Updates- July 2015

I am embarrassed by how much I’ve neglected our little blog. When I finally get time to sit down and relax, I never think to update here. Sometimes I just think about how much there is to update, and it gets overwhelming.

I mean, all in all, not much as changed. The day to day is the same- working through the week, busy on the weekends, chasing George around and carting Simon to tball or Kids’ Club or the park. But let me see if I can paint some broad strokes here.

DSC_0203  Simon ended his Kindergarten year with a late spring Y-Tribe camping trip, and a final musical program. He had a great year and I don’t think he really knew that there was a “summer vacation” off of school until the very end. Technically for him, there wasn’t really a summer vacation since he goes to childcare all summer long, but in between the end of school and Kids’ Club beginning, we took a trip to Hilton Head with my parents and siblings’ families, and it was so fun, and funny. 6 kids between the ages of 6 months old and 5 years old. It was hardly “relaxing” but it wDSC_0310as definitely memorable and I loved spending time with my family.  Simon loved going to see the music performer Shannon Tanner almost every night. We came home with the CD. The DVD. The Shirt. The Hat. We went on the Pirate Cruise. I think it’s safe to say that Simon is Shannon’s Biggest Fan.

The weather was perfect in Hilton Head and we stopped on the way down and on the way back at Nonni and Papa’s house, just long enough to have a nice meal and hangout, wishing we could do it more often.

June was also the start of T-ball, which was every week for four weeks. Practice was on Mondays and Wednesdays, games were on Fridays. It was quite a lot! But George loved going to the park so often, and we only got rained out like — 3 times? So it was a good time. Almost everyone Simon’s age in our neighborhood played t-ball so it was a nice way to keep in touch with kids over the summer.

We managed to catch up with my mom’s side of the family at a somewhat imprompu Family Reunion for my Aunt Karen’s 70th birthday. The boys were really good in the car and the weather was beautiful. I saw my cousins for the first time in years, and met many second-cousins I’d never met before. It was a nice afternoon to catch up and have great food and conversation.

We celebrated the fourth of July by walking down to the Grandview Yard and having a little picnic. George couldn’t hang for too long because – bedtime. But Simon and I stayed to watch the fireworks they put off downtown. He got a really cool light up sword and it was nice to have a little “Date night” for just him and me.

And recently Simon’s learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels! He picked it up really quickly and I am so proud of how fearless he was at giving it a try. Now he asks to go on bike rides a lot. I also got a bike but have been nervous aout riding again! I don’t feel as confident as he does, I suppose.

This summer has flown by all too fast. We are now prepping for Simon’s’ birthday and another trip to South Carolina, this time to see family, and then school will start on August 18th. First Grade for Simon, and a new daycare setting for George. We have had an awesome summer with lots of fun things to do. I cannot believe how fast these two guys are growing up. I waffle between wanting to slow it down, and trying to catch up. But I always always know how very lucky I am, I have the three best dudes on the planet. Lucky lucky me. XO


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