Birthdays and update

I’m not a good blogger. Of course, I’ve never really claimed to be a “blogger” at all….just a person with a blog I try to update occasionally in order to keep track of things in our little lives. I find myself TRYING to remember things I’d like to blog about and with my pregnancy brain I’ve forgotten most of them except:

The following things have made me cry recently (due to hormones):

  • Simon asked me to read him Apple Farmer Annie, which was his favorite book when he was littler. All I could think about was this video. So I cried.
  • While on a walk one day a Christmas song came on my iPod shuffle playlist and I thought, “I’m gonna have another baby at Christmas”- more crying. Happy tears I think, but still, crying.
  • Making a student loan payment I couldn’t afford, knowing it wouldn’t even count towards my Loan Forgiveness plan– a different kind of crying but yes, tears.

But we have been really good! Simon turned FOUR! I turned 35!  We had great birthdays and Simon’s requested Pocahontas theme went off without a hitch. The weather was beautiful, the park was perfect.

Demanding a picture with the Birthday Buddy.
You sure you don’t want some cake, Jack?
Really excited about a butterfly net and bug cage.
The extent of my crafting abilities with limited resources, time and a tricky theme.
Though the kids wouldn’t wear the homemade headdresses, the grown ups did.


It was a good time. I was so grateful for all the people that came to celebrate with us. I had a pretty great birthday, too. I indulged in two wine “spritzers” (half wine/half sprite) as a birthday treat. And I got to have lunch with my mom and dinner out with Gabe, which was great.

The weather this August has been incredibly cool and mild. The last time it was like this, I was pregnant with Simon. And it got SUPER hot in September. I remember because we drove down to South Carolina with no air conditioning and an infant. At any rate, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how things were just four years ago, and how’ they’re going to be just four months from now. WHOA.

I had hoped to have a interview/survey filled out by Simon, but the last time I sat down to ask him questions, every answer he provided had to do with dinosaurs, since that was the Preschool Theme last week and he became a little bit obsessed. I’m going to try again later as well as write a letter, too. But right now, he is still very much into playing pretend, Peter Pan, Indians, Davy Crockett, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and being a Big Boy.




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