South Carolina Vacation and updates

I have not written much (obviously). I think I have good excuses this time, though I’m starting to really feel the guilt regarding how often I post now versus how often I posted the last time I was pregnant (when I had absolutely nothing else to do other than work).  Anyhow, we had a lovely long vacation in South Carolina, where we visited family and had a mini-beach trip with my in-laws. It was lovely and relaxing and perfect.

our first day at the beach
Hilton Head Island, so pretty.
Gabe’s birthday party.

This is probably our last September visit to the in-laws over Gabe’s birthday, since next year Simon will be in Kindergarten and we won’t be able to pull him out of school as easily. Gabe and I have been taking this trip for 5 years now, so it makes me a little bit sad that we won’t be there this time of year next time. It’s always perfect weather and perfect timing, since there are less tourists on the island and I can finally take a vacation after Summer Reading is over at work. Plus his nephews and niece love a good birthday party with an ice cream cake.

Swan Lake firetruck and playground

We drove down on a Sunday after I worked that day and made it in 8 hours, which is basically traveling at the speed of light. That late at night, no one is on the roads, and Gabe drove super fast. (He’s lucky I didn’t notice.) Simon fell asleep at around 9:30, which was fine, but he wasn’t comfortable at all in his car seat (we still have the 5 point harness seat in that car) so he was crying off and on in his sleep since he couldn’t get comfortable. On our way BACK to Ohio, he barely made a peep. He didn’t even ask “Are we there yet?” a million times. It was kind of weird. I was so thankful he was so easy in the car. I can’t say enough how much I love DVD’s in the car. Also, he manages to entertain himself pretty well with workbooks and imaginary play.

Since getting back from vacation, Gabe and I took Monday off to regroup and get the house in order while Simon was at preschool. We went to breakfast and grocery shopping, etc. This past week I cooked at home more than ever- making apple crisp and carrot cake, chili, baked potato bar, quesadillas, pasta and more. I think having an extra day off helped me get things situated, so that has been nice.

I’m now at the beginning of a 7 day stretch of work and I’m struggling to find the right motivational phrase to get through. I want to blame my discomfort on my pregnancy but I don’t know how much of it I can blame on that.  I’m definitely getting more uncomfortable though. I felt better after going to the gym this week and getting exercise back into my routine (after my week off and eating my mother-in-law’s delicious food). I have a doctor’s appointment NEXT week and I’m a little nervous to step on a scale. People all of the sudden have started asking me when I’m due, and looking alarmed when I say December. A-holes like this usually follow my response up with, “Whoa. Big Baby” or something else just as insulting. Whatever dude.

My “nesting” has consisted mostly of Tetris-like moving around of shit-we-already-own or are-trying-to-get-rid-of. The baby’s room is now Queen Sized Bed-free. And we are the proud owners of a gigantic beautiful comfy couch in the living room. I’m picking things up here and there at Target – a bottle drying rack, wipes, etc. We’ll be assembling the crib and nursery soon.

Simon’s doing great- as always, and still interjecting little bits of jealousy and concern about his baby brother’s arrival. Example: I put him to bed the other night and whispered to him “Good night, I love you. You are so special to me. ” He whipped his head around as I was walking out of his bedroom and said, “Well what about that new baby?”

It just catches me off guard. Four year old logic can be way off, and sometimes oddly intuitive and weird. He is picking up on big changes. And of course we talk about it all and we read lots of books about it all, and he’s fine. But he still wants a sister. He said he’ll settle for a brother AND a sister.

Um, no.

Tonight as I attempted to roll myself off the couch like a sad turtle who had landed on his back, I asked Gabe if he remembered me being so uncomfortable last pregnancy. He said yes, but if women remembered, no one would have more than one kid ever.

True. True.

I guess when I only update the blog 1 time per month I can’t really write about everything that I want to, because I either get sleepy halfway through the post, or because I start to feel guilty for rambling.

So just for the record:

This dear little (little?!) baby in my belly moves more than Simon ever did in utero. He reacts to music, me talking and sometimes bright lights. He also likes it when I eat sugary things and drink cold drinks.

Simon has been saying and doing some hilarious things, and I need to remember to post about them more often.

I need to post more about the new baby more often too, because I don’t want him to feel like I cared less about him than the first one, I just have less time.

And now I know how anyone with more than one kid feels, for the rest of their life. Great.

Hopefully I can get back on track with posting, but in case I can’t (likely), I’ll chat you up again in a few weeks.


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