10 months, for George

Dear George,
What a month it has been! A whirlwind of fall is upon us and you are doing all sorts of fun things. For example, you high-tailed it three-quarters of the way up the stairs. We didn’t know you did this until we heard you thud thud thud, bump, thud, thud thud THUD SCREAM, hit the landing. Your dad and I FLEW into the living room (we were all in the kitchen making dinner when you disappeared) and you appeared to be terrified, but fine. Not even one bruise to speak of. You were so lucky. The next day we went to Babies R Us and purchased a baby gate. It works for now, but you like to pull yourself up to it, and shake it as hard as you can, as if to say, “It is only a matter of time before I will defeat you, baby gate!”

You are our crazy boy.

This morning in the rush of me trying to get myself and Simon out the door to work and school, I found you in the kitchen, playing with a box of cereal and surrounded by cartons of yogurt and a can of black beans. In both hands you had a piece of Simon’s homework, and you were waving them in the air as if you wanted to take off flying. Your dad and I looked at you and shook our heads. You are our wild man, into everything. You love “grown up things.” We are constantly pulling you out from under the end table, where you like to play with the modem and router. Or we have to pull you away from the electrical outlet, or take small things out of your hands. You want whatever isn’t yours’ to play with. And you scream bloody murder when things are taken from you without your express permission.

The baby sitter said you’ve started to get a “little aggressive”– which is probably true. Simon loves to play with you now that you are more mobile and you two will shriek and play upstairs like crazy people. Your face lights up in a way that is different when you play with Simon. It is clear that you think he is the best. The rest of us are chopped liver when Simon is giving you the time of day. And boy, does he love you, too. Sometimes when he is getting in trouble, he will yell at me (or dad) “I ONLY LOVE GEORGE- I DO NOT LIKE YOU OR DADDY ANYMORE!” So far you are still on his good list. 🙂 I hope it lasts.

In addition to your falling down the steps milestone, you occasionally take a step or two. And you will stand up in the middle of a room directly, by yourself, sometimes with no assistance of furniture or anything around you. You will be running around here by Christmas no doubt. I am terrified and excited.

You are still eating baby food, but we have started trying SOME other foods like those melt-away puffs and tiny bits of softer grown up foods. You still gag and barf a lot, so we’re taking it easy, but I am convinced that someday you will eat like a normal person and we won’t all feel the need to duck and cover, should you gag and barf what you just ate all over us, as you sometimes tend to do.

Your little personality is just so fun and funny. You are very easily entertained, and you still love your farm toys and o-balls to chase around the house. But most of all you love your brother. You would follow him just about anywhere, and when we come home each day, you rush to the door yelling for us to greet us.

You sign ball, milk, daddy and sometimes mommy (we think). You SAY dada and baba. You are otherwise quiet most of the time, but when you do talk, you babble on and it is so fun to listen.

I just love you so much. I love your dimple, your light brownish blond hair that waves over your ears and on the nape of your neck. I love the way you give me kisses when you wake up in the morning, even at 5am, your wet open mouth kisses are the best. And even though you have only slept SORT OF through the night for about a week total in your 10 months of existence on this planet, I still love you more than you’ll ever know…EVEN THOUGH I AM A COMPLETE ZOMBIE AND FUELED BY CAFFEINE AND CANDY MOST OF THE TIME.

So if you want to start sleeping more often, that’d be great too.

I just love your guts, kiddo. I can’t wait to see all you become. Watching you and your brother grow up is the biggest privilege of my lifetime. Keep on being awesome.

All my heart,



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