Not much to report here.

Well, the week is almost over for me, thank goodness. It’s flown by really, so that’s good.

I probably should’ve gone to the gym tonight, but I’ll go tomorrow and Friday, no big deal. I did eat nothing but salads and sweet potato chips today so I’m working hard on getting my Iron levels up. I even ate a bunch of raisins (blech).

I spent most of my work day on facebook, FOR work, which was exhausting. And when I got to a point in the afternoon where I wanted to just relax on the internet for a minute and check in on my own facebook I was not at all interested in it at all. So I guess I found out how to quit that habit. Do facebook for work. (Uninstalling it on my phone would also be another surefire way, too but I’m not there yet.)

My mom is having a procedure done tomorrow that should HOPEfully make her feel better. Sucky part is that she got super sick last night and all day today, so I’m hoping they’ll still go through with it even though she’s sick. Another sucky part is I’m so terrified of the vom plague (there are numerous versions I’m sure) that now I’m re-thinking whether or not we should traipse up there and expose ourselves to the illness….but I really want to see everyone and blah. So I’m a little bummed about it either way. So shoot off some get well vibes to my mom if you can, because I’m tired of her feeling like crap.

We still have colds here. Simon’s nose runs like a faucet and we’re both coughing like we have TB. It’s really an attractive lot we have here.

Yesterday Gabe’s mom was in town so she stayed with Simon all day and he convinced her to stay at a hotel (we had cleaned the house prior to her arrival– so that was a waste of time). He “wanted to go swimming” she said, so I didn’t tell her NOT to, I just told her not to feel like she HAD to go out and stay at a hotel. I mean, he’s 3. Go buy him an ice cream cone and divert his attention for 10 minutes and he’ll forget he wanted to go swimming. That said, I warned her that by taking him hotel party swimming most times they visit, she had set a precedent and now he is expecting that kind of party every time she comes into town. Live and learn, I suppose.

Because she had him overnight at the hotel, that meant Gabe and I had the (late) night evening to ourselves. We finally went to the new Local Cantina in town and I tried out their self-serve chips and salsa (yum) and guacamole (extra yum). We had a few beers (fancy ones at that) a piece and had a really good time chatting at the bar like old times. We came home late and in the morning it was nice to not feel rushed around. Right as I was about to walk out the door to go pick Simon up at the hotel, they arrived on my doorstep. So I just put Simon in the car and went to take him to the sitter’s. He was very VERY sad about that. He did not want to go to the sitter’s house, he wanted to stay home. It was not an angry bratty cry, but a very sad whimper cry, which is the kind that gets some sympathy from Ol’ Mom. I hate the big alligator tears and sad pout that isn’t forced. I held him for a while and told him I was sad too, and that I wanted to stay home too, but I had to work for two more days before I had another day off.

Though I’ve been telling him we’re going to Grandma and Grampa’s for Easter, if it works out that we can’t head up there I don’t think he’ll be too terribly upset by it. He loves to be home and talks about it a lot. He likes to stay here and play, which makes sense. All his toys are here and his BFF daddy is here. I think he could do with or without me most days, but I like to think I’m part of the equation as well.

I finished a book on my Kindle, and I loved it so I asked my mom if I could get two more on her account. eBooks are relatively cheap and the next one I’m SUPPOSED to read isn’t very good. Actually it’s supposed to be VERY good, but I just have the hardest time with Fantasy. Kings and kingdoms and special powers and blah blah blah I feel like I’m being forced to watch the Lord of the Rings and I just Can’t Take It. The good thing about the Kindle is, if you get sick of one book you can just flip over to the other one you REALLY want to read, so I’m finally reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio, which is juvenile fiction but has been on my list since last summer. Already I love it. The other Fantasy one I’m supposed to read for Book Club by April 9th that also has amazing reviews- (Graceling)….it’s going to be hard to get halfway through it I think.

At any rate, I’ve had too many text heavy posts of late and they haven’t been interesting so I apologize for that. Tonight was haircut night in my house (though I’m the one who needs a hair cut the most) so I feel like I have hair all over me and in my mouth so I”m going to excuse myself now to go shower and get comfortable.

As if my holey-yoga pants weren’t comfortable enough.

G’Night all.



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