally went back to work on Monday of this week. I had nearly an entire week off between Christmas and New Years’ and it was so nice to have several days of just hanging out with my kid.Β And this week back to the grind, it’s been rough. Simon’s battling a nasty cold and obviously we’re all battling getting-back-into-the-work-routine and I swear my clothes all got tighter over just one week of me eating everythinginsight. Thankfully I have this coming weekend off, so we can use some of that time to regroup, too.

December is here…

So December is here and the house is decorated and I have bags of odds and ends of gifts I need to organize downstairs, and lots and lots of stuff to make in the next few weeks. This weekend was nice though, Gabe’s mom and dad came into town, along with his brother Greg and his two kids, Pierce and Celeste. They kept Simon at a hotel overnight saturday night so they could all go swimming. He had a ball, of course. Gabe and I had a great dinner at Cap City Diner and then even went out downtown to Tip Top, where I’d never been before, with some friends. It was really nice to be around other adults and talk about adult things.

Then today (Sunday) everyone came over to our place this morning and made gingerbread houses from a kit Gabe’s mom got at a craft show. Simon loved it. Who doesn’t love icing at 10 in the morning?!

nom nom nom icing nom nom


Simon, Pierce and I working on our gingerbread village.


the little marshmallow men no longer live in the village. They've all disappeared.


After this fun project, we decided to go get a bite to eat, which was bad timing on our part. There was a long wait at our original destination and Simon ran through the restaurant (I’m chasing him) yelling, “I want to eeeeeaaaaatttt!” And I’m sorry, it was embarrassing, but it was also hilarious. In this kind of situation (while I’m trying to make sure he and I don’t knock people over or food off tables) it is hard not to laugh in pure desperation at the situation. Gabe does not find it nearly as amusing as I do. Needless to say, we left that restaurant, and headed to another one, with an equally long wait, but some room for the kids to run around and some distractions for them as well. Once Simon was seated with his jelly packets and dump truck on the table, and after he’d eaten probably a table spoon of salt (thanks cousin Pierce for teaching him how to pour it on the table, lick fingers, stick in salt mound and then lick fingers again), he was pretty contented. He really is good- but the tantrums are coming faster and closer together. We will probably not eat out at a restaurant again for a year, is my guess. The good thing about it is, at least we were with Gabe’s family- who is completely familiar with eating out and kids, and how those two things rarely go smoothly. So everyone tends to just roll with the punches.

I headed off to work then. Came home and Simon had just gotten up from his nap. It’s dark out early now, so when he gets up from his nap and it’s dark, he’s very confused and sometimes crabby. Tonight was one of those nights. I decided an outing to the store might be a good idea for a change of scenery. So Simon and I went to Target and I came back having spent $100 and not really gotten much of what I needed (go figure). It’s just a little difficult to do now that Simon is yelling the whole time. Half the time what he’s yelling is either adorable or entertaining. The other half of the time is whining and/or complaining and that is the un-fun part.

So. I was again going to write Simon’s monthly Letter today, but I think I’m going to put it off another day or two so I can decompress from the tantrums. I don’t want my irritable exhausted mood to transfer into negative words in what’s supposed to be a loving note to my beautiful boy.

FOUR MORE DAYS until a three day weekend. I had to take Friday off because the sitter is going out of town. I am SO looking forward to it.

As it always does….

December is flying. The time between Thanskgiving and Christmas seems to get shorter and shorter each year. Right now I”m sitting in a rare moment of silence as Simon sleeps in his swing. Dee is in town for the weekend and we’re going to go shopping in a bit. I still have several Christmas gifts to buy. I’m completely stumped on what to get Gabe- he seems to be perfectly content with his man room and everything else he has currently- so I’m lost as to what to get him.

Recently our lives have been filled with work- and then sleep- and then work again with visits from Nonni and this wonderful Snowman outfit that Gabe worries will permanently emotionally scar Simon. He doesn’t like people to think we dress him in fruity outfits like this one, so we’ve had many photo shoots trying to get the “perfect Christmas picture” for his mom’s annual Christmas Card. I am pretty sure the Snowman outfit pic won, but here are a few of my favorites. If you are on facebook, I’m sorry for duplicating pictures! πŸ™‚

future embarrassment pic to show girlfriends
I look like a Kewpie doll, don't I?