Weekend relaxation

So I had a second dr. appointment to check blood pressure, etc. on Friday and everything looked good so we’re still on baby-holding-pattern over here. I’m getting larger than I’ve ever been in my life and up until now I was handling it well. But now I feel like I can’t really go to the gym (with the high BP and whatnot) and not to mention it’s just HARD, so I feel fat AND lazy. Oh well. 3 weeks to go.

Today we decided we would figure out the carseat situation, which is such a pain in the ass. Because we have Simon in a 5 point harness convertible carseat in Gabe’s car, and a booster in my car and in Lisa’s car (since she picks him up from preschool), we also had to figure out how to a) squeeze another carseat in Gabe’s tiny car and b) try to figure out how the baby sitter and Lisa are also going to have additional car seats to haul the baby around. We THINK we have it figured out. We’ll give the babysitter a carseat base, let Lisa just use the carseat with NO base, and we converted Simon’s 5 point harness seat back into a baby seat and I KNOW THIS IS ALL SO PAINFULLY BORING. The only thing more painful than this conversation and thought process is actually figuring out how it’s all going to work.

Basically everything would be a hell of a lot easier if we could just pick up our own damned kids from the sitter or school every day, but as of right now that’s not going to happen so until we figure that out, we have to own like 6 different carseats for two children.

Once that trip to Babies R Us was completed (and I almost lost my mind in the store) we came back home and spent the day playing board games, baking cookies (these are amazingI added chocolate chips to one batch and butterscotch chips to another), listening to music and Gabe fiddled with the car seats all day.

I wanted to share with you all two awesomely fun board games that we play at our house. If you have a 4-6 year old kid to buy for this year, I would highly recommend these two board games that are very entertaining for indoor fun. (We are really into games right now, and we’re looking forward to Santa bringing more games so we have lots to choose from once we’re in the midst of winter cabin-fever mode).

The first is Horton Hears a Who Board Game.  I have no idea why Amazon has it listed as so expensive. Gabe’s mom found it at a garage sale with all the pieces in perfect condition (I guess some people aren’t game people?). We love it. You hide these little “clovers” all over the house. When it’s your turn, you have to wear the Horton hat/mask to hop, jog, march, tiptoe, etc. to the right colored “clover”, pick it up with your trunk (there’s velcro on the clover and the trunk) and place it on the game board. Kids find it hilarious to watch adults do this part. It is actually pretty hilarious to see anyone wearing the Horton hat/mask. Lots of fun. We also like the idea that there’s only ONE piece that moves around the board, and everyone shares that piece. There’s limited counting done so it’s easy for young preschoolers and there’s a spinner attached to the game board so it’s difficult to lose any necessary pieces. It’s a game you can play over and over again without getting too bored.

Simon modeling the Horton hat/mask.

The next game we love to play is the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Neverland Challenge Game. Very fun! Again it involves physical movement and props, which is a big win for the preschool set. The gold doubloons are easy to “read” for the non-readers. The instructions on each tell players to “balance a sword on their head while walking around the vines” or other such nonsense. Kids and adults get a kick out of having to do these tasks, and it’s a blast. Again, unlike a typical board game- there’s a lot of variables that make the game different every time. Highly recommend it as well.

I do NOT recommend making up your own Go Fish rules and attempting to play that with a preschooler who has “favorite numbers” he doesn’t want to part with. We had at least 10 minutes of tears when I asked for Simon’s “fours” because he said, “but that’s what I AM!” and stomped away crying. Go Fish might be a bit beyond his understanding. But we do have a good time playing War with my Barack Obama playing cards.

At any rate, we had a good day. Looking forward to another one of these days tomorrow. Then it’s a super short week for Thanksgiving. Ta ta!


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