Wrapping up the weekend

Well, it was unseasonably chilly for mid-May here this weekend, rainy on Saturday too. But I was thrilled with the stuff we did manage to get done. Both of the boys have nasty colds, so George isn’t sleeping great and Simon is a little extra whiny, but I’m thankful they’re colds and nothing worse.

Simon is signed up for t-ball, and had his first practice Friday night. He loves it.

Gabe and I watched a movie that was pretty ridiculous. I did some cooking, grocery shopping and meal prepping for the week, which always makes me feel a little bit better when I have somewhat of a plan for the weekly meals. Saturday night we had meatloaf and tonight we had burgers and corn on the cob and watermelon- a perfect ALMOST summer meal.

Saturday we had our first family photos taken by a real photographer. My one big regret is that I didn’t have a photographer at our wedding. And even though Gabe protests at us having “such a fancy camera” and then going to have someone else take our pictures- within a half hour we had over 80 images to choose from and we narrowed them down to 20. It was a quick and painless outing, not at all what I expected. There were lots of toys for Simon to play with and the actual photo shoot went really quickly. It was paring down to 20 images that was tough. AND originally I was only going to get 15! The photographer we went to did such a good job. We’ll definitely be going back.

George- 5 months old.
Simon, 4 years old.
The whole fam damily
my sweeties.

Then today Gabe took Simon to go get a REAL tball tee and bat, so George and I went on a walk and grocery shopping. I managed to squeeze in a hair cut and some outside time, so all in all it was a great weekend. Looking forward to a long weekend next weekend, then preschool graduation, then a vacation shortly after that!


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