5 months, for George


Dear George,

I know I know I know I know, the thing that I swore would never happen has happened. I skipped your 4th month letter, even though I swore to myself I wouldn’t let time get away from me, it did and I’m sorry. I wish I would’ve documented all the times that I thought to myself “I NEED TO WRITE GEORGE HIS 4TH MONTH LETTER” but I couldn’t. And I couldn’t because I was probably holding you, feeding you, or attempting to sleep myself. The basic rundown of month 3 to 4 was, you spend many many nights needing held while we slept. You wanted to only sleep on top of me, in bed. This was fine, except that it was difficult for me to sleep with a person laying on top of me who is very small, though somewhat noisy, and hungry about every two hours.

HOPEFULLY we’ve gotten past that phase and I welcome with open arms Month 5 to 6, where you have suddenly become the happiest baby on the planet.



For the first time in your LIFE you wake up talking instead of crying/screaming. You smile at everyone you see, and your dimple gets compliments from everyone. Your eyes squeeze into little slits when you smile like a baby Buddha statue and you make so many people happy, including us, your family.

You still love to watch your big brother do anything, and he still very much loves you. He will get close to you at the end of the day when you go to pick him up at preschool and he will tell you “Don’t worry George, your big brother is here.” You love to take baths together and you lay in bed together at bedtime when we listen to stories or read books in bed.

You’ve found your toes, and just today put one foot in your mouth. You are chewing on your fingers and thumbs constantly, and we’re wondering if you’ll ever figure out which one you like best and stick with it, since you still don’t like a pacifier. Or, maybe you’ll just chew on all of your fingers for a while, who knows. You seem to march to the beat of your own drummer, which is just fine by me.

The weather has finally turned and with it, you have become a slightly more manageable baby and such a meaningful part of our family. We love you so much and it’s already hard to imagine our lives without you in it. You are the perfect little addition and we just love you to pieces.

At your 4 month appointment you weighed over 18 pounds and you were in the 100th percentile for head circumference (that’s a big brain in there!) and 90th for height and weight. You look pretty proportionate to me. Your skin is so soft and your hair is starting to get sorta fluffy. It’s still a brownish red, less blonde than your brother’s, but I think time will tell whether or not that changes.

In a few short weeks you and I will be going on an airplane right to South Carolina, while Daddy and Simon drive down. We were all going to drive together but on the way home from grandma and grandpa’s house after Easter, you screamed for two straight hours and something in my brain broke listening to you cry and being unable to do anything about it because I was driving. So I decided we would fly. I am excited for the vacation and a little nervous wondering how much relaxing we’ll get in, but we’re going to have a great time I’m sure!


Your dad and brother informed me that you do NOT like arts and crafts, since you were an unwilling participant in an adorable Mothers Day craft with them. I love it though- three handprints of my three boys. I hung it in the kitchen. We had a nice Easter and Mothers’ Day- great weather for both occasions.

You add so much more love and laughter to our family. I constantly find myself in awe of how lucky I am to have you and your brother as my babies. I know this is all going super fast- almost half a year has gone by since your birth?! So let’s slow it down some so we can enjoy your pudgy rolls and gigantic smiles just a little bit longer before you start with the attitude your brother has acquired since going to preschool. I kid, I kid.

I love you little dude. So much more than you’ll ever know.




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