Workin’ Weekend and Manic Monday

So this weekend I worked, but it went pretty quickly since we were really busy and the weather was nice (of course). Simon and Gabe had a lot of fun outside. Other than that I guess there’s not much to report sadly.

Here are some quick takes:

I am currently drinking wine out of a child’s Easter cup that I bought for Simon from World Market, because I thought it was cute.

I need about 5 more pairs of these “knee tights” pants to wear all spring and summer long. I currently have 1 pair and I love them so much I wash them twice a week. I have another similar pair I got at Target that are more “yoga” than workout pants, but I bought them a size larger than what I am, so I can’t really workout in them and I can only wear them for a few hours before they get embarrassingly baggy.  I wear them to the park, to the gym, wherever. I love them. I need more.

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking for activities dealing with Early Literacy today and found some really fun ideas to implement with toddlers and preschoolers. Doing that sort of thing always makes me wish we could homeschool because most of the ideas come from homeschooler blogs and websites.

We are counting down the days til Simon goes to preschool because he desperately needs more structure and stimulation during the day while we’re at work. DESPERATELY. The sitter has the tv on all day and he’s the oldest kid she watches, so he’s not interested in playing with the babies. Basically he’s just watching tv. It makes me insane. The other day he said to himself in the mirror “Thank you for watching the Disney Channel!” and I wanted to punch myself in the face.

Gabe and I took some days off around the weekend and I’m SUPER excited to go home and see my family and niece and nephew. I am also excited to get a night out at a fancy dinner place (from my mom and dad- anniversary gift) and to get a night away in a hotel with Gabe. Grown up 24 hour vacation- woo hoo! Simon just loves going up to my parents. He idolizes my dad. Today when we were leaving the gym, he asked me, “Which bachine were you on?” (exercise machine) I said, “A running machine, a treadmill.” Simon said, “Grandpa has a walking machine.” I said, “Well, grandpa’s an old man!” (lol I like to make these jabs at my dad, who could out-run me with 3 partially closed arteries in his heart) And Simon said, “Yeah. And I’m an old kid.”

Ha. That you are, son. That you are.

Tonight when I was driving home I noted that it was 68 degrees according to the dashboard in my car and I seriously almost cried. Spring is here! I threw my boots down in the basement, so certainly we’ll have some sort of freakish Snowmageddon or something as a result.

I need to update my running playlist BAD but today’s 2 mile run was a flashback sponsored by Guster.



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