Tonight I did yoga.

Well today was a half day at work, which is nice in that I don’t have to be there ALL day. But it is also a little shitty because it’s that part of the day (2-6) where you would much rather have nothing to do or have been doing something all day and are almost finished with it.

Things I got done today:

  • Picked up photos that I ordered online last night.
  • Went to the consignment shop and procured 1 multi-colored umbrella, 1 pair of child’s Keens for $8.50, 1 reasonably priced brand name dress shirt and tie, and 1 perfectly new looking polo/golf shirt – all for Simon of course.
  • Had brunch at DK Diner with my very special “date,” Simon…and ate nothing healthy other than about 4 strawberries.
  • Dropped Simon off at the sitter.
  • Opened a savings account.
  • Bought two pairs of shoes on sale at Famous Footwear, because I’m aching for spring shoes and dresses! and skirts! And no more skinny pants PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
  • Then I worked.
  • I did fun stuff at work.
  • Then I did some 5th grade math. When I mentioned I was 34 years old so I SHOULD be able to manage “5th grade math” the 5th grader’s eyes opened wide and she said, “You do NOT look that old.” Well thank you, child. Thank you.
  • Changed my clothes in my car, in broad daylight, and wasn’t really modest about it.
  • Took a yoga class, where I was in the front row and feeling like a fool, but managed not to look too idiotic, I think.
  • Had salad for dinner with a friend and two glasses of wine.
  • Came home to a lively conversation with husband about his interactions with BMV patrons (our work stories are ALWAYS entertaining).
  • Blogged about it all because our life is JUST THAT ENTERTAINING.

And I wanted to state for the record here, that when I started this blog, it was meant to do two 3 things for me:

  1. Be an outlet for me to ramble on and on about stuff so I wouldn’t have to fill any more blank books with scribbles.
  2. Write letters to my kid and try to remember things that happen so I don’t feel guilty about not filling out the baby book I don’t own.
  3. Update close friends and family on stuff that’s going on with my life.

It’s just that, every once in a while I have this weird guilty feeling that “if I have a blog, I should be doing more with it…being more purposeful, promote it, get more people reading, etc.” And then I have to remind myself that: I set out on this writing journey with a very specific mindset. As long as I’m continuing to follow the original path that I chose, I shouldn’t feel bad about the crappy layout, or that I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to make it look better…or that I haven’t even TRIED to clean up my language or even proofread before hitting PUBLISH.

I just wanted to clarify. I don’t know why. I think I’m just talking to myself, but it feels better. Inner dialogue. Wheeee!




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