Friday Firefighter.

Today was great. We had planned to go home to my parents’ this weekend, but my mom isn’t feeling so hot and we’ll be heading that direction on my next weekend off so we decided to forget about the trip this weekend, let mom heal up. And we’ll go the next weekend I have off. So today, Simon and I ran a bunch of errands. We went to the gym this morning, then met up with a friend for lunch at Whole Foods. I found out that quinoa salad is very high in iron – and I LOVE a good quinoa salad. I really like quinoa, and supposedly it is a miracle food that’s very good for you. So I’m happy and surprised that I love it so much. The salad that I love the most is filled with edamame and I added raisins and sunflower seeds, but this seems to be a similar recipe. 

After lunch Simon and I ran around, mostly looking for some things to give to Gabe for our anniversary this sunday. This involved a trip to the Chocolate Cafe for some truffles (he has a major sweet tooth) and then World Market, where I also grabbed some Easter Basket goodies, since we have that coming on Sunday.

We managed to squeeze in a little outdoor fun this afternoon, and Simon was Fireman Sam while I ran around trying to get a good picture.




After he fought fires we headed out again, this time to Target to hopefully find SOMEthing meaningful (as if you can find anything meaningful at Target) for Gabe. I found nothing. So I decided to go the stomach-route and bought a bunch of candy I know he likes.

Then I made these.

And I made a lasagna.

We ate dinner around the table (my favorite! Never happens!) and then Simon ran around being a “knight in shining armor.” I ended up locked in “jail” (the closet) numerous times as I fought to get his teeth brushed and outfit picked out for tomorrow’s Easter Egg Hunt. Apparently it’s at the park and will likely be a disaster, cold and barely-fun. But, I figure we might as well. It’s Easter, after all.

It was a nice beginning to a 3 day weekend.

EDIT: adding this link to another quinoa salad so I know I have it for later. NOMS

TGIF for realz.


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