Olentangy Indian Caverns

I made it to the gym this morning, then Simon and I went to Panera and had some breakfast. Took some home to Gabe and I dropped off a TON of stuff for consignment. Came home and we decided to head off to the Indian Caverns, just 20 minutes north of our house.

We stopped and had a nice lunch at Rusty Bucket in Worthington, then headed north to the park. It’s small, and we got there at about 3:30, and found out then that they closed at 5. But, no worries, we were able to see and do a lot in our short time there. For $4.50 you can buy a bag of sand and gem stones, and “mine” your treasures there. For $6.50 your bag includes at least 1 arrowhead. Ours had two! This was such a huge hit for Simon, and worth every penny. He thought it was so cool, finding all the treasures.

Mining for gemstones and arrowheads
One of the two (incredibly sharp) arrowheads he found!
Cigar shop Indian statue

You pay for your way through the cavern at the gift shop, and then you head over to the museum, which is directly on top of the caverns. There were neat things in here, Simon particularly loved the Indian statues and the REAL bow and arrow.

“take my picture next to the bow and arrow!”
Down in the caverns.

I had to brace myself and not panic on the way down here because the steps were steep, wet and pretty terrifying. Simon did great though, and was really excited the whole way through.

I’m holding a map in most of these pictures, but I didn’t look at it once because I was so freaked out about the slippery floor.
Clutching his hand. It was fun!
There were some parts I was worried that “normal super-sized” Americans wouldn’t be able to get through, but we managed okay. Another few weeks and I might not have been able to get through some of the skinnier spaces.
So much to do…

It was a beautiful day, and after going through the caverns we walked around a bit. There is a small playground area, a pavilion to rent out for birthday parties, and a small putt putt golf course. We didn’t have time to play golf, but we did venture out into one of the paths in the woods.

Simon loved walking through the woods. He was FILTHY when we left.



I had to add that picture because it made me laugh. He did take a spill in the cave, but I don’t think this was when he did it. Like I said, the caves were wet and slippery, so an excited boy walking through them is likely to slip…I just thought his expression here was funny.

Sun flowers!

There were giant sunflowers that were “even bigger than me,” Simon said.

After this we stopped at the shoe store we like to go to and got Simon a new pair of tennis shoes since his bright red ones are finally a little too snug. He opted for blue and red this time, so they’re not quite as obnoxious as the last pair. It was a great day.


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