Fall update

These posts are fewer and farther between than they’ve ever been but I am le tired. At about 27 weeks pregnant I started to feel the Ugly Exhausted part of pregnancy again. It’s crept on me quietly and I’m trying my hardest not to freak out about things or fly into hormonal rages over ridiculous things. I am now at 31 and a half (the half counts, yes) weeks pregnant. It seems to be getting worse but I’m trying to keep myself in check.

Some random updates:

My affordable hairstylist who loves to talk books and wishes she were a librarian is moving to Maui, so I had her cut all my hair off in an attempt to make the cut “last longer” before the next time I need a trim. The cut is cute, but I forgot how much my face had grown, so I’m not super thrilled with how much of it is now front and center.

We’ve had Pumpkin Patch Day on Monday, and Gabe had the day off so I took a half day and we all enjoyed our outing to the Pumpkin Patch together. It was a really nice time and as I stood over the sink shoving a cinnamon roll in my mouth as we hurried out the door to meet the rest of his class at preschool (late) I thought to myself, “In 4 years I’ll be doing this First Pumpkin Patch Field Trip all over again, with the new baby.”

DSC_0789 DSC_0791 DSC_0829

I find myself thinking about that a lot lately. I think about how fast the last four years have gone and how lucky we’ve been with health and transitions and pretty much everything with Simon. I am constantly hoping/praying/crossing my fingers that the second round of child rearing is as much of a blessing as the first. It’s very hard to envision life with another person in this house- but he is definitely making himself known.

We told Simon what we plan to name the baby, and he cried a giant alligator tear exclaiming that he “wanted to name the baby The Flash” I’ve assured him he can call the baby whatever he’d like until the baby tells him not to. Simon is very much a rule follower regarding potty language (at school at least) so I have to hope he won’t use the potty language to describe his little brother… for at least a few years.

Last week I went to a conference in Sandusky, Ohio, and the boys met up with me on the last day of the conference. We spent one night in the hotel (that was also a waterpark) on our own dime since we received a discounted rate for attending the conference. We had a really good time. We spent most of the afternoon at the indoor waterpark and went down slide after slide with Simon. He absolutely loved it. I even went down some slides, one against my better judgement before I finally called it quits and put my feet up. Getting up and down a water slide being super pregnant is probably hilarious to watch.

The next day we went to the Merry Go Round Museum and hung out in downtown Sandusky and at the library there. It was a beautiful morning to explore a little city with a wonderful waterfront.

Sandusky, Ohio October 2013
Merry Go Round Museum, October 2013

We have done so many fun things over the last few months, and I’m excited to do so many others in the upcoming months with a little baby on the OUTside of me. I’m dreading winter weather as always, but having something to look forward to (the baby coming) has made winter’s arrival seem less awful and more filled with anticipation and excitement.  Now I just have to get the crib together, my list of things-we-need-before-baby bought and all of Thanksgiving finished and Christmas presents purchased….and we’ll be A-OK. No pressure, right?!


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