and it continues

Though I thought Simon was on the mend yesterday, he was acting odd this morning and I still feel like garbage so I figured we’d better be safe than sorry and I kept him home from the sitter and I called in to work.

I still haven’t eaten. Simon hasn’t eaten today and has gotten sick three times.

Enter panic.

This feeling, this panicky awful feeling where you’re checking temperatures every ten minutes and thinking about when-to-call-the-doctor and when will this be over and what is “labored breathing” and should I just let him sleep if I think he’s dehydrated and

Maybe I should rethink having another kid because the worry that comes with having ONE sick child is plenty, in addition to my own general malaise and nervousness.

He’s sleeping now, on the couch, which hasn’t happened since he was an infant. And I just feel SO BAD because when I DID call the doctor, they suggested we were passing this bug back and forth (which seems odd to me since we both got sick at the same time and I am slightly better than he is). If he still seems dehydrated tonight they said take him to the hospital.

Seems dehydrated? Seems lethargic? Does his stomach hurt? OF COURSE HIS STOMACH HURTS he has the flu! The thing is, all they can do is give us anti nausea medicine, which he’s thrown up already and

ohmygod please just let this be over soon. I hate hate hate that he feels sick and somehow I feel like its’ my fault. 😦


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