switching it up

Originally I created this blog in WordPress as opposed to Blogger because I was under the assumption that WordPress was more creative- allowed for more freedom regarding design and whatnot. This might be true– if you remember CSS from your HTML class you took in 2006…..which I do not. I hated the CSS portion of the class. Granted cascading style sheets were created to make life easier for people but for some reason- the gobbledy gook just stressed me out and I allowed that nonsense to go in one ear and out the other.

So for the time being, I switched the theme to a more GREEN one…which is hopefully easier on the eyes as well. I’ve also made an attempt to list the blog with BlogHer, which is a great way to find funny blogs to read by women all over.

This morning G was really sweet- knowing that I hate thunderstorms, upon hearing them mid-REM cycle this morning I try to turn towards him to snuggle closer. He knows that I get all jumpy when there’s thunder and lightning. However, being jumpy while being this pregnant is difficult. Switching comfortable positions is also difficult. He sweetly hoisted me towards him to hug for the last 20 or so minutes we had in bed. Of course, all of this back and forthing and movement woke up the little one in my belly, who was perfectly comfortable in my stomach before I’d switched positions. He kicked for a few minutes to let me know he wasn’t happy with the abrupt wake up/shake around and eventually settled down…right before my alarm went off.

Then after showering and eating a bowl of cereal while wearing the incredible shrinking bath towel on the living room couch (I need to invest in a summer bathrobe), I headed upstairs. It’s Friday which means “jeans day” where I work- which used to be a lot of fun and now just means…are we going to try to do jeans today? Or just give up and sport another mumu???

I opted for the jean capris. While I teetered into them without completely falling over, I said aloud to G in the other room (also getting dressed for work): “Um, I don’t like it when the tag on my pants says Grande”

G’s response: “At least it doesn’t say Grande Supreme”



An update

So, for three days in a row this week, we (meaning G and I) have gone on night-time walks around our neighborhood. I think this is a good habit to get into, seeing as I was “warned” about my dessert problem by my doctor last time I saw him. Basically he suggested I have dessert only once per week instead of once a day. (I found this suggestion ridiculous- as I had/have a hard time limiting dessert to once a DAY.)

Over the past week or so my appetite is less all-consuming (ba-dum-dum-dum). Plus the indigestion I get after eating ANYTHING is hardly worth the big meals so I’ve been eating smaller bits throughout the day and increasing my fruit and healthy food intake. Adding walking to the mix I thought would help the whole pregnancy schtick even more. But I’ve been getting whacked by the fatigue thing again. I had a few days where I felt like I could sleep FOR DAYS. And getting out of bed in the morning is tough.  So I guess this is normal as my second trimester winds down and my body gets bigger and harder to haul around each day.  I’m also waking up in the morning with the almost-having-leg-cramps-feeling. Isn’t that bizarre? Why is it that sometimes you get that warning feeling that your calves are about to cramp up, and then other times, you don’t? I don’t understand it. I’ve been eating bananas and taking vitamins and YES drinking water (though I probably could drink more) so hopefully that will help with the near-cramping. I HATE leg cramps!

Only half of my belly button has popped out, and I wonder if mine is defective due to its depth. It looks more like a Precious Moments nose than a popped out belly button.  (Do people still buy those? I was all hopped up on Precious Moments back in 5th grade or so.)

Yesterday I finally broke down and purchased cloud wall decals to put up in the baby room (Similar to these). I got them on Etsy- my first Etsy purchase ever, though I frequent the website a lot and often LOVE the things I see- I hope this first purchase leads to more and more additional purchases from the site in the future, as I love handmade things and it seems quite affordable.   I’m also thinking about making a mobile type thing to hang from the hideous light fixture in his room- out of a wooden embroidery hoop and other things. We’ll see if I get around to that.

Thumbkin has days where he seems to want to do the running-man for 10 hours straight, and then he has days when I just feel him toss and turn and try to get comfortable. It’s interesting. Mostly I can tell that when I lay down to watch a show on DVD or something (or right at bed time) he’ll start the kind of kicking that is visible on my skin and startles me enough to jump or make a remark out loud.

