Easter Morning

I think I have too many pictures and lots to say so I may have to break this into two posts. First, Simon went to bed early last night and slept late (isn’t that always what happens?). This was a nice way to ease into Sunday morning. When he woke up, a note from the Easter Bunny told him that 13 small eggs, 1 large blue egg, and 1 easter basket were hidden in the house. So the hunt began.

Finding an egg.
Assessing his baskets of goodies.

We spent the morning playing with a balloon race car, and table tennis, which was fun. I made blueberry pancakes and bacon and sausage, alongside fresh berries. It was a good breakfast. We also made some goo out of food coloring, water and cornstarch. I brought these books home from the library from the I’m a Scientist series and they really have some great experiments (“spearamints”) in them. Good times.

Science experiments making Goo.
Gabe vs. Simon at ping pong.

Since we didn’t have anything planned, we spent the morning eating and lounging around in our pajamas. Gabe and I exchanged our anniversary gifts. He really put thought into it and went to my favorite paper store and got me the neatest notecards, blank books and notepads. He also got me some sticky labels for things in the kitchen or to give away as gifts. It was a really sweet gift. I gave him some fancy beers, cheese, crackers, snack mix, and the yummy chocolate treats Simon and I picked out the other day at the chocolate cafe. He was happy too, I think.

We discussed going to the art museum, but Simon wanted to go paint AT the museum. So we had to talk him out of that because he was demanding he take his art smock and paint there. It was hard trying to explain that there are paintINGS at the museum but they don’t allow painting there. Hmmm…though our art museum has other very cool interactive things, we thought it best to avoid the argument entirely and talked about going to Clay Cafe….to paint pottery. But, it was closed. So another thing Simon mentioned was dinosaur bones at the “booseum” and I started looking around online at the Ohio Historical Society. I hadn’t been there in years, but vaguely remembered bones at one point. So I called and they were open. We hopped in the car and headed out to explore the museum for the day.


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