Back from vacation and Father’s Day Weekend

We’re back from our vacation in Hilton Head and it went about as smoothly and was as relaxing as possible considering we had four kids ages four and under along with us. The weather was perfect, traveling wasn’t as bad as we expected (Gabe drove with Simon, I flew with George), and the kids were all pretty well behaved in general. Gabe got some beautiful pictures with his camera, so there aren’t many good ones of him on vacation, but I did find a few and posted them below. It was hard to come back after such a great relaxing time. Simon had a ball, and George did really well. I can’t wait to go back again!

We also had a great Father’s Day weekend. The weather was beautiful and we spent most of the weekend outside at the park playing tennis, baseball and laying on blankets looking at the sky. We also managed to go to a festival in town, hauling the babies along with us like a group of gypsies. It was a lovely good time.

Gabe got two pies for father’s day, along with a handmade construction paper tie, a pair of shoes that didn’t fit, and a book he’s been looking to read. I also made a pretty yummy dinner and the children were moderately behaved.

We ended the evening on Sunday with an episode from season two of Orange is the New Black after pulling a splinter out of Simon’s toe as he screamed bloody murder. Ah, parenthood.

Words can’t quite describe how much I love this dude.

After dinner with the whole family. Hilton Head Island, 2014
Flying a kit on the beach, Gabe, my dad and Landry (niece) and Brett (brother) and Brenden (nephew). Hilton Head Island, 2014
George looking frightened. Hilton Head Island, 2014.

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