George, 2 and a half on June 13, 2016

Hi George, I’m a month late on your half-birthday post/letter. I apologize for that, really.

But keeping up with two young bucks like you and your brother requires a good deal of energy, patience, snacks, and as it turns out, Pinot Grigio. But we can talk about that later. Instead, let’s marvel at the young man you’ve become over the past 6 months.

The year between 2 and 3 is heartbreaking for a number of reasons, but I think my least favorite is watching all of your chub melt away and your neck lenthen out so now you look less like a baby and more like a BOY. And the last time we had “haircut night” and your dad and Simon sat in the living room while I buzzed their hair with the clippers, you requested a hair cut too– with the clippers. And now you have a little boy haircut instead of the wispy curls that I let get a little too long over your ears. I love and hate that, too.

In June we took a vacation to Hilton Head again this year, and you did not like the beach. We went to the beach with another family, who also had young children, and going-to-the-beach with young children is never an easy feat. It takes time and effort and TRIPS of hauling too and fro, chairs and towels and picnics and floats. Sand toys and the Big Tent, etc. As soon as we arrive on the beach this year under our beautiful Big Tent, you put your sunscreened arms around my neck and cried “I want my IPAAADDDDDD!!!!!!!!” How dare we bring you to a private beach in South Carolina, when you could be tapping on a screen watching Power Puff girls for hours on end? We are terrible parents. But we spent those days at the beach trying to get you near the water– Nope, trying to get you to play in the sand– Nope. And mostly I would just have a beverage and focus on the waves instead of the whining because oh my, you did not like the beach. Maybe next year!

Aside from the beach, we went to the pool on vacation, and we go to our local pool quite often now that we’re home. You do NOT like to go into the water where you can’t touch, whether a grown up (Mommeeeeeee!) has you or not. You do not entirely trust your “puddle jumper” float, so you stay safely bouyed in the baby pool or by the steps, armed with at least 1 “watta squirter”. 

And you spray anyone around you. I spend most of the time apologizing for your squirting people in the face, or offering your victims squirters they can use to defend themselves. Water squirters are your second favorite things, second only to screens like the ipad.

Oh! How could I forget?! While I appreciated that you didn’t scream ALL the way down to SC in the car, and only for a few hours- once we finally arrived at the beach, you threw Daddy’s wedding ring into the lagoon (not to be found) and my phone onto the concrete (rendered unfixable). So I actually don’t have any pictures from vacation on my phone. We did not let that wreck our vacation but we did joke about feeding you to the alligators…until we heard a terrible story about a toddler ACTUALLY being eaten by an alligator, after that we just sort of let you off the hook.

Right now you still are a very picky eater, preferring “take, tookies, ice team, and blue popsittles” to pretty much anything else. We celebrate any time you ingest something that was grown from the earth. You started eating grapes occasionally and we are so excited! However, you’ve stopped eating the only vegetable you previously ate- corn. Now we still put veggies in front of you and you usually do not even try them. We have to sneak them into food (tacos- pasta, but it rarely works) but you will eat: bread, sausage, any processed food item, canned pineapple, applesauce, noodles (depending on the shape) and cheese.

You love to play superheros, baseball, legos and anything Simon is playing. You love art and chalk, bubbles and flowers. You hang out in other people’s yards and on other people’s porches. We take an evening stroll almost every night and it is my favorite part of the day. You often say “I can’t wanna….do that” “I can’t wanna da sun, mom” and you ask to wear my sunglasses. You love to go fast and run, but you do not like the wind. You like to sing the itsy bitsy spider and ABC’s. You love to dance. But mostly you love to run and say “you tant tatch me mom!”

I usually can’t.

At night I still have to lay with you to get you to sleep. You ask me to “tucka back mom” which means you want me to lay there and rub or pat your back. You told me I was beautiful one night while we laid there. You tell me you “lub” me, but only if I say it first. In the mornings you make your dad stop and get “one more tiss” at least 5 times as he’s carrying you to the car. Your dimples and eyes take over your face when you smile, and it slays me even when it shouldn’t.

You are so bad and so good all at once…like a delicious dessert – so many calories but worth every last bite. You are everything I never knew I needed in this life, buddy. Thank you for being a part of it. I am endlessly proud of you and love that we’re on this journey as a family together.

I’ll try to be better about getting these letters to you on time.

You have my heart,




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