We must have caught something from those Lost Boys.

At about 3pm Saturday I started feeling ill, and was pretty sure I’d gotten bad Subway. I left work hoping some rest and closer proximity to a private bathroom would make me feel better. Oh, was I wrong. It was about to get worse. As I slipped into bed to moan and roll around in pain, Simon crawled in with me to “watch a show and snuggle” after he’d eaten just about everything in our refrigerator for dinner.

Gabe left to go to the only 24 hour pharmacy we could find that would fill an anti-nausea prescription I begged my dad to call in for me.

About 10 minute after he left, Simon got sick all over me, our bed, the iPod..it was like something from a movie. And here I am, violently ill as well, thinking “Oh dear God in Heaven…my worst fears…” Since Gabe was gone I was stuck there wondering what to fix first and suddenly I’m outside in my pajamas with a bucket and our bedsheets and carrying a kid down the hall stripping soaked socks off his feet and assuring him it was OK (it was NOT OK).  I half assedly showered us both at the same time. The rest of the night is a blur of laying in the hallway, or with my head in a trashcan or toilet, or holding a bucket near a child or a child near the toilet. Through it all I just kept thinking, “It’s usually only 24 hours, 24 hours…” but 24 hours after my initial 4pm “OH NO” stomach feelings, I was still sick.

Since our bedroom was an ungodly mess and we had to rip every piece of bedding and clothing, etc apart and wash it all- I told Gabe to sleep in the guest room, while I slept on a sheetless mattress with a blanket in our room, feeling like I was going to die.

I”m writing this now with a pounding headache that  I’ve had since I “woke” this morning after what can only be called the worst stomach virus I’ve ever encountered wreaked/is wreaking havoc on Simon and me. Today I’ve had sips of gatorade and a few sips of chicken broth. We both have had a fever all day, though Simon is visibly tougher than I, and he begged to go to the park with Gabe. They left to play in the sunshine for about 3 hours while I writhed on the couch and hoped the next time I woke up I would feel better. Each time I have felt a little better but I am reminded that this is why I am so terrified of the stomach flu. It is the worst worst worst and I want to either bleach or incinerate everything in my house. I may never eat again.

I’m still attached to the couch and no, I haven’t noticed anything about the time change. I can’t complain about that. I do know that it was a beautiful day out, according to facebook. I could try to make some uplifting comments about jump-starting a new diet or FINALLY washing our sheets but I don’t have the energy and yes, I know this is a long complainy post.

Now we just wait for Gabe to get it.


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