A half-weekend off

So I had Saturday off, which was great. Gabe and I managed to get some things done around the house and I went to the gym, and went out to eat- AND had a great time celebrating my brother’s 31st birthday with him. I don’t even want to THINK about how old that makes me.

Today, even though I worked- I made pancakes for everyone this morning and we wished my dad a happy birthday via FaceTime. This is my dad:
He’s pretty awesome. He turned the big 6-0 today and I am excited to see him this coming weekend for Easter.

On Friday, Gabe’s work had a book fair. It’s weird. It’s like every quarter his work has a book fair, and he ALWAYS splurges on books and games for Simon. Gabe is a stickler for educational things, so he bought a few things for our Activity area. We decided to go out and buy a magnetic white board to replace the bulletin board, because Gabe was nervous about the thumbtacks and Simon being able to get at them. I found one at Staple and we rearranged it a big to make it all fit and cover necessary holes in the wall that we’ve created. I guess they spent a lot of time in there this afternoon, painting and playing and drawing.
If you look closely, the star chart has enough room for all three of us. I’ve set a lofty goal for myself to reach 20 stars and then my reward will be Jeni’s ice cream. At first I only had a goal of 7 stars, but Gabe said I’d get that in two days just by brushing my teeth regularly, so I set it a bit higher. haha.
We’ve been working with Simon on Days of the Week and Months and weather, etc. in preparation for preschool. So the other chart is a great learning tool for him too. Both are magnetic and wipe clean with dry erase markers. And Simon was playing with his story board more once we put the new farm setting back on with his magnetic farm animals.
I came home to a clean house and kitchen, and a freshly painted pterodactyl. Good times.
Simon and I also did a workout to Denise Austin’s Fit Kids DVD which was only 20 minutes but definitely got my heart rate up. So I don’t feel too bad about missing the gym today.
Simon and I both have terrible colds. Mine has turned into a nasty sinus infection, complete with constant sinus pressure and headache. So my next fun activity for the evening will be trying out a “neti pot” – which has a big yellow WARNING on it not to use fresh tap water. I watched like 10 youtube videos last night where people used tap water, but since I imagine this will feel like drowning myself, I’ll go ahead and take the precautions seriously. I’m not looking forward to this at all, but it can’t actually HURT the situation, can it?
To be continued…


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