1 Month, for George

Well I have a few posts brewin’ in my head but of course I don’t get the time or energy to write them down, what with feeding an infant, laundry and whatever else it is we do to fill these short days I have off.

Anyhow our George somehow turned 1 month old on Monday. I can’t believe it.


Dear George,

Hello Squishy. You and I are totally bff’s, because you like to eat SO MUCH and guess what, I have the food. So we are pretty much inseparable, since you like to eat every hour and a half to two hours. This leaves enough time in between feedings for me to shower or (sometimes) take a nap. I don’t mind all that much because I didn’t have this experience with your brother. Even getting up in the middle of the night to hoist you out of the cradle beside the bed and feed you, while your daddy snores loudly beside me and I fight to stay awake and not drop you…even that is a little blessing since I didn’t have a very successful nursing experience the first time around. But you, you’re a champ!

You have been smiling at us since you were like two and a half weeks old, I can’t believe it. Of course everyone says it’s just gas, etc. but you have a legit grin that you give us all the time. It’s hard to catch on camera, but it’s there. You have taken several baths, and your brother LOVES to help give you a bath. He loves almost everything about you in fact, except that you eat so much. That tends to irritate him because he wants us to be able to give him 100% of our attention. He’s actually said to me, “I wish Daddy had a breast with milk in it.” However, he also wishes HE could feed you because he loves you so much. He wished aloud as much “I wish I had a breast.” Ha! And he does have a little boy baby doll that he named George and sometimes he sits next to me on the couch while I feed you, and he pretends to feed his baby too.

You HATE your carseat and scream and scream when you’re in it. So your dad and I have been trying to get out of the house with you so you can get used to it before we go back to work and you have to endure the car seat every day. So far we’ve gone out to lunch three times and have gone to the grocery, too. It’s tough being a baby in this winter weather. We don’t want to go out to too many places because of all the gross flu bugs and germs out there, but being in the house gives us cabin fever too.

A few weeks ago we had what was called a Polar Vortex, which meant the temperatures dropped WAY below zero. We all bundled up around the house and put quilts up on the windows to block out the cold. We had lots of warm blankets and were stuck in the house for two days on top of having been stuck in the house for two weeks…it was a little insane. But we’re getting out now! And like most babies, you enjoy ceiling fans, high contrast architecture, and interesting lighting when we go out.

You require constant movement/jostling/swinging. I’m getting a Mobi wrap to start hauling you around with me so I can have some free hands because you really REALLY like to be bounced, swung, etc. You are so sweet, and I love snuggling with you. We’ve taken lots of naps together on the couch, and I’ve even been known to let you sleep next to me in the bed (I KNOW!- BAD!). Your dad thinks I’m spoiling you. He’s probably right, I don’t care.

Your hair is still light brown, and your eyes a blue-gray color. Your skin is the softest skin I’ve ever felt and we’re all pretty sure you have your dad’s complexion, and not mine like Simon does. Time will tell. You always have to have your hands free and near your face/mouth. You won’t take a pacifier and I think you’d love to suck your thumb if you could find it. Sometimes you can make the hand-mouth connection and sometimes not. You have the squishiest cheeks ever, and I love to pinch and smooch on them constantly. You’re filling out big time and are wearing size 3 month clothing already. No more newborn stuff, sigh.


I love you so much, and love watching you change and grow. I’m sorry this is the first letter I’ve written to you since you’ve been here- but we’ve been spending quality time together instead, so I don’t feel so bad.

I love you more than you’ll ever know.




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