First Theater Performance: Peter Pan

Simon and I had a good day today. We started off with breakfast with my girlfriends and then hit the new Whole Foods where I bought a bunch of stuff we didn’t really need. Thankfully the carts at Whole Foods don’t fit a 5 year old in them (my 3YO is the size of a 5 YO), so there wasn’t much room in the cart to buy stuff anyhow. They had farmers (cowboy hats and all) saying, “This is grassfed beef from my farm in Georgia” and “This is grassfed steak from my farm in Ohio”…and I tasted the giant samples they handed out. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t taste like the best meat ever. I’m 98% sure it was because of the guy in the hat claiming to be the farmer. I am related to farmers. I know farmers don’t have time to go out peddling their wares at the Whole Foods in Columbus, Ohio. But I did end up with hamburger meat because a guy in a cowboy hat is just too hard to resist.

Then Simon took a long nap this afternoon while I finally put away SOME of the clothes that have been littering every surface of the upstairs for the last two weeks. I managed to pull together two outfit options for tonight’s performance of Peter Pan.

We grilled the hamburger out on the grill (it was still a COLD day) and had cous cous and broccoli on the side, and then dined on paper plates that read “Have an ALL STAR Birthday!”

We got ready and snapped some pictures before we left. Simon picked out his shirt and tie at the consignment shop the other day. I think he was AS excited about wearing his “fancy shirt and tie” as he was to see the show. He literally jumped up and down like a maniac when I told him it was time to get ready.

Incredibly proud of his ensemble, and clutching his hammer.

His pants (not pictured) are about 2 inches too short. But he liked them. So many people stopped to tell us how nice he looked and the ushers thanked him for dressing up. I thought that was sweet. He really gleamed when people told him they liked his tie. Before bed he asked if he could wear his fancy clothes again tomorrow. I swear he’s going to end up being Alex P. Keaton.

Gabe was bummed his finger was over the flash for our pictures, so the lighting is weird in this one.

Since we don’t go to church, and the only time Simon’s ever been in a church (aside from visiting his preschool) was for a baptism, I thought it was important we document our fanciness. Because my dad somehow managed to get Simon to be quiet at church (mostly by handing him m&m’s but also) by telling him over and over that you have to be very very quiet in church, I decided to tell Simon that the theater was “like church” in that we had to be quiet.

When we drove up to the theater downtown, Simon asked, “Is that where Peter lives?!” I told him it was where he was staying for a while, but he lives in Neverland of course.

We got to our seats and let me tell you, this kid was riveted. The look on his face with every single person that came on stage was just priceless. He kept turned around and shushing Gabe and me, even though we weren’t saying anything. It definitely helped that we were familiar with the stage version of the show from watching Mary Martin’s Peter Pan.

Each time the curtain closed for the sets to change over, he looked at me with a sad face and signed “again?” and I had to tell him, “They’ll be back, they’re just taking a break to get to the ship..” And then intermission was a little sad too, for the same reason- he just didn’t want it to stop.

grainy phone pic.
grainy phone pic.

When the end of the show was becoming obvious, Simon’s face dropped and he kept signing “again” and asking me if it was going to be over. He asked if he could stay and watch it again, probably 5 times. He had this awful sad face while making the long trek to the car. And we passed about 100 kids with swords pretending to be pirates and fairies and Peter, just elated by the show. Meanwhile, my poor child was asking us to leave him there, alone. I think he thought there was a rewind button or something.

It was truly one of the coolest experiences ever, and I couldn’t ask for better behavior from a kid his age. In fact, he acted better than a lot of the kids twice his age. We coughed up the cash for a t-shirt on the way out, because 100% of the proceeds go to Children’s Hospital, the amazing place where Simon spent 4 of the first 7 days of his little life.

It was a great night.

And now, since I never get to link up on the What I wore on Sunday posts with Camp Patton, I’m going to put an obligatory full body pic because I’m dressed up and that never happens. AND I felt like I was going outside of my comfort zone with this outfit (though now I am noticing it’s really not all that zany- I am just lame). But if you notice, I’m wearing a necklace AND earrings AND a bracelet. AND I added color to animal print. I spent about an hour on Google image searches today trying to figure out if this was an OK thing to do before I finally said screw-it, it is happening.


I stood in front of one of our most cluttered corners of the front room so I could “put this on the blog”



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