First week of Kindergarten

We finished Simon’s first week of Kindergarten. What a huge transition it has been! We walk to school every morning. People and parents come clamoring out of their houses carrying coffees and backpacks and we trudge up what’s called “Kindergarten Hill.” Then we stand around looking at each other nervously, sizing up other kids and wondering how the hell I got to this point where I have a child old enough to be in school. Wasn’t he just a baby?

Simon has been exhausted every night and morning, though I get the feeling that he is doing wonderfully there. He is a good listener and doesn’t want to get in trouble. I think that by the end of the day, he has just about had it with all of the rule following and learning. The evenings are FILLED with pretend-playing, dressing up, wild horse play and occasional melt-downs from over-tiredness. Everything is new. Routines are different.

My first baby is a Big Kid.


I didn’t cry on the first day. He had a few tears when I walked out, but he quickly recovered (so I’m told).

I took off work to pick him up and the teacher said “Oh he cracked me up. We did learning assessments today, so they were asked a lot of questions. Simon said to another boy in the class, ‘This is WORSE than preschool'” and she chuckled.  I think I like the teacher. I am nervous about him being somewhere new, but I know it was time for him to go and learn. This letting go business of parenting is hard.

Over the weekend we had some tears and more lessons learned and a lot of me employing 1-2-3 Magic techniques. I don’t like having to do this. We have such little time together, I hate that so much of it is spent with me saying “No” or “Think about your choices..” or “Okay, That’s one.” But that is where we are. And he is still such a sweet boy. This growing up stuff is tough on all of us.



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