For George, month 24. Age 2


Dear Doh-gee. Dohge. Georgie Porgie,  You are every bit of age 2 that a toddler could be. The problem is, you’ve been this way since you turned one. Haha! You are full of spunk, you need very little sleep. You want to laugh and GO and dance and sing. You have started talking so much and you say the cutest things like:

“Dye-Mon” Simon.

“Eye-nah wocka Mickey Missmiss.” I want to watch Mickey Twice Upon a Christmas.

“Otay” OK.

“Tanta Taus!” Santa Claus.

“Cheer me!” Applaud me while I entertain you.

“Doe deep Mommy” Go to sleep, mommy (in his bed).

“Eye yuh you” I love you.

“Go go” Stroller.

“Leela” Lisa.

“Dammaw and Tappah” Grandpa and Grandpa

“Nina” Banana

“Ah-tee” Cookie

“Imma DOOPERHERO” I’m a superhero.

You will say something and we will repeat what we THINK you said and if we’re right you will respond gleefully with “Otay!” and if we are wrong, you will go completely boneless and scream in a heap on the floor until we have turned on some sort of Mickey Mouse video or ignored you long enough to distract you from your own misery.

DSC_0626You are incredibly strong willed and you (unlike your brother) cannot be easily distracted or bribed with snacks/treats/food. You eat meat and carbs mostly, we’re working on integrating more fruits and vegetables into your diet but you are much pickier than your brother ever was. You love being strapped in your booster seat/high chair thing with snacks and a show.DSC_0525 Obviously you are obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Mickey Missmiss but you will also occasionally accept Super Why and Curious George as options of things to watch.

You still love anything with a screen. DSC_0811An iPad, and iphone, an iPod, a “puter” and shows. Oh, how you love shows. You have recently started yelling at us halfway through ANY show that is on, “I no likey, mommy” because you are bored. So sitting still at school in a few years should be a fun exercise for you, dear boy.

You love animals. “Pishies” and titty tats and doggies. You love to call “Egg-ick” (Unlce Eric) and look at the “towls” (cows) and you love to see their bunny rabbit or visit the bunny rabbit at Simon’s School. Sometimes we’ll take you to the Pet Store to look at pets or Walmart to look at “pishies”. Someday if we ever get to the zoo during daylight hours, I’m sure you will absolutely flip your lid. You love animals. I love that about you.

We recently transitioned you from a crib to a Big Boy Bed and part of your birthday present was your new big boy room. It is covered with farm animals and a new dresser and Mickey Mouse sheets. You seemed to be FINALLY be adjusting into the transition, and of course we took our Christmas Tour of Northeastern Ohio so  our sleeping arrangements/training were completely screwed up after that. We are still working on it but I’ve heard a rumor (from Daddy) that you napped today in your room. It is January 17th. We moved to your big boy bed in the beginning of December. This was your first nap IN YOUR BED. We’ve spent many weekend afternoons driving you around to nap in your carseat until today. THANK YOU, SON.

Earplugs, a baby gate and wine, those all help me get through these nights, in year TWO, Dohge, of you waking up more than twice to just scream at the doorway of your room. You told your daddy one night that one of your new pillows “is Mommy’s piwwow” because I think you originally thought we put the twin sized bed in there so we could sleep there together. Oh son, those snuggling moments are sweet, but no. No no.

DSC_0320You have this wispy hair that sort of curls and does it’s own thing. It is blond and you have these incredible dimples and a smile that fills up your whole face. You are still working on getting molars and canines and I am sort of hoping that those last remaining teeth coming through will also help in the sleep department.

DSC_0397DSC_0223You are rough and tumble, we get at least 1 incident report per week about you tumbling over some cars you were pushing or ending up with a bruise on your cheek from running into something at the daycare. You like it there, they have lots to do and a great playground and two indoor gym areas for you to get lots and lots of energy out. At your parent teacher conference they talked about how much they like you, and how much you’re learning and what a good kid you are.You play hard, you get hurt. You cry and then it’s over quickly.

7f5714f2-baae-4c6a-ac67-b0442890926fYou ADORE your brother and often whiz right past me when I walk in the door from work first, uninterested. You yell “HI DYE-MON!” and you run directly to him for a hug. Simon loves you too, but in a “I wanna snuggle you” kind of way that you aren’t really interested in. You want to play with him, do what he does- play big kid LEGO’s, be a superhero, carry a sword, dress up and look in the mirror, be on the top bunk. I love watching you play together, and I imagine in the next year or two it will only get better.


For your birthday we had a small party at Graeter’s Ice Cream which has an indoor playground in it, and you had a blast. We had balloons and ice cream and pizza. You ate it all up and had so much fun. DSC_0373Then when your actual birthday came around, I made you a Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake and Lisa came over and we had ice cream and cake and you were so tickled to be sang to. You call the birthday song “Happy to You” and you ask to sing it a lot, still. DSC_0328

You loved Christmas and playing with the big kids, even though you were pretty sick over the actual holiday, you rallied and had a blast roaming the halls of the hotel when we were in Wadsworth to see the Geig side of the family. You adore your big cousins, Wyatt and Jake and Owen, and they love letting you follow them around, too.



You live and play hard and fast and watching you grow up is just a joy to me. I love watching the gears turn in your head as you’re thinking and growing and talking more and more. I’m sorry it took me over a month to post this, and I’m sorry that I’m probably not that great of a mom with documenting things the second time around. But I am busy being with you, and keeping you alive, and out of the bathroom cabinets huffing Lysol.

I love your little guts.





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