Not much going on here, I guess!

We made it through the hellish gastroenteritis or whatever that nonsense was. Though Simon has recovered fully, my weak constitution sent me into a brief tachycardia yesterday – PAUSE-  and I just have to say that for the record, I spelled both gastroenteritis AND tachycardia right the first time- I AM AWESOME. However, feeling like you can’t slow your heartbeat down is NOT AWESOME. It is definitely terrifying. Did you know that if you hunch your body in half sometimes you can get it to go back to normal. OR, you can massage your carotid artery (had to spell check that one, bummer). Thank you, Dr. Simon.

That, combined with some other issues that have been going on with me for the last 6 months or so, and an MD phone consult with Dr. Dad led me to make a Real Doctor Appointment for myself this Tuesday to see if perhaps my body is failing to operate at optimal levels. I can report however, that I have lost weight- something I only know because pants that did not fit last week, do now, with room. Small victories? Humph.

Since I’ve felt “off” this week, my life routine has changed significantly. First off, I hadn’t had coffee in several days and thought I would try to switch to tea in the mornings since I’d passed the caffeine headache phase of weaning. I like tea. So far, the switch isn’t bothering me at all. I’ve also tried to get to bed a little earlier, since the damned DST change and illness wrecked my world and has made mornings difficult for persuading Simon to get out of bed and into the car.

Work has been incredibly busy- busy with fun and exciting things for the most part but I also felt at one point that my DANCE CARD IS FULL, though somehow I managed to commit to at least three additional projects the same day that I made the realization I was over booked.

Tonight was the first night that I imbibed in two half-wine-half-sprite “spritzers” with girlfriends, and it was really nice. The sobriety over the last week has made falling asleep a little harder. I think work-thoughts and I’mProbablyDying thoughts may have played into my problem with falling asleep, who knows. At any rate, I found myself with more time on my hands to report nonsense back to you.

First being, I sat down with this book:

whatwesawAnd so far, it’s pretty good. It’s a weird idea- a group of kids with Xeroderma pigmentosum who can only go outside at nighttime, decide to take up parkour, that shit you see on youtube where people bounce off roofs and walls like crazy maniacs. So far, I’m intrigued- mostly because it’s different from anything I’ve read in a while.

I’ve requested my first ARC from Edelweiss, and was almost immediately awarded it – though I have yet to transfer it to my Kindle. My mom gave me her old Kindle, so I’m still a little sketchy on how to use it without setting up my own account and whatnot. But I’m confident it will work! The ARC I asked for is called Bootstrapper: From Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm. I am seriously excited about this one because I LOVE memoirs, particularly funny ones. And I love the cover (I know, that’s terrible). But I was lucky enough to have a meeting with a Random House rep the other day who basically book talked to me for an hour and now I have a list of adult books I want to read that are in no way shape or form helpful in my current job as a TEEN librarian but whatever, I’m stoked for something entertaining. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

I watched Nobody Walks on Netflix because I have a girl crush on Lena Dunham and a boy crush on John Krasinski. I enjoyed the movie, even though it was filled with infidelity. And listen, I am NOT A PRUDE. But now that I’m all married to a guy I used to call Gabe-a-licious I get all weirded out when these people in movies just screw other hot things without thinking twice about their (ALSO HOT) spouse. How is that believable!? Anyhow, I liked the movie. I might just be a little bit Amish.

I have not worked out since last Thursday, when I did yoga (which I hate to really call a workout, because it’s not running). So I’m hoping to get back into it either this weekend or next week, depending on how my body feels. But, since my pants fit, I’m in no hurry and I just hope to keep watching what I eat. Maybe the horrible viral episode was just the springboard I needed to get fit.

So only one more day until I have two days off and no plans other than to pack up some gifts to mail to family and hit the grocery store.

That’s all I got, folks.



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