Drinking my evening tea

I’m drinking my evening tea. A bunch of people gifted me tea after my ectopic pregnancy a few months ago and now that I’m off the coffee and trying not to opt for that second or third glass of wine every night, I’m sipping on some herbal tea.

Today was fine but damn my body hurts. Sunday I did lunges at the gym. I think that because the ONE mile I ran on the treadmill hurt so much and was so hard, I felt I needed to “catch up” since I’d taken about a week off from working out due to the Death Flu. Though my butt and thighs have been ACHING all day, after my Dr. appointment this morning, I found myself back at the gym, pounding out a mediocre 30 minutes on an elliptical machine hoping to remain in the Fat Burn Zone long enough to burn off the 5 pounds I need to lose to get back to the weight I feel most comfortable.

So the dr. appointment was pretty uneventful. I answered a bunch of questions, “My hair is falling out. I feel like I”ve gained weight. I don’t know how much. My pants don’t fit.” And I got blood drawn to check my thyroid levels to see if my fate will be the same as my mom’s- hormones decide to stop working and suddenly you’re exhausted, nearly bald and overweight. We’ll see. Dr. is also checking to see if I’m anemic, which I suppose is possible because I don’t eat a ton of red meat but whatever, I got my stuff checked and that’s that. Also they upsold me to get a vaccine – the DTAP bullshit because apparently the world is being overrun with pertussis (whooping cough).

Hey I’m not one of those people against vaccines or anything, but that shit does kind of weird me out a bit. I don’t mind the one-at-a-time vaccines but the combined ones make me nervous. I mean, you’re going to shoot dead (or alive?) cells of DIPHTHERIA PERTUSSIS AND TETANUS in my muscle? Sure! Sounds great! No, gross. No thank you, is what I wanted to say. But they upsold me like they do on those cabin air filters at the oil change place. They made me feel like I NEEDED it. And then an hour later I can’t raise my arm above my damned head. I am not a farmer. I do not regularly encounter rodents or rusty pieces of equipment. WHY did I need this?! If I get a bill for this crap I’m not paying it.

Anyhow, I should know in a few days whether or not I have functioning hormone secreting glands. So that’s cool I guess.

After the dr. appointment I went to the gym (as stated above) and there was this guy running or walking on the track on the third floor, which is open and viewable from the second floor (where I was). And he was wearing a tuxedo t-shirt. And I started laughing on the treadmill. I would like to thank that guy personally for making me chuckle this morning.

Work was fine- I’m plenty busy and it was good, but a long long day. Looking forward to getting tomorrow over with so I have a half day, then a full day and then another day off.

Aside from the Tuxedo Tee Shirt guy Encounter, my second favorite part of the day was hanging with my girlfriends. We meet up usually once a week (or at least every other) for a drink or two after work. They are my sanity and I love them dearly. If either of them moved away, I don’t know what I’d do.

I know I’m so lucky to get this time to myself- at the gym, or with friends after work. I’m grateful for it and think about it often.

Tomorrow is Hump Day. Wheeeeee!


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