This can’t be.

But it is! I totally skipped George’s 3rd birthday. He’s now three and a half. HOLY CRAP I FEEL TERRIBLE. I actually logged into the blog to start reading Simon letters, because his birthday falls around that sleepy part of August right before school starts and we get wrapped up in all of the Back to School Nonsense and I realized.


Well shit.

I’ll try to catch you up on all things George, but buckle up buttercup, because a LOT has changed.

Dear George,

You are 3. You seem more like 4 or 5. You are constantly trying to keep up with big kids, whether it is the neighbors across the street or your brother, or just us as usual. This past weekend we were camping at Buck Creek State Park and we went on a hike. I think we yelled “Keep Up, George!” about 50 times during that walk. We are always yelling at you to keep up. At one point you had sat down in the middle of the gravel path when we were trying to get somewhere and your dad started to get frustrated, thinking you were about to throw a fit. But I could tell you were just looking for special rocks. I came over and helped you pick two good ones. I need to remember you are only three. But not for much longer, as you are now nearly four! Time flies, oh it does.
You still have the cutest way of saying things. You sort of talk like you’re for Boston or something. You say Muddah and Fadduh and Bruddah and you say “cah” for Car and it’s adorable. You LOVE to make people laugh, and you think the only way to do that is through potty talk and jokes. I feel like you hit this stage a little harder and sooner than Simon did. Obviously Simon thinks your potty talk is funny, so he is no help in getting you to stop it. We roll our eyes. We do that alot.

You still don’t eat very much in the way of vegetables or fruits, though I was told you ate watermelon the other day which surprised me. You prefer cheese and hotdogs, yogurt and noodles, and chicken nuggets. You like your food processed and having barely any taste at all.  You do like ketchup, and I have been told that some circles view that as vegetable matter, so I guess I should count it too. You eat mini muffins almost every day for breakfast. You get into the fridge and pantry cupboard to get yourself snacks and drinks all the time. I wish your older brother would take such initiative. He still waits for us to serve him. In the meantime our 3 year old is on the kitchen floor pouring himself an apple juice.

Every night we lay with you in your bed until you fall asleep and 9 out of 10 nights you end up in our bed. Usually this happens between 4 and 5:30am. Sometimes you tell me you are thirsty and I have to get up and go back down to your room to get your cup of water. Sometimes you crawl into our bed and grab my face and whisper “I just missed you, mommy” and then you snuggle in close.

You are my little shadow, and I love it but also it can get overwhelming when you won’t accept anyone else’s help. You will shriek and yell when something doesn’t go your way. Though you are quick to anger over somethings, you are a surprisingly good sharer and friend with kids on the playground and in social situations. There are some things that I worry about with Simon that I just don’t worry about with you. And vice versa. You are your own person. You have a spark in you that I recognize and love- you are so very special to me.

You will climb into my lap and look into my eyes and say “I am NOT your baby, mama.”

And I say “YES YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BABY” and end in a ticklefest. You love to say and do ridiculous things that will get a reaction from someone to tickle or chase you. You are so fun. You are so lovely, you are the perfect final piece to our family.  You make me think about things in ways I haven’t before. I am not sure how to explain that, but I’ll workon coming up with a way.

For your birthday party, which was 8 months ago, we had a PJ mask themed small party at the library. We had cupcakes and decorations and balloons. You liked it but also completely melted down when we started to sing happy birthday. We caught that on video, it was a good one. Your birthday being near christmas is a tough one for me to remember everything that I need to do. I will work on that more for this year, I promise.

You are a constant celebration to me. You exclaim “Mom! You’re Back!” and “Mom! You’re home!” in a way that no one has before. You are always excited to see me, always always. When that stops, I know I will be sad. You and Simon fight over which of my hands you want to hold. It feels so good to be loved so much, but only because I know it is fleeting and soon Simon won’t want me to hold his hand. Soon you won’t either. And I won’t know which time is the last time you’ll grab it in public, but eventually that time will come.

I love you and your curls. I love you and your ears. I love you and your vampire teeth. I love your cackling laugh and silly jokes. I love that on our drive you were clapping along to the beat of a song you’d never heard before- perfectly. You are so special to me. I’m sorry I didn’t write you this letter sooner, but please know I love you with all of my big old heart.








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