The most anti-climactic Easter Egg Hunt of all time.

Barely containing our excitement

Well the Easter Egg hunt started at 10am so we walked BRISKLY there in the chilly morning air. Simon was SO excited. The park was split up into age groups, and of course about 90% of the people at the park were in the Age 2-4 bracket. We counted down from 10, and after 3-2-1 Simon slowly walked out onto the mulch and each time he bent down to get an egg, someone else had grabbed it first. It was really quite pathetic. We left with one egg, and Simon was upset. I felt so bad for  him. Luckily, I was able to remind him that the easter bunny will be bringing eggs to our house this evening. And, when we opened the egg, there were four pieces of (really good) candy- not jelly beans and laffy taffy as I expected, but kit kats, baby ruth and reese’s cups. Wha?! So he was happy once we gave him a piece of candy.

I really hadn’t seen him this excited about something in a long time.
The pink easter egg you see in this photo, is the one we took home.

When we got home, we seriously spent the entire day outside. We started with sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

Drew a sign for the Easter Bunny so he knew to stop at our house.

Followed by a LONG trip to our park. Gabe went with him at first and his Girlfriend from the Gym, Taylor was there! I guess they were adorable when they met and they wrestled around the park together playing tag. Taylor is only two and a half, and kept running to the baseball field to eat dirt and Simon was like, “what the…?” because what kind of lady does that?! But they play REALLY well together. And we met both of her parents, who live not far from here and seem really very nice.

Climbed trees at the park.

Uncle Bert was heading out to grab some lunch and agreed to meet us at the local watering hole across from the park for a bite to eat. Simon just loves his uncles, so he really enjoyed spending time with him, and didn’t throw a fit at all upon leaving the park to go out to eat.

Lectured uncles on the nutritional value of soda.

After more hours outside playing “tag, here it!” and “going for jogs” and “racing” up and down our street, Simon and I did some shopping damage where I bought him a ton of clothing “for preschool” that was on sale at Gymboree. Note to self: a $5 coupon does not mean spend $100. Good lord. But, I was able to make the excuse that they’re “new school clothes” so that’s okay. Plus he needed a swim suit and SPF 500 sun top for swimming lessons this summer.

We met up with Gabe and got some Jeni’s ice cream. Simon opted for the Milkiest Chocolate in the World . I couldn’t decide so I got a trio of Banana Cajeta, Savannah Buttermint and Roxbury Road. OMG they were so yummy (even though they didn’t go together).

Got ice cream at the best ice cream shop in town.

We came home and played MORE tag, MORE soccer, and more running outside and I do not feel bad that I didn’t go to the gym today because by 5pm I was exhausted. I realized we spent almost the entire day outside, which was awesome- but it also meant that I was burning calories all damned day and that is just a lot of work.

So as soon as I found a window of opportunity, I put his dirty bod in the bathtub and put him to bed at 7:22pm (this is over an hour early). He was so sweaty and dirty and gross at the end of the day, I knew he would fall asleep almost immediately with no nap. And guess what….he did. I plan to do the same.

Tomorrow is our anniversary and neither of us had time to get each other anything. So I got Gabe some good beer and cheese and plan on making blueberry pancakes tomorrow morning, and we’ll call it a day. Gabe said we can “make it special somehow” – which I’m sure we will. Really appreciate the time we got to be outside today and can’t wait for more days like this to follow.


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