7 months, for George

Dear George,
Oh buddy, we had a rough month 6. You got so sick, had-to-rush-you-to-the-ER-sick. You were probably dehydrated from throwing up so much, and we did breathing treatments and your dad and I took a week off work (alternating days) to take care of you and let me tell you, you scared the ever living crap out of me. One day I spent over 7 hours at the dr. office and in the hospital just trying to get you to feel better. In the grand scheme of things, I realized that we were fortunate that all you had was an ear infection on top of a nasty virus, but that didn’t help the fact that we were both deliriously tired and we couldn’t get medicine to stay in you no matter how we tried. Finally we figured out that mixing it up with rice cereal worked. It looked like we were serving you Pepto-pink oatmeal, but you took it all and eventually turned the corner. We were all so relieved you were feeling better.

You also have this “stink eye” we call it- your right tear duct hasn’t opened yet and it gets all crusty and gross. Many mornings when you wake up you are looking at us like a pirate saying “ARGH!” and we have to pry it open with a warm washcloth while you fuss and hate it. WE’re going to give it until your 9 month dr. appointment and if it’s still causing problems we will see a specialist about getting your tear duct opened up surgically. I would rather wait and see it open naturally on its own, but we’ll see what happens. DSC_0050

This month you have: started solid foods, started full on crawling, though you prefer to bear-crawl on your hands and feet. You began clapping, signing (milk and eat), waving, and just in the last few days you have started pulling yourself up to stand at Simon’s play table. You badly want whatever grown ups have or Simon has in his hands. You love to play with paper, anything crinkly sounding, and you love to take my Cake Pop book off the shelf and eat it.

Your favorite toy is still the barn and farm animals, though you also like whatever you can get your hands on of Simon’s. You still have THE best smile that lights up your whole face. When we’re out and you grin at someone they always say “he smiles with his whole face” which is so true and adorable. Your dimples and blue eyes are lady killers.

You’ve transitioned pretty well with the new baby sitter, who watches more kids than we’d prefer, but you LOVE watching people. You do not like being left alone at all, so being around lots of kids suits you. Now that you can move around you’re much happier in general. You have no fear and will definitely let people know when you’re upset about something.

I love watching you grow up, kiddo but it’s happening awfully fast. I would love it if you could just slow it down just a bit. Your older brother is also growing up too fast and it’s breaking my heart, both of you.


Tonight we walked to the park and Simon rode his bike. I had you on my back in the baby carrier and Simon threw a fit when we said it was time to go home. He was ugly-crying, and you started belly-laughing the way that you do when you hear him laugh. I realized that it was probably because you thought he was laughing, because he did sound ridiculous. We worked it all out, but I thought it was funny, your little voice in our family adds the perfect variable to our family equation.

I love you so very much, and watching you become a person is just about the coolest thing ever. I love everything about your budding little personality, especially how you like it when I give you kisses under your neck folds. Please slow down, Georgie.

We all love you.


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