Simon’s New Peter Pan Bedroom

When we asked Simon what kind of Big Kid room he wanted, he said he wanted a nursery like in Peter Pan, so Peter could come and visit him. I did a lot of searching online, and there weren’t a lot of specifics making it look like “the children’s nursery”– especially since Simon’s read and seen about 10 different versions of the movie/book…so I just went with what we had already.

While he was away overnight with Grandma and Grandpa, we shuffled around some furniture upstairs to make room for the baby’s room (Simon’s old room), and moved Simon’s stuff into what used to be our spare bedroom.

As soon as we moved Simon’s stuff out of his room, it looked eerily like a nursery again. And then Gabe and I quietly freaked out about another person joining our house soon. SOON.

We managed to create Simon’s room without really spending very much money and repurposing stuff we already had. His bedspread and sheets were birthday presents from Grandma that I found on Amazon.  The curtains are from our living room (a good excuse to buy new ones for the living room), and we just bought a poster frame at Target for the Peter Pan movie poster I was able to get from my work. (They recently re-released the DVD Peter Pan to Blu Ray, and unfortunately we don’t have anywhere to hang movie posters at work anymore. )

The new bedspread
Cool “Jolly Roger” pirate kite birthday gift from Aunt Gretchen.

The rug is from Simon’s room- we got it at a consignment shop a few years ago (for about $60?) and we believe it’s Pottery Barn and we just steam cleaned it ourselves. It’s very heavy duty and has kept up really nice. The dresser/shelf combo is from Gabe’s child hood bedroom- from This End Up furnishings. Remember that place? So cool. The storage containers were $2.50 at the Target dollar spot a few years ago. cardboard but work just fine.

Book shelf!

Simon has a LOT of books. They were previously scattered about his other room so he really needed a book shelf. This was MY bookshelf in my bedroom, and I had to weed my own collection pretty heavily in order to get it where my books fill only two brown grocery bags (currently hidden in my room awaiting a permanent home). I was so glad to finally have a place for Simon’s books! They aren’t alphabetized, but you will notice the paperback basket at the bottom. I roughly organized them by format/book type. The shelf was purchased unfinished by my mom and dad when they were first married, and they finished it themselves. I inherited it, and it’s super heavy. I love it.

The color is off in this picture, but you can see the awesome new toy chest.

No Peter Pan bedroom would be complete without a Toy/Treasure chest, right? My mother in law found this perfect toy chest on and it’s a lot bigger than we expected, which is perfect. Between this, the storage bins on the dresser, and the three under-the bed storage containers we have in Simon’s room, we should have plenty of room to store Simon’s choking-hazard toys up in his room once baby brother comes along. Here’s hoping!

Peter Pan Golden Book banner

I have a “thing” for pennants and banners, what can I say?! I found these Golden Book banners on and decided I could make one myself. Then I couldn’t bring myself to destroy Simon’s Peter Pan book so I ended up photocopying pages out of the book and mounting them on cardstock instead of using the actual book pages. I think it turned out okay anyhow. Simon noticed that it was Peter Pan right away. He loves his new room, and we are happy with it too.

Just a few more finishing touches will make it perfect. I ordered a few vinyl silhouettes of Peter, Wendy, Michael and John to hang on the walls, but they’re coming from England so it’s taking forever for them to get here. We’re also modifying a hat/coat rack that we have to be toddler-sized, so Simon can put some of his costumes on it in the corner of his room, and hopefully clear up SOME of the costume drama in our living room.


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