For George, month 18


**I wrote this in July, and never added photos. Now I’m well past 20 months and behind yet again. Just believe me when I tell you George, we are busy keeping up with you and your antics.**

Dear George,

Yesterday we had your 18 month appointment, and you have lost 2 pounds. You also grew 2 inches. You are becoming a little boy before you even turn two. This is happening for you far faster than it happened with Simon, who still had chub around his wrists and ankels until he was at least 3. You have stretched out already. You are a very picky eater, and I think it’s still mostly a texture issue for you. You like melted cheese, bread, mac and cheese, bread, meat, yogurt. You will only drink milk out of a bottle, twice a day (nap and bedtime) 4 oz. each time. Otherwise you will only drink water out of a sippy cup. Nothing else. Your favorite treats are yogurt melts, goldfish and pirate booty. You also like animal crackers, graham crackers and cookies. You like carbs and meat. You do not like grapes. You do not like strawberries or blue berries or any berries for that matter. You are a really interesting kid to feed, George.

You stopped calling us Mama and Dada last week. We are firmly Mommy and Daddy now. Your favorite thing to say is “Doe Doe” and sign “go-go”. You want to Go. You don’t even try to say Simon’s name anymore. But, you sign it frequently. When one of us isn’t there, you ask for the rest of us. You want us all together, all the time. I think this is from our vacation last week. I think if we could all sleep in one room forever, you would be happy. So would Simon, honestly. You adore your big brother and will run to him to give him hugs a lot. Simon loves you right back. You sometimes bully him and take his stuff. He doesn’t stop you from doing it, because he is not great at conflict (unless it’s with his parents).

Your favorite things to do are movement and music. Your favorite songs of the moment are Wheels on the Bus and Bringing Home my Baby Bumblebee, but any song at any time will make you move and dance. You also like to wash your hands over and over, and play with running water. You like to be up on my hip or back, and you still like to be carried around in the Ergo carrier.

You love books, but don’t sit still long for them. Before nap and bedtime you drag out the routine asking for more books. You are quick to bring them to us and sit in our laps for a story. Your favorites are No no, Yes Yes, Little Blue Truck, Are you My Mother, Bedtime Peek-a-boo, Baby Signs, and every Mickey Mouse (“hot dog”) book you can find.

You thrive on routine, you like knowing what’s coming next. You are VERY smart and understand whatever we’re telling you. Sometimes you don’t like it, but if I explain to you why we’re doing something, or what we’re doing next, you do seem to understand. It’s very strange how very rational and irrational you can be all at once.


You have these curls, these fantastic curls at the back of your head. I spray them with water and detangling spray so they look bouncy and adorable. Your dad makes fun of me for “styling” your hair but everyone who sees you compliments you on these curls. I love them. You look like 100% little boy, so no one has confused you for a girl yet.


You have completed this family and we are so happy to have you in it. As you grow up, and I get rid of baby things each week, a part of me is sad that the “baby” part of raising you is coming to an end. You were not an easy baby, though- so it’s bittersweet. But your dad and I are also very excited about all of the  Big Kid stuff we’ll get to do in the near future- like amusement parks and camping, throwin the football or frisbee, sporting events and more.


I am madly in love with you and worry I don’t get to show you enough. But rest easy knowing that you are so very special to me, and we love you so very very much Georgie boy.



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