Oh I updated some links in the sidebar to the right. I added all of the “mommyblogs” I read religiously as well as the the mommyblogs of the people I know IN REAL LIFE! They’re interesting, adorable people who don’t cuss like I do (in public).

I spent about 2 hours yesterday morning on Youtube watching labor and delivery videos and also looking at pictures of other people that are as pregnant as me. I like to compare and see where I stand. Where DO I stand? No idea really. I have some sort of crazy body dysmorphia so I can’t really properly guess. But it gave me something to do yesterday. Today I”m going to try to walk before work- which would make it FOUR days this week I’ve gone on a walk. Then tomorrow I”m off work and I am dog-sitting my lovable nephew Gunner for the weekend, so we’ll be doing EVEN MORE WALKING together throughout the weekend. And…that’s all she has planned, folks. Originally we were thinking about going up to Salem but my mom’s headed down to Hilton Head again and Brett and Kristen won’t be around and Eric will probably have to work and Kim will probably be in Pennsylvania and Dad will probably be busy– so I’m just staying home. Gabe might still head up to help his parents clean out their house WHICH THEY SOLD (can you believe it?! in this economy!?) so I plan on having a date-day/night with the dog.

If anyone stays in town, call me!

I am addicted

To several things: cinnamon melts from McDonalds, and this Cool Mom Picks Blog.   Yes, it’s a little “hippie” and they advertise clothing that’s all organic (Heaven forbid) and other environmentally friendly items (Yee Gads- I’m going to raise a Commie!). 

I can’t really afford any of the stuff on it, but in a dream world, I would purchase almost everything on it. But here’s something I may actually splurge on for the baby’s room– or hell, the living room.

Oh and another thing: I’d like someone to buy my child a picture book on the Boston Tea Party, because I want to explain to him the difference between that and what avid Fox News viewers all over the US were trying to do on Tax Day.

And I love John Oliver.


So I made it through the presentation, and even got some great compliments afterwards. It seriously felt like someone lifted 2000 lbs off of my back the minute it was over.  Now- of course I have other things to worry about.

Like- my a$$hole landlords wanting me to pay them $690 for the 5 days in April I’ll be “living” in their apartment. I offered to pay them $161 for the pro-rated amount of time I’ll actually be living there.  Psssst….landlords, you can kiss my fat ass.  It’s not happening.  Now I don’t know if I’m going to even give them that much. So I started packing. Packing like an insane lunatic. But I’m ready to getthehellouttathere because it’s a hellhole anyways. And did I mention that we’re acquiring baby stuff?!

Did I mention that I find out what Thumbkin is on Monday?! I have this uneasy feeling that immediately, upon learning the boy-or-girl-news I will want to rush off somewhere and buy…something…anything. I don’t know. Probably first to Buckeye Corner to either get the Jim Tressel onesie or the OSU Cheerleading outfit. I mean, my doc’s office is in the SAME PLAZA as the Buckeye Corner, so that’s gotta mean something.

My friend Ria just found out she’s having a boy. And I had to laugh at her picture because WOWZA that is a boy.  I suppose that if you’re sitting on the camera it’s going to be very easy to determine. But it just made me wonder how Thumbkin is laying.  Next week the baby will be as “long as a banana” according to one web site I’ve visited…so G says we need a new name for Thumbkin. “Bananakin” just is too hard and sounds too close to Anakin.

So I don’t know. I’m just excited for the next two weeks. I look at next week’s schedule and think, “Holy shit on Wednesday I will know if I’m ever going to have to have the Period talk with my daughter, or if I’ll just buy condoms and place them strategically throughout the house when my baby boy grows into a teenager.” Whoa. Either way, the child- boy or girl, will likely not get away with ANYthing. G and I have already done it- guaranteed, and we probably still would be finding out more rotten things to do if we hadn’t gotten pregnant. We wrote the book on bein’ naughty so GOOD LUCK KIDDO! It won’t matter anyways, since Thumbkin will be incredibly busy becoming an extremely talented genius so G and I can quit working. He or she won’t have time to be naughty. Hahahah. I know, I hear your chuckles through the screen.