The deets.

A 30 year old and her adorable boyfriend found themselves pregnant right around Christmas 2008, a “miracle” of sorts that was terrifying and exciting. This blog started out as a crazy ranting place for me to vent about how I felt when I was pregnant. Then it became a baby book. Now, it’s a catch all for either emotional output, or those moments I want to jot down but forget to because I’m too busy. Librarian by day, mom and girlfriend wife by night.


“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

Like my turquoise bra hanging out there? That picture is what I like to call the good ol’ days.

And then Mr. Simon graced us with his presence.

And then I complained for two years until Gabe finally asked me to marry him.

one big happy family.

And now we’re “officially” a family, with a little boy. Though we have always been a family, now we can just check different boxes on our taxes and our resentful arguments can last longer since we’re together forever. 🙂 KIDDING!

Life is good. Always has been. We are lucky folks.

Just after our 1 year wedding anniversary we found out that we are once-again pregnant…this time on purpose!

And George was added to the mix in December 2013. May2014_PortraitShoppe_MG_5855

But now we’re all older. Gabe and I are tired and trying to keep up with two boys. We love adventuring in the woods, campfires and keeping busy. I love our life. Thanks for being interested enough to read about it when I find time to write